Empowering 1:1 Bridging Sessions To Go Next Level W/Jelelle Awen (& Other SFH Facilitators) Available

By Jelelle Awen

I love those moments in sessions with women when something that was previously a mystery, a confusion, causing pain/suffering or just not understood for them comes into clarity, understanding, resolution, and completion due to the exploration/framing and feeling of parts’ reality and Metasoul timeline processing. They discover their OWN answers and the ‘whys?’ start to become answered by their own soul that I can help bridge to.

It is the MOST rewarding fun and fulfillment for me to be able to get to do and BE this with hundreds of souls now (!) in the last three years and receive meaningful money exchange for it (while money is still needed in this dimension that is.)

If you’ve been feeling into having a 1:1 bridging session with me or another SoulFullHeart Facilitator over zoom remotely or if you happen to be in the Victoria/Vancouver, BC area to have one in person, right NOW is offering some potent and powerful energies of Divine love to hold the space for catalytic movements and tender realizations both. This time between the 5/5 gateway and 8/8 Lion’s Gate offers many quantum healing opportunities.

I feel like I am in another level of love flow and clarity too as I go next level in soul purpose expression here (as we are ALL in the process of doing every moment.)

These are precious, spontaneous and unedited comments (other than taking out personal details) that I received recently after sessions!!

“Thank you again for such a wonderful session, all your insights and support!”

“Raw in and in awe. Wow….That seems the most I can say with our sessions at the moment….”

“Thank you again for another incredible session!”

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you are a part of my life! I’m so grateful. Can’t wait for our next session.”

“Thank you so much for this session. What I appreciated most about it was that you wish to help me to learn how to tap into my own answer and wisdom. This felt really empowering. It was also most helpful that I felt safe and had the opportunity to speak freely with you about what is going on. I appreciated the grounded and insightful guidance you gave in return. The perspective you gave me was something new I never considered before and enjoyed that it was based on seeing beyond into other dimensions.”

“After 4 months of sessions, I can feel a beautiful deepening and growing of intimacy with my parts. I really feel it takes some time to calibrate to this new lifestyle”

You can PM me over facebook or through purchasing a session through our shop and receiving questions to answer prior to the session: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/shop. Sessions with me are $100 CAD (about $77 USD) for a very FULL 90 minutes. I currently have openings next week for women over 30…..

Raphael Awen and Gabriel Heartman are both available to meet with women AND men; Kalayna Solais with women for $77 CAD (about $55 USD) per session.

More info here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions

I recommend taking in my 33 Day Deepen video series to get a feeling sense of sessions and the inner places that we explore: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

Jelelle Awen