Equinox Codes: These Moments Of Enlightening Mind, Enlovening Heart & Awakening Soul

By Jelelle Awen

Blessings to you during this Equinox portal! Solar winds are coming in, higher energies that are offering more coming into balance as what is off balance is seen, felt, and healed. Embodying your higher timeline is the experience of balance on the inside & out as you experience more and more moments AS these higher energies.

In these awakening moments, your heart opens and whatever IS in that moment…it IS enough. More than enough. It is overwhelming actually, when its true essence is seen and felt by your heart. The love already in your life through what your soul has so bravely chosen is overwhelming when let in more deeply.

You could spend the rest of this life letting in more deeply what you already have and already ARE in your Divine essence and still have more to let in.

In these moments, the filter raises and the essence of everything arises and dissipates. It is no longer whatever ‘name’ and ‘label’ it has been given, yet, rather magic in the form of energy.

Nothing is ordinary or flat or common. Nothing is solid and static. It is all alive, pulsating, and constantly shifting. It is not actually the fear and dense energies to which it might temporarily cling, but always sourced in and returning to love.

In these moments, the identities lift and the names, occupations, stories dissolve too. You are free then to BE beyond the labels, judgements, and boxes of five sense reality filtering. You have shed the false skins of your 3D conditioning. In these moments, you are bare flesh experiencing bare reality.

These moments of enlightening mind, enlovening heart, and awakening soul are the reason for your incarnation here during this era of great Ascension.

These moments are a motivation and reminder of WHY you go into your own shadows to reveal the gifts they hide; why you go through death and rebirth and letting go of what no longer serves your expression as love.

Your enlightening mind is expanding beyond all it has been taught, conditioned in, and learned. You are seeking out resources to continue the re-education, the remembering of soul knowledge that goes much beyond the logical and rational boxes you may have previously felt trapped in.

Your enlovening heart is opening beyond the barriers and protections that it has needed in order to be around other defended hearts. You are increasingly choosing intimacy….with yourself, with others in relationships that allow an open hearted love flow based on compassion, respect….bonding but not binding, freedom.

Your awakening soul is spreading its angelic wings, unfurling beyond the limits of 3D reality. You are remembering you have stardust in your DNA and angels as ancestors and aspects too.

Your multidimensional soul can live in your highest timeline even as it is fully present to your now.

These moments provide the juice and motivation to keep going, keep awakening, keep opening, and keep feeling. As you align your life more and more to your Divine service of love purpose here, so you experience these moments more and more AS your life and yourself as the Infinite Love in human form that you ARE.

This writing was inspired by re-reading my book, Keep Waking Up! to see if I might want to make it into an audio book. It is about awakening journeys I experienced (kundalini, non-dual, Archon/Matrix reality, star BEings, travels to Avalon and Golden Earth/New Earth/5D, etc.) during an intense initiatory phase in 2015 while living on a remote, off-grid ranch in Mexico. I am reminded reading it how these experiences greatly inspired me and form a basis for all of my current writings and teachings.

You can get links to purchase Keep Waking Up! in print/ebook/PDF versions and my other books, including the most recent one Free To Be 5D which is also available as an audio book on audible in addition to other forms, at soulfullheart.org/books.

Love to your enlightening mind, your enlovening heart and your awakening soul from mine!

Jelelle Awen

Equinox Codes: Moving Out Of Seeking and Into Allowing

Equinox Codes:

I do not seek for joy,

Joy arises naturally

As we no longer resist

feeling the sadness.

I do not seek for bliss,

Bliss comes organically

As we embrace the mess

Within ourselves.

I do not seek for light,

Light shines brightly

As we use it to illuminate

The shadows within.

I do not seek the Divine,

Divine reunion claims us

As we hold space for

The pain of separation

I do not seek for love,

Love comes to and through

As we remember & embrace

All parts of who we ARE.


