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(L to R: Kalayna and Gabriel Solais, Raphael Awen, Jelelle Awen, and Raianna Shai)

About SoulFullHeart

SoulFullHeart is an emoto-spiritual Ascension healing process co-created by Raphael and Jelelle Awen that engages with the individual on a 3D, 4D, and 5D level, bringing the potential for healing to a quantum level. Through working with and deeply feeling 3D-based parts/subpersonalities, healing takes place on the physical and emotional body levels, allowing for spirituality and soul gift access to blossom and flourish as well as access to other soul timelines and aspects, including galactic and other high-dimensional beings. The process work is self-led through journaling and meditation journeys and digested and guided in session space with a Facilitator. Sessions are mostly one-on-one with group sessions offered twice a month to supplement and deepen the process and relational intimacy for each individual committed to the process. We offer 1:1, 90 minute bridging sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for $55 USD min. donation as the first step in our process.

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Our Story

Raphael and Jelelle Awen met in a emotional and spiritual healing group that was based in Ashland, Oregon in 2004, which is where we learned about and experienced parts/subpersonality connection. We began dating in July 2008 and also left the group together at this time. We were married in March, 2009 after moving from California to Vancouver, Canada. Raphael and Jelelle began offering space holding and spiritual teaching about parts work, Divine Feminine and Masculine connection starting in 2010. SoulFullHeart was born in 2012 with initial involvement from Gabriel and Kalayna as facilitants and eventually as facilitators and co-founders.

We eventually moved from Canada to Mexico in 2014 as a community, living on a remote, off-grid ranch as we felt a Divine call to live more simply and deconstruct our 3D-based money earning as painting contractors/business owners. We grew many organic vegetables and also experimented in cobb building while we were on the ranch. In 2016, we decided to move into the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in order to earn money and offer SoulFullHeart more easily online. We have been offering our writings and videos and spaceholding sessions virtually and in person with increasing resonant response and exposure since then.

Raianna Shai, Gabriel and Jelelle’s daughter from their former marriage, joined the SoulFullHeart community in July, 2017 as a facilitant and also as social media/website maven. As of October 2018, we were called to move back to the Pacific Northwest to connect with the awakening corridor of souls along the New Lemurian coast there and to ground in SoulFullHeart as a local offering along with virtual/remote offerings.

We all live in Esquimalt/Victoria, BC, at the SoulFullHeart Community House offering individual and group session days and free meditation circles and intros to SoulFullHeart through meetups. On March 09, 2019, Gabriel and Kalayna were married and are now going by the names Gabriel and Kalayna Solais. 

More information about all SoulFullHeart Teachers and Facilitators here.

About The Process

The journey of awakening and ascension, moving from 3D consciousness to 4D and higher, of integrating the emotional body with your spirituality, is non-linear, spiraling, and ever deepening. In offering a process path through SoulFullHeart, we honor that each soul’s experience is unique while providing a means to navigate the murky grounds of awakening with some ‘heart rails’ offered by our process.

Your SoulFullHeart Facilitator is a guide in this journey. We live this process as our way of life, deeply engaged with it, and personally feel the 3D/4D/5D aspects in ourselves that we will be helping you identify and feel too. As facilitators, we cannot do the work for you, yet instead provide guidance, support, and reflections as you go. Your sovereignty and autonomy remain intact as you explore your own inner terrain with the assistance of the tools, methods, intuitions, and heart tones of your facilitator and the SoulFullHeart community to support you.

The SoulFullHeart process is the result of fifteen years of personal process work with parts of ourselves, serving others in session space, and witnessing hundreds of souls engage in an emoto-spiritual parts process. Along the way, we’ve been inspired by and engaged deeply with some other modalities, yet the SoulFullHeart process is completely unique in its design and implementation. Raphael and Jelelle have been offering some form of this process through individual, couples, and group sessions since 2010. In designing and creating the current SFH process, we wanted to offer a specific ‘how’; a definitive ways and means to connect with, integrate, and heal the 3D conditioning that we have all received, navigate the often very challenging transitional 4D consciousness states, and embody more 5D consciousness/higher self. One of the truly unique aspects of this process is how it bridges your ‘this life’ experience with your metaphysical, spiritual, soul legacy, altered consciousness states, and other lifetime experiences. The SoulFullHeart process is the lived in and loved in result of our feeling our deepest tears, fears, joys, blisses, AND messes that live inside of our emotional bodies and our Metasoul fields.

Together, Raphael and Jelelle Awen offer and invite you into a NEW picture of yourself and the universe of YOU, that is filled with genuine love and empowerment, through one-on-one session space with individuals and couples; virtual group calls held online through Zoom; immersive and catalytic group weekends; several self-published books; and many articles and videos.

This work is truly cutting-edge in the sense that their picture and embodiment of what spiritual and emotional healing is, means and can lead to for everyone deeply connected to it and to themselves, is truly embracing of the necessary ‘mess’ within that leads ultimately to more bliss, love and inner Divine connection. Going inward and connecting with parts and Metasoul Aspects (what is often called ‘past lives’ by other spiritual offerings yet in SoulFullheart are considered to be simply ‘other lives’ currently being lived out on other timelines) is what provides the ground for profound inner healing and transformation that translates into the world outside of you.

It is a path that embraces going into the shadowy places inside with immense love and the guidance and support of a SoulFullHeart Facilitator who is continuing to do this work inside of themselves, too. It is a way of life that acts as a poultice for all of the parts and Metasoul Aspects within that remain in a battleground scenario, a powerful mirror that helps you to see, feel and ultimately heal what couldn’t be touched before. It is a safety zone for going into the inner terrain that is not often possible to enter on your own and would be challenging to enter without the love and support of someone else who is free of judgement and has been there before.

There are many ways in which SoulFullHeart offers a different picture than what is currently popular or mainstream. If you wish to learn more about this healing path and way of life, please visit www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for additional writings and musings based in personal process and discovery from different SoulFullHeart teachers/Facilitators and facilitants (clients).

If you have any questions or would like to request sessions or interviews with Raphael and Jelelle Awen or Gabriel, please email soulfullhearts@gmail.com and you will be swiftly and heartfully responded to!

Love and blessings,

Raphael Awen, Jelelle Awen, Gabriel and Kalayna Solais

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