Here you are, having found us, or did we find you? Whichever, we’re glad you are checking us out to see if SoulFullHeart is a possible significant going-on place for you in your awakening journey! SoulFullHeart Healing is offered through free intro calls, 1:1 first-time bridging session and ongoing sessions through our Deep process. You can read about these different sessions below. Sessions are 90 minutes; 1:1 offered virtually over Zoom messenger service (free to download) and in person in Victoria, BC, Canada.


Are you having some sense of confusion, lostness, and overwhelm? Are you wanting/needing more clarity and a NEW perspective on your own process? Are you experiencing ongoing loops of anxiety, depression, suffering/pain that aren’t resolving themselves? There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening in this Now. Sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator offer an illuminating and inspiring look at your journey, your process, and your life. Coming from the truly unique SoulFullHeart Way Of Life perspective, a SoulFullHeart Facilitator provides a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your process, locate where you currently are, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation.

​During the session(s), your Facilitator will feel your emotional body reality and how parts of you (especially your Inner Protector) may be expressing in your life in different ways as they digest with you what your awakening journey has been and brought up for you. They will feel into the area of your life with the most pain, difficulty, or desire to shift in order to start creating a conscious bridge to your 5D Self and Inner Protector. This helps you to see and feel your suffering loops/patterns with more objectivity and compassionate clarity to understand and heal the reasons why they are happening.

During sessions, your Facilitator takes you on an effective and powerful meditative journey with them to connect with your Inner ProtectorGatekeeper or other parts, and/or a Metasoul aspects/lifetimes in order to start creating a bridge to these parts/aspects. This is a collaborative journey between you and your Facilitator. You are ‘leading the way’ into an altered state of consciousness that gives you clearer access to your subconscious, to beyond-the-veil reality of other lifetimes, and to previously suppressed shadow aspects. You will ‘drop into’ the energy of whichever part or Metasoul Aspect you are working with in a natural and easy way. This ‘drop in’ offers a highly effective means of healing and digesting deeper traumas, identifying polarized dynamics and realities inside of you, and accessing soul themes/karmic play out patterns.

Ongoing 1:1 Sessions provide a deepening experience of access to parts of yourself and quantum healing of Metasoul timelines. Our Deep Process is the pre-purchase of 2,3, or 4 sessions a month, in which you would also get attendance at the monthly virtual groups for free. More info about the Deep Process below.

Free Intro Call:


We offer a free, 30-45 minute introductory call over Zoom with SoulFullHeart Facilitator Raphael Awen for you to find out more about sessions and the SoulFullHeart process. You will digest your experience of an Inner Protector meditation that you’ve done prior to the intro call. The meditation can be this one with Raphael, or this one with Jelelle.

You will also send your answers to these questions to the Facilitator prior to the intro call and digest them during the call.

What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request an intro call?

What is your biggest pain/suffering about in your life?

Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you.

This free conversation will give you a sense of what a 1:1 bridging session will be like and where the Facilitator would explore with you in the session. Contact us to schedule a free intro session!

First Time Bridging Session:


If you are interested in a first-time, 1:1 bridging session, please purchase a session with one of the Facilitators Raphael Awen or Jelelle Awen for $100 CAD (about $77 USD) for 90 minutes through our shop page using stripe or via paypal.

Once you purchase the session, you will receive a document through an email from your Facilitator that outlines next steps to scheduling the session, responding to some questions prior to the session, etc.

Questions to answer Prior to the Bridging Session:

What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request a session with me?
How do you feel I can serve you?
What is your biggest pain/suffering about in your life?
Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you.

Suggested Reading Prior to the Bridging Session:

This article about parts/Metasoul Aspects

Suggested Meditation to Engage with Prior to the Bridging Session:

Meet Your Inner Protector

Here’s more information about how to use and install Zoom.

Contact us or email to ask any questions about the sessions, which Facilitator would best fit you, schedule a free intro session, etc.

Deep Process Option:

The Deep process is for those who desire to have ongoing sessions with their SFH Facilitator after having a first-time bridging session with them. After having an initial bridging session with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator, you may then decide to pre-pay for two, three or four sessions to use during one month’s time period. If you purchase 2/3/4 sessions ahead of time and become part of the Deep process, you will also receive free admission and recordings of our monthly groups. SoulFullHeart Facilitators Raphael and Jelelle Awen all serve those in the Deep process.

Our monthly group transmission with Raphael and Jelelle is open to women and men. The monthly Sacred Feminine Arising group is once a month with Jelele and is open to women. More information about group events here:

To sign up for the Deep Process, when you go to purchase a bridging session through the shop, just click the quantity that you would like to purchase. Or, offer the amount of $200, $300, or $400 for 2, 3, or 4 sessions via paypal to your facilitator’s paypal account. Email us at if you have any questions.


“Through Jelelle’s and now Gabriel’s support and spaceholding during sessions, I am able to uncover, recover, grow and empower my essence so much with this process/paradigm/lifestyle. It IS work and becomes a regular/daily practice as the process lives in and with you and it definitely gets challenging at times. This work has a dismantling nature to it as it deconstructs everything that’s not love. And then you get to land in and embody more Love, more YOU. It is an unnerving ride at times for parts, but in the end they are all grateful to exit a suffering loop, a toxic and energy-consuming dynamic or take off the blinders to to let in more Love and transform, transmute, and remember their own essence as Infinite Love. In short, it’s very challenging at times but so worth it in the end, every time.”  – Bianca, Germany, SoulFullHeart Facilitant


“I’m so beyond grateful to have found you and beginning to learn (remember) the tools to do this. It’s amazing how much healing what’s inside, changes what’s outside. This is by far the most effective healing modality/method I’ve ever encountered – especially because you teach the skills to heal ourselves rather than profiting off of being the one that heals others. My entire Metasoul is so grateful for you. For those looking to meaningfully deepen their personal healing journeys and self understandings along with infinite love and galactic consciousness; I couldn’t recommend the SoulFullHeart process enough. It resonates so deeply with my soul, far beyond what traditional psychotherapy ever has. Reiki on love steroids, a sort of human support group for galactic integration; I can’t imagine where or who I would be if I didn’t find Jelelle and crew over a year ago.  ” –  Saralyn Bliss, New York, USA, Equinox Gathering participant, SoulFullHeart Facilitant


“I highly recommend the bridging session as a way to connect with different parts of yourself. It is extremely helpful – and Jellelle and the others are loving beautiful people!” – Nina, Norway

“I would be happy to be a reference for anyone considering a private session! I just started with Jelelle and will be continuing with further sessions through my journey! I did feel like we had met before, either because of my meditating “with” her, Raphael, Gabriel and Kalayna through the Deepen video series, or maybe because we have indeed met at some other time. I look forward to her guidance, I know it will be important for my awakening journey. I have had 3 bridging sessions so far and they have been transformative!! They have helped me in so many ways! I feel that they expedited my journey, allowing for openness to a literal bridge to MYSELF. A myself I didn’t know existed. “– Isabela, Alberta, Canada

“I’ve had one bridging session and have been propelled further in my personal growth than I even considered possible. I highly recommend them for when you feel ready. I still can’t watch the recorded session with Jelelle because I cry again! It does feels good to let it out through divine tears of love”
– Cricket, Minneapolis


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