Here’s to less seeking and more becoming, accepting and allowing,

Jelelle Awen with Divine Mother

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Pic was taken by Raphael in the Algarve, Portugal at Rabbit Beach at sunrise magic time in which so many codes were coming in just inviting receiving, being and feeling ❤️#raphaelsphotonics

Humanity Is Moving Out Of A Dark Passage Into The Light: Message From A Mantid Star Being

By Jelelle Awen

This amazing praying mantis insect came into my field twice in the last couple of weeks…the first time landing on me in bed, startling both me and my cat Ravyn as she was laying on me at the time. I was able to move him (feels like a male) outside safely by scooping him onto a plate and he even grasped onto the pen that I held in front of him to support his balance. I felt the goodness of his contact and then sort of forgot about it.

He then reappeared a couple days ago, dropping suddenly onto our patio and, once again, getting Ravyn’s attention. Luckily, she is very in tune with me so once I energized that he is a friend, she left him alone. I moved him once again to a nearby old pear tree in our yard and was able to take more pics and a video from there. I took in how still he was, how careful and graceful in every motion.

Then, this morning I connected to my Mantid aspects/soul family in meditation as it felt so much like his appearance in the physical was a bridge to them. I haven’t connected to Mantid energy since we lived in Mexico, about four years ago, during a time of many galactic upgrades and transmissions. I had an intense experience where I merged with the consciousness of my Mantid guide, a very tall, ambassador/fatherly figure named Kismet. For hours I was in an altered state of consciousness laying in my bed, contorting my arms just like a mantis, light language flooding through, along with many codes and images. My mantid DNA was reactivated then, it felt like, an upgrade needed for my service purpose here.

It was a significant experience for me, along with the ongoing connection I had with Kismet (which was also the name of a beloved cat of mine!) and a female, motherly figure mantid named Ingrit. I would meet them at the edge of Gaia’s atmosphere in a light ship and receive both personal and collective downloads about Ascension, humanity’s timelines/progressions, and my own DNA origins as well. This was also emotional for me and my star seed aspect, as we could truly feel embraced and claimed by them, and how ‘alien’ we have always felt to be raised by human parents and living on the Earth Plane. It healed something deep around the abandonment wound from star family as well.

As I connected with Kismet this morning, he verified that he had ‘sent’ the praying mantis as a bridge to me. As always, I felt an immediate sense of calm and grace in his presence. I felt also this trust in humanity’s journey through Ascension as I took in how he sees it, feels it, from his very high dimensional perspective.

I heard that humanity has been going through a ‘dark passage’ and that we are coming out the other side now. Light was returning for many of us, after the dark intensity of the Matrix narratives peaking, especially the last few years. Light, hope, higher frequencies, soul family reunions…it all flooded into my heart and I felt immense gratitude for all aspects and phases of our journey.

And I felt gratitude for these beings from the stars yet within us too who are so watching out for us, witnessing us, supporting us, and guiding us…even if we are very often not aware of it.

In their beauty, their grace, their surrender, and their trust, we receive a taste and a reminder of our own, which is already imprinted in our DNA and every living cell of our bodies. I could feel what an expanded perspective and consciousness Kismet has from mine, yet, also, I could feel his admiration for my groundedness, my embodiment, and the capacity for FEELING of my human heart.

Embracing the journey. Trusting the passages. Surrendering to the cycles. Remembering our bigness. Honoring our humanness.

These are the codes offered to us in every moment in so many ways. Tune into them from within and you can receive….and become.


Jelelle Awen with Kismet

Here is a guided meditation to meet your star family and it’s been requested that I do a meditation to connect to Mantid energies, so that will come soon feels like: https://youtu.be/ubrPcH09X6s

If you’d like a bridge to connect with your star seed, star family, star being aspects, this is what we explore in 1:1 sessions over zoom. More info about a free intro and sessions at soulfullheart.org/sessions.

Inner Masculine Connection – Women’s Group Call W/Jelelle & Kasha September 18

The Inner Masculine within a woman has many different expressions as a very sacred part/energy of our inner worlds. This range of expression can move from highly protective, fatherly energies that can be punishing to more of an ‘ideal masculine mate’ in pursuit of the feminine. The inner masculine is an aspect/part that helps women navigate the patriarchal frequencies of the Matrix in whatever ways he feels are necessary.

