Energy Update: Galactic New Year Completes 10 Year Cycle, Resets For The NEW

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: Happy Galactic New Year and Lion’s Gate portal week! July 26th was the Galactic New Year as offered by the Mayans/Star BEing elders/founders. It feels like it marks the completion of an intense 10 year cycle of preparation that has been about truly becoming your service of love self.

This transition to the New Year seems to offer feelings of being in the void, assessing your life, feeling in-between timelines new and old. A time of reset & renewal as the Ascension process offers ongoingly. There is also sometimes intense purging and clearing going on in the emotional body and soul field during this time.

There is a feeling sense as we enter this new cycle of more ease going forward to embrace what resonates with serving love and letting go of what doesn’t serve love. These last ten years have often felt like trudging through mud while your house is burning down. Massive amounts of bush whacking as we go, laying a new trail down on sometimes unfriendly ground and offering our growing truths about a possible New way of living and loving to often silent and unresponsive (and even sometimes hostile) rooms filled with people we used to resonate with.

2012 launched the accelerated Ascension timeline that so many of us started to orient our lives to. In ways both big and small, we shifted our priorities and our choices toward this New Earth timeline. We dove into our emotional wounds, no longer ok with ‘being traumatized’ vibrating in fear, and the patterns of behavior that come from that. We swam into our soul’s waters, wanting to experience the depths there, emerge out of the murkiness beyond the veil and into the light.

These ten years have sometimes been spent in a closet in terms of outed expression during this exploration. Undergoing the process of awakening in secret as ‘regular life’ went on. You may have maintained relationships that didn’t fit your awakening self in order to provide the safety and space in 3D to dive into the deeper soul waters. There are always soul agreements on the Higher Self level around this…..both in terms of when to stay in relationship with others and when to complete and split apart for the growth of all.

You may have had more tastes of your service of love self during these last ten years than full embodiment of this energy at all times yet. Tastes of experiences of offering your soul gifts ‘when it was safe’ and when you felt supported to do so. Or, you went into full expression of your service gifts and then retracted away to harvest the lessons learned, the karma revealed, and respond to the wounded healer that needed your love.

So many people have lived in ‘two worlds’ during this last 10 year cycle: one where they are awakening and the other attached to 3D still. As we move into the new cycle, you may now really be experiencing that you can no longer do this. You can no longer ‘span’ dissonant energies with resonant ones. You can no longer hide. You can no longer keep your ‘crazy’ back and away from others that would judge it as such. You can no longer live life in secret….nor do you want to.

This next cycle moving into 2022 and beyond is about becoming the outed, powerful expression of your authentic essence in ALL areas of your life. This current passageway between the eclipse season and the Lion’s Gate on 8/8 seems to be providing a ‘reset’ to this new cycle. This allows for more clarity about next steps, completions that are necessary to be made, and bigger picture sense from your soul to support you in these movements.

It is interesting to feel into and remember on this New Year Galactic day what you were doing 10 years ago and, also, who you were at that time, how you related to your awakening (if you were consciously then), etc. What awareness and alignment did you have then to your soul purpose?

You could connect to your self from ten years ago too during meditation, creating a bridge to them in order to connect your ‘past’ to your Now and feel what might need to be digested and felt from the last ten years.

Ten years ago, Raphael and I were living part-time on a magical Gulf Island in Canada, BC called Gabriola Island. I was connecting deeply with my Gatekeeper aspect/guide to my Metasoul at that time and this is when I received the name ‘SoulFullHeart’ to call the spiritual and emotional healing work that we were doing with a few people in the Vancouver area. ‘SoulFullHeart’ came forward to me in its exact spelling, representing the fullness that we experience when the soul is filled up/made full by the heart and the heart is filled up/made full by the soul. It speaks to the ways that the healing of our heart (emotions) is so essential to our soul’s awakening and vice versa.

I was getting a sense of beginning seeds of what SoulFullHeart would eventually become and bloom into back then. Ten years later, we have served many souls in sessions and group calls with a recent surge in response and interest. We have grown a bit our intimate community seeding this process and work into consciousness as a way of life. I’ve written four books, including my most recent Free To Be 5D, which was inspired by these last six years esp of serving love in sessions, within myself on the self and soul levels firstly, and in our community too. It is the perfect timing I am realizing now to be downloading and offering as this cycle completes and a new one begins!

MUCH love to you as we move into the embodiment of our sacred humanity together, through all the important and necessary cycles that the Divine guides us through!

Here is a shadow exploration guided meditation video with Raphael and I which could take you into the grounds most needed to be seen/felt at this time:


Jelelle Awen

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