Forgive Them As You Forgive Yourself

By Jelelle Awen


Forgive them their busyness,
They know not how to be.
Forgive them their violence,
They know not how to act.
Forgive them their blindness,
They know not how to see.
Forgive them their lack of conscience
They know not how to feel remorse.
Forgive them their judgment,
They know not how to discern.
Forgive them their numbness,
They know not how to feel.
Forgive them their hatred
They know not how to love.
Forgive them their greed,
They know not how to receive.
Forgive them their destruction,
They know not how to create.

They know not yet how, but they CAN remember if responded to with love, held with love, reminded of love. And, the deepest forgiveness extend to YOURSELF first as this is the only way that it will overflow to others….


By Jelelle Awen with Mother Mary, originally received in 2010, feels even more timely today…a message for how to feel forgiveness and compassion for others and yet, also, and even more importantly, for OURSELVES

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