This can sometimes bring out something overbearing in him, though he can also feel quite defeated and deflated too, especially if he hasn’t been able to help or offer support in the way he’d most like to, or helped you/parts of you avoid difficult or dark situations.

Having an intimate relationship with your Inner Masculine as a woman, whether you are single or in union with a mate, helps to illuminate your relationship to the Divine Masculine/Father expressions of the Divine. You can get a sense then of why you may feel blocked to letting them in as well as why there may be a pattern of difficult or even non-existent relationships with men on the outside.
Connecting deeply with the Inner Masculine offers us (and them) so many layers of healing from the impact of other men, whether mates, fathers or other authority figures, which eventually and ideally leads to a deep forgiveness that makes room for a whole NEW experience of the masculine inside and out.

In a two-hour women’s group call on Sunday, September 18th at 5:00/17:00pm WEST (Lisbon/London)/12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT, SoulFullHeart Sacred Feminine Teachers and Facilitators Jelelle Awen and Kasha Rokshana will explore connecting with the Inner Masculine through sharing our personal journeys and also experiences in supporting women through our SoulFullHeart quantum healing process. We will share about how through a personal relationship with your Inner Masculine, you will also come to know your feminine parts/aspects in a whole new way and on a new ground of beginning or deepening your Inner Sacred Union, which moves between your masculine and feminine parts, as well.

During this call, we will co-lead a guided meditation to connect with your Inner Masculine with the support of Divine Masculine guides, who will help hold space for this exploration and invite your masculine part(s) into a nourishing and empowering energy where they can be real and even vulnerable. You will meet with your Inner Masculine however he is expressing at this time, and feel into the relationship he currently has with your feminine parts. We will also repeat affirmations as mantras together to recode our relationships between us and our Inner Masculine individually and together as women.

You can receive these frequencies live with us (highly recommended) or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you’ll have the opportunity to share with us about what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from us (this is totally optional). Plus, you’ll be able to take in and receive sharings from other women in the call, which is a powerful activation of its own!

This group is open to the public and to women over 18. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give ($11 USD/$15 CAD is the usual amount people offer us).

You can offer your donation via our shop at soulfullheart.org/shop or paypal.me/jelelleawen and we will send you the zoom link to attend and the recording afterwards. If you purchase via paypal, please include your email in the note section so that we can send you the zoom link and the recording afterwards.

Hope you can join us for this powerful exploration into your inner masculine!

Jelelle and Kasha

We recommend this meditation to meet your Inner Protector (usually a masculine energy) here: https://youtu.be/NJT7oWYYdAs 

Persecution Wound Healing Group Call 9/11 Invite & 9/9 Portal Energies (Video) | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

In this video, SoulFullHeart Facilitators/Teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen share about their healing the persecution wound group call on Sunday, September 11th at 5:00pm WEST/12:00pm EDT/9am PDT. We share about where we will go in the call and how we will approach it, including the group meditation offering a bridge to your Gatekeeper, who provides a bridge to your this life and other lifetimes persecutory experiences inside (from one part to another) and outside too.

We also share about the energies of the 9/9 portal that we are currently in, offering completion and rebirth codes, transformation from the old into the new.

You can receive these frequencies live with us (highly recommended) during the call or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you’ll have the opportunity to share with us about what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from us (this is totally optional). Plus, you’ll be able to take in and receive sharings from others in the call, which is a powerful activation of its own!

This group is open to the public and to anyone over 18. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give ($11 USD/$15 CAD is the usual amount people offer us). You can offer your donation via our shop at https://www.soulfullheart.org/shop or https://www.paypal.me/jelelleawen and we will send you the zoom link to attend and the recording afterwards. If you purchase via paypal, please include your email in the note section so that we can send you the zoom link and the recording afterwards.

