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Bridging Sessions With A SoulFullHeart Facilitator for $100 CAD (about $77 USD) (prepaid) for a 90 minute session over Zoom or in person in Victoria, BC, Canada

Raphael Awen – with men and women

Gabriel Heartman – with men and women

Kalayna Solais – with women

Note: Jelelle Awen is no longer offering 1:1 individual sessions (other than with those she has currently been meeting with on an ongoing basis) in order to focus on group sessions, in person events, writing, and development of SoulFullHeart.

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Are you having some sense of confusion, lostness, and overwhelm? Are you wanting/needing more clarity and a NEW perspective on your own process? There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening in this Now. Bridging Sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator one on one over Zoom offer an illuminating look at your journey, your process, and your life. Coming from the truly unique SoulFullHeart Way Of Life perspective, a SoulFullHeart Facilitator provides a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your process, locate where you currently ARE, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation.

During the session(s), the Facilitator will feel your emotional body reality and how parts of you (especially your Inner Protector) may be expressing in your life in different ways as they digest with you what your awakening journey has been and brought up for you. You will go on a powerful meditative journey with them to connect with your Protector, Inner Child, and/or a Metasoul aspect/timeline aspect in order to start creating a bridge to these parts/aspects. This is a safe, yet very catalytic higher dimensional space that allows love to flow in new and miraculous ways to the parts of you that need it. This journey is led by you, with the support of your Facilitator, Divine Guides, and your 5D Self.

SoulFullHeart Facilitators offer a range of life experience in combination with a deep embodiment of the SoulFullHeart process as their way of life. There is a combination of over 15 years of coaching, energy healing, parts work and Metasoul Aspect facilitation experience combined with a deep embodiment of Divine Feminine and Masculine frequencies of wisdom, compassion, and intuition amongst them.

If you are interested in a bridging session, please purchase a session with the Facilitator of your choice through our shop page using stripe or paypal.

Once you purchase the session, you will receive a document (if purchased via the shop) or through an email from your Facilitator (if purchased through paypal) that outlines next steps to scheduling the session, responding to the questions below prior to the session, etc.

Questions to answer Prior to the Bridging Session:

What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request a session with me?
How do you feel I can serve you?
What is your biggest pain/suffering about in your life?
Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you.

Suggested Reading Prior to the Bridging Session:

This article about parts/Metasoul Aspects

Suggested Meditation to Engage with Prior to the Bridging Session:

Meet Your Inner Protector

Here’s more information about how to use and install Zoom.

These sessions offer a bridging experience for you to feell if you’d like to go deeper into the SoulFullHeart process. You may decide to continue sessions with the same SoulFullHeart Facilitator or move to another one. We also offer community support through a private online SoulFullHeart Experience group on Facebook. 

Contact us on our contact page or email to ask any questions. Purchase a session to get further instructions on setting up time/day for the session, etc.



“This work has been incredibly healing and transformative for me, too! The massive growth I’ve made since finding SoulFullHeart is kind of unbelievable. But when your soul is ready, the parts work does wonders! Previously I had been stuck in a constant transformation and trauma loop and opening up massive portals everywhere, without being able to integrate all the energy shifts and know how to relate to it all. I’d been asking, in fact begging!! for a way to make space for transcendence, celebration, and true self empowerment/self love. And this beautiful work with these open-hearted gorgeous people landed in my heart. I can’t even begin to explain the difference this work has made. If it resonates, please connect with them.” – Devon, USA

“Thank you so much for today’s session, Jelelle.  I love the way you have developed of working with all this.  I came away feeling so excited like there is hope and a way forward to deal with relationship within myself. I was really thrilled how these parts of me appearing are so clear and that it’s like Alice in Wonderland almost going into rabbit holes, a bit surreal, and then things knit together and start to make sense. An exciting journey! I want to do it again already!” Clare, U.K.

“I have felt much more peace following the sessions.  I have tried many spiritual teachings over many years but I can honestly say for me this has been the most powerful at my stage of ascension.  Jelelle is a sweet, wise and caring spiritual teacher with such a capacity for love.  I can’t thank the Soulfullheart Community enough for their support on my awakening journey which is forever in progress.”

– Maria, U.K.

“I highly recommend the bridging session as a way to connect with different parts of yourself. It is extremely helpful – and Jellelle and the others are loving beautiful people!” – Nina, Norway

“I am a different person because of SoulFullHeart sessions with Gabriel. I’ve had a transformation from a person that felt and made decisions from a little scared girl’s perspective to a much more confident, stable, secure, strong woman. It is comfortable for me now. The bonus is I actually really like ….love who I am. Much peace residess in me now. I handle relationships and difficult work mates with much more poise & ease.”

– Sue H., Australia

“I’ve had one bridging session and have been propelled further in my personal growth than I even considered possible. I highly recommend them for when you feel ready. I still can’t watch the recorded session with Jelelle because I cry again! It does feels good to let it out through divine tears of love”
– Cricket, Minneapolis


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