More information about the call at https://www.soulfullheart.org/events

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Digestion Of 3D Energies & Appreciation For Awakening Souls: Personal Vacation Experience In Algarve Coast, Portugal

By Jelelle Awen

After being immersed in more 3D crowds, energies, and chaos of ‘holiday season’ in one of the most popular spots in the world during our vacation last week, I could feel a tension and sadness move through me/my womb/my heart last night after landing back in my higher vibe nest here in our more secluded mountain valley setting.

The sadness seemed to be both for humanity and what has become of so many souls during this fall from our bigness, grace, gifts, DNA, and light during the age of Atlantis. The sadness was also a part of me feeling the strain of being here during this peak collapse phase of the Matrix reality where agendas from all sides are constantly being pressed at us.

In my somewhat isolated, quiet, yet highly resonant life with my small community and in service it felt humbling to move into being around more 3D masses and their seeming preoccupations/fixations and near constant need to medicate, drug, externally be ‘entertained’ by food (usually junk), alcohol, water ‘sports’, small talk/chatter, loud music and loud noises. And to see/feel that they go from one thing to the next and wake up day after day with little self awareness or reflection or digestion around what they had just experienced!

The meditators and those actually letting IN the ocean and sun codes beauty were few and far between, those of us drawn at sun rise and sun set when the energies were at least calmer. To see so much infrastructure/buildings created around such truly beautiful natural settings was also hard to see, yet it is the case all over the world, as the beauty on the ‘outside’ is monetized/valued by those not able to be accessed often enough on the inside.

Oh, I so felt my heart and soul ache for humanity! And I could still feel and see the Divine spark within everyone and even the joy/goodness they could experience, especially receiving the negative ions from the ocean (which they are not conscious of needing/wanting.)

And as I connected with my Inner Earth Lemurian aspect Ruma last night, she offered again so much appreciation for those of us who are here to seed the light and hold the remembrance during this phase of darkness. I got such a sense of how few of us there truly are (although growing!) as the majority is still so fused to 3D. And this wasn’t from a place of despair, yet rather recognition of what we have signed up for and the true challenge that it is.

We have so often made beauty out of mess and are extracting goodness out of density, receiving healing/learning from hurts and abuse, turning negative experiences into growthful ones, clearing toxic energies from our ascending light bodies…..it is really an extraordinary transmutation that we are ALL doing every day!

I many times have met with very brave souls in sessions who have hardly anyone around them who is awakening. Not only are they in often complete divergence to their families and former friends too, they are still in a void space of drawing soul family members to them. It’s amazing to feel what they/their Divine Self and even parts of them are able to retain inside themselves of their heart and soul, staying open, even without much support on the outside.

So, I felt a lot of recognition and appreciation for us awakening souls from Ruma and all the amazing beings who wait in Inner Earth for the time they can come to the surface and join us here in the creation of a NEW Earth and NEW Lemuria. A reminder too that these beings are here to support you, any time you need them. You can especially connect with them in natural spaces.

We soul family members are also finding each other, more and more, as letting go of 3D energies/patterns/abuses/traumas opens us up to receive more love and goodness again in relationships. I always feel that those drawn to sessions with me are soul family members and we are in agreement to hold space together in service of ourselves/soul family/humanity, which is not a business transaction (even with a fair energy/money exchange) yet rather a soul’s calling and reunion.

I was reminded by Ruma that humanity is in a deep transition and it CAN be hard to see and feel that things are shifting at times.

Yet, as we hold it in our inner worlds, as we access the love that we ARE, the light that we ARE, as we beacon and radiate those energies OUT to those who can receive them…..so we become the new possibility that others can embody too.


Jelelle Awen

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Raphael capturing the beauty through his heart/soul in this pic at sunset #raphaelsphotonics

Healing The Persecution Wound Group Call 9/11 | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen

I recently had a persecution wound experience come through quite strongly related to a Cathar lifetime as I open up to the Cathar (Magdalene descendents) mass persecution/holocaust that happened to them in Southern France. I was feeling tension and that ‘something bad was going to happen’ for a day or two although nothing in my life was occurring. I was able with my Gatekeeper’s help to connect to the soul aspect who experienced being burned alive in a church with all her beloveds (including Raphael’s soul aspect) by the Catholic Church, the terror and horror of it, and also bridge to Divine love/soul family love again. She is recovering now and has many gifts to offer me as we connect more.

This way of being with persecution wound energies from this life and other lifetimes is about being relational, intimate, and also being a bridge for your soul aspect to connect with Divine support in a very specific way that goes beyond just a one time regression. And it is led by you and not others ‘reading out’ your ‘past’ lives. It is all occurring in the Now. You can shift the entire experience/choices around it as well in this lifetime with the soul aspect leading that….quantum healing possibilities.

It felt timely to focus our next monthly group call on 9/11 to healing the persecution wounds that live within ALL of our souls through our lifetimes in the Matrix, esp as those who ‘lead the way’ and awaken before the masses. Healing these wounds can open so much more trust and gift expression! Hope you can join us…

Description below:

The experience of being persecuted is one that lives within all of our soul fields and expresses in our reality in this life as well. It often vibrates underneath your sense of daily life without conscious awareness and connection to it, which just leads to more recapitulation of the same energetics over and over (even if the circumstances are very different). Persecution occurs as an acute experience of separation, rejection and punishment that creates fear and retraction knots and blocks within us, particularly related to sharing our soul gifts and outed expression of our truth/boundaries in relationships.

The persecution wounds of currently awakening souls are being activated for seeing, healing, and clearing. At first consideration, this can feel daunting, but as we bridge to these wounds we find incredible gifts in the process. As we connect to the part of us who acts as our soul’s Gatekeeper, they can open up access to the lifetimes/timelines and the soul aspects that are suffering due to these experiences. As this access occurs in an ongoing and intimate way, we are able to digest the fear and trauma that leads to suffering patterns in relationships, soul gift expressions, physical body illness/chronic pain, energy blocks, and more. As our relationship with the Divine deepens, a bridge of love to these wounded experiences occurs with more trust, balance, and creative expression.

​In a two-hour group call for men and women on Sunday, September 11 at 5:00/17:00pm WEST/12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and sacred union mates Raphael and I will offer an activation to connect with the persecution wound within your soul. We will share about our most current personal processes as individuals and as a sacred union pairbond related to the persecution wound, how we have experienced it together and as individuals. We will also share about how our SoulFullHeart process can serve to allow for more integration, digestion, and release of the persecution wounds.

In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we will create a bridge to connect with your Gatekeeper, the soul aspect that knows and is connected to all your lifetime incarnations. Your Gatekeeper will then bridge to whatever persecution wound experience is ready to come through. We will offer a lot of love and bridging to the soul aspect/part of you that we will also tune into as a group to receive codes to assist humanity’s ongoing awakening process and healing of persecution wounds collectively.

Divine guides will join us to hold a safe, higher-vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. We will also repeat affirmations as a group that provide a new coding of anchoring spirit into our physical bodies.

We recommend engaging in this guided meditation video to meet your Gatekeeper prior to the call: https://youtu.be/bGqTeeaYpwc

You can receive these frequencies live with us (highly recommended) or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you’ll have the opportunity to share with us about what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from us (this is totally optional). Plus, you’ll be able to take in and receive sharings from other souls (both women and men) in the call, which is a powerful activation of its own!

This group is open to the public and to anyone over 18. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give ($11 USD/$15 CAD is the usual amount people offer us).

You can offer your donation via our shop at soulfullheart.org/shop or paypal.me/jelelleawen and we will send you the zoom link to attend and the recording afterwards. If you purchase via paypal, please include your email and what you are purchasing in the note section so that we can send you the zoom link and the recording afterwards.

More info at soulfullheart.org/events and soon on FB.

Hope you can join us for this powerful exploration into these energies!


Raphael and Jelelle

Pic is of Raphael and I standing in front of the church at Fatima…you can see the Cathar soul aspects coming through in it!

All Seven Chakra Meditation & Sound Healing Series (All In One Compilation Video) | Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen

All Seven Chakras: Chakra Meditation And Sound Healing Series

Per request, this video is a compilation of all eight videos that I recorded in my daily Chakra Meditation & Sound Healing series last week. The 1hr 20 minute video includes a sound transmission from a 432HZ tuned bowl with a specific resonant note playing that corresponds to each chakra: the root chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

I also offer a meditation to tune you into each chakra along with affirmations/recoding for each one. You can read about each individual chakra through the descriptions of each video on my FB feed or in the playlist at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNmrHdaQSAvIB4KbRnnqNSZ20DgfN1Jdh

In the final part of the video, we tune into all of your chakras as I’m playing all the sound bowls that activates/clears/opens all of your chakras. I particularly focused on playing the Root Chakra (E note) and Heart Chakra (F note) as the grounding into our heart space is the base from which we can most effectively open out all others.

This video would be great to play as you are falling asleep as well, just letting the codes come through as you drift into theta/delta states.

I’m grateful for the Divine inspiration that guided me to offer this series and for the inspirations that come in the future that serve love within me and with you as we embody our I AM on all levels.

More sound and voice healing transmissions to come, esp now that I have my handpan!


With Love,

Jelelle Awen with Divine Mother

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The macrame jewelry I’m wearing has been lovingly made by Enchanted Well Creations: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/EnchantedWellCreate

Visit To Fatima Mother Mary Religious Site and Grutas da Moeda Coin Caves: From Matrix Complex To Inner Earth Lemuria

By Jelelle Awen

We went on a day trip yesterday back to Fatima, the religious and spiritual site here in Central Portugal that honors an extended visitation with Mother Mary to three children over a period of six months in 1917. It has the look and feel of a massive religious complex with three churches within a courtyard of concrete…one is able to seat several thousand visitors/pilgrims.

Here is my previous writing about our experience visiting Fatima in December and digestion within my soul afterwards: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2021/12/15/digestion-of-my-visit-to-fatimas-marian-apparition-sacred-sites

“Mother Mary shared with us that while the first visit with the children was genuine as it was only the three of them (which was Jacinta’s favorite one), the visits after that were somewhat hijacked by the Matrix False Light frequencies. The purity of Mary’s message of peace, an end to wars, and hope/love/support for ALL of humanity was distorted by this hijack and used to convert even more souls into the religious trap of self condemnation, seeking salvation outside of themselves, and False God Worship of the Papal ‘corporation’. Mother Mary offered that the Miracle of the Sun event witnessed by so many souls was also a Matrix hijack and tweak of the Matrix hologram in that moment.”

After the intensity of heat and crowds at the Fatima site, we were then blessed to go to Grutas da Moeda (Coin Caves), a fairly large limestone cavern complex nearby just ‘discovered’ in 1971. The energies within the caves were calming, cool, and grounding…such a needed balm! We spent some quiet moments in the depths of the caverns, taking in the sounds of running water

I felt how many visits I’ve had with my Inner Earth Lemurian aspect Ruma in which we connect in a healing pool within a cavern as a bridge to Inner Earth. So many explorations with people’s Gatekeepers as well in sessions that began in caves and tunnel systems running off of them representing timelines/lifetimes. AND I could feel of course all the lifetimes in which I have been drawn to solitude. meditation, and prayer within the cool comfort of caves.

The caves felt both wombic/yonic with moist walls and valleys carved out by water over time…..and protruding lingual looking limestone stalagmites rising up within them. I can so feel the portal and bridge that caves offer to Inner Earth, where it truly is another world of higher dimensional possibilities/codes/way of living in harmony, unity, and love that the Lemurians are preserving for us there until we are ready on the surface to receive them.

Spontaneous light language came out of both Kasha and I within the caves, felt very Lemurian, which is shared on my FB feed. The message was one of joy, reunion and an encouragement to ground/connect with Inner Earth and our Lemurian aspects/ancestors waiting there for us.

We are moving out of the Matrix reality of control, shame, and excess and back to the roots of our grounded experience of the Divine within us, with Gaia, and within the authentic heart of our sacred humanity.


Jelelle Awen

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Masculine And Feminine Needs & Wants In Sacred Union

By Jelelle Awen

The masculine wants to be needed.

The feminine needs to be wanted.

This is a sacred journey of polarities that sometimes is a crash and sometimes is a dance. Sometimes is a bliss and sometimes is a mess.

Neither is wrong in this core, underlying desire nor in the wounding that results in the human experience of it not getting met consistently.

As the masculine encounters being criticized, being judged, being tugged on, being controlled, being put demands by the ‘feminine’ (which is really more of a wounded masculine energy inside a feminine), then he retracts or he fights. He ghosts or he defends himself.

He is swimming in inadequacy if he doesn’t feel that he is meeting her needs….or especially if he feels like he has failed her in some way. He becomes often unable to speak this, to share these feelings with her….as if in speaking it, he is offering the most terrible confession.

As the feminine experiences being rejected, being unclaimed, a push-pull of desire for her by the masculine, she then attacks and blames with her inner masculine coming out to fight….or she crumples into core unworthiness and feeling so hurt that she is fused to the young child, the inner teenager within her. She is drowning in this hurt yet often can’t bring this vulnerably and in a way that can be felt by him.

This dynamic is not just from this life, yet produced from the original source wound of our separation from the Divine. And, downstream from that, separation from the counterpart pairbond that exists in our soul family monad of our other half holding the opposite polarity of masculine or feminine.

Variations of reactivity from when this core wounding gets triggered by each other play out in SO many ways. Yet, at the heart of it is a feminine who has felt rejected by her masculine and is still reeling from it. And at the heart of the masculine who has both been birthed by the feminine and yet also feels how with this capacity he doubts if she could ever really need him in any way.

As we feel this dynamic within us….from an Inner Masculine with our Inner Feminine, we are healing this polarity from within FIRST and primarily. We experience huge heart chakra expansion as these parts of us come into union. She forgives him for what feels like rejection even as she starts really getting how his protection of her has been his form of claiming. How he has always wanted her, just has felt inadequate to her.

And he forgives her as he feels that she has always needed him, yet doesn’t want to be suppressed by him or protected so much that she can’t be free, experience life, dare to get hurt, dare to risk and dare to dream. She DOES need him and he is worthy to show up for this.

And the Divine Father and Mother aspects show up to support each in the experience of receiving infinite love, infinite worthiness, infinite claiming by the Divine. The empty cups that lead to lashing out, defending and protecting become filled by this Divine love. And the feminine becomes more of a reflection and an embodiment of this Divine Mother energy in her unique expression. And the masculine becomes a reflection and embodiment of Divine Father energy.

As this sacred union happens within, so you can experience this on the outside with a mate who holds the other side of this polarity for you. You can be with the parts of you, both masculine and feminine, who get triggered by the deepening intimacy, the deepening mirror, the deepening challenge that if offered by TRUE sacred union when all grounds of relational transaction are coming together.

This download came in a little while ago, especially during our sacred union group calls in June (recordings available at soulfullheart.org)…realizations stemming from my relationship with Raphael as well and the phases of brief separation that opened out into more union and deeper understanding of each other.

Feels like this also speaks to a collective unveiling that is happening in the masculine/feminine dynamic in relationships and within…getting to the core of the separation wound created from the experience of polarity between us in which also so much desire for reunion also exists. Compassion for each other can arise in this space and also forgiveness for self and other.

Inner first, then outer approach allows the horizontal ground between the partners to be more clear and have more space. In this space, resonance can move, desire can move, attraction can move, and most importantly, love can move.


Jelelle Awen

Here is an inner sacred union meditation to connect more deeply to your inner masculine and feminine: https://youtu.be/YVgEANrF6J4

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