Your World Is Your Reflection

by Leena Colibri


You want to be gotten,
Taken in.

…can you take yourself in?

You want to know somehow,
Without being told,
That what you are is beyond the norm.

…can you feel your stardust, your magic, your creative power?

Can you witness your uniqueness?
Your unforgettability?
Can you begin to buy into you,
that you in your mirror,
that you who posts and asks
and brings sometimes an ounce of you
yet sometimes
your entire heart?

Do you feel your own words,
Your own energy,
Your own You?

…do you like it?

…do you love it?

…do you want to experience it over and over again,
like an out-of-this-world session of love making?

The world is perhaps the greatest reflection
of our nearest, dearest
wants and needs,
desires and differences.

It is that mirror we return to
When we need a reminder
of where we’ve been
and where perhaps we’ve need yet to go.

Does your world remind you,
that you are that love you’ve been seeking?
The only true place of that unconditional,
Infinite Love?
That source that made you,
moves through you,
holds you in life,
and in death,
in repeated cycles ad infinitum?

If your world is your reflection,
you’ve got this.

You’ve got You.

And you always…
will have You to go back in to
for that truest,
most loving,
reflective reflection space,
that will continue guiding you inward,

…and upward.



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week of January 16th

Please go here to read our SoulFullHeart museletter for the week of January 16th…There is a NEW article by me, Jelelle Awen, about Integrating Emotional Expression As A Critical Aspect Of The Ascension Process, along with all our blog writings for the week and some from earlier this year. We also include our latest event, a featured video, and information about sessions.

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Feeling And Surrendering To Our Beauty

by Leena Colibri



To surrender to the beautiful, is to recognize that what we are is beauty embodied. We are the captors and creators of beautiful things, images, works, and deeds. We are the receivers and conduits of inspiration. What we are motivated to do with the beauty we download every day is entirely up to us and unfortunately, all too often many of us miss the opportunity to express it and be it.

There is so much confusion about what truly makes someone or something beautiful. There can be no final answer to that question. It’s not always about symmetry and perfection, but instead sometimes it’s about asymmetry placed in perfectly imperfect ways. There is no getting away from being a work in progress – a project underway. There is no way to not be the beauty we are called to be. And there is no way in which life doesn’t support that in each of us. Beauty in itself is not and does not have a final answer.

Beauty is a constant journey and one which we have taken to in ways that grossly undermine its reality. We over-focus on small facets of it without taking in the whole picture of what it actually feels like. Perhaps this is why we like art. It can be a way to let something unseen, unheard, unknown, come sneaking in under our well-constructed filters and doorways and surprise us with emotions we maybe thought we’d buried long ago.

Inside myself, I feel a deepening desire to see, hold and appreciate my own beauty and the myriad ways in which it expresses or is withdrawn. We can hold back what we have to offer and be in this world, or we can light our flames and inhabit it like this moment is the only one that matters, for from this moment springs forth a renewed chance to create something beautiful from our hearts, our minds, our mouths, and our lives. Each page I’ve written in earnest struggle to understand a new wave of emotional reaction or fear or even love has become another creation to take into this mosaic of the beauty within me.

Our journey as a species in this very moment is spring-loaded for bounteous beauty. There is so much to let ourselves feel in the goodness of our sacred human hearts as we pass through this corridor and find our next doorway into more truth. The exposure of ourselves and the systems that have held us is the way in to a greater level of beautification. We were never not beautiful to begin with and now we are coming to remember that again.

To truly awaken our hearts and souls is this process I’ve described, or so it feels to me in this moment. With so much incredible pain to feel, heal and let go of, we no longer have much choice but to rediscover our own beauty and consciously create more beauty from it in whatever ways we feel we need and desire to. The payoff is already underway as we continue our ascension into higher dimensions of being and a greater, more authentic sense of love. The choice is renewed in every single second: help to create beauty from our own beauty, or continue pouring concrete over the walls we’ve built against it.


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


Six Ways You May Be Experiencing The Intense Energy Shifts


By Jelelle Awen

It’s only a couple of weeks into 2017 yet and, already, the tops have gone turvy and the timelines have gone from straight to curvy in response to the intense energy waves coming into our worlds, globally and personally. These boosts of energy can bring completions and beginnings; upheavals and creations; turning overs and tuning ins.

Here are some of the ways you may already be experiencing the accelerated momentum that will be the mark of this year as we shift into a higher gear related to ascension:

Altered Reality States – Reality as you have mostly known it is continuing to shift. More ‘paranormal’ experiences are leaking through your consciousness lifting the veils between 3D perception and reality beyond the five senses. You are experiencing an increasing sense of wonder and joy in moments, moved by the absolute magic and wonder of the moment.

You are not the same as you were, as if someone else is now looking through your eyes out at the world and living in your skin. Most of the time, this feels amazing and, sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Maybe you are losing words, maybe losing your mind (in a good way) for longer periods, maybe not experiencing time at all or definitely keeping less track of it. People around you may be noticing that you have changed and commenting on it with some of them coming along and others not able to resonate.

Deeper Access to Ethereal Beings – The new energies seem to be support easier connection with Ethereal Beings such as archangels, spirit guides, ascended teachers, and passed loved ones. All of the clairs have been heightened: clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience especially are dialed up. It’s like you are a radio antennae and you’ve been turned up to a higher setting.

You may hear guidance much more clearly; see Ethereal Beings with much more clarity; feel intuitive reactions much more deeply. If you have lingering doubts about your capacity and ability to connect with spiritual beings, you are gathering the resources that you need to help you tune in and expand your capacities. The story of “I can’t” seems to be being drowned out by the necessity of the Universe for you to connect with higher guidance.

Expanding Creative Visualization During Meditation – The older paradigm modes of meditating may not be working for you anymore, such as focusing only on your breath or repeating a mantra over and over. You may have already begun or already be engaged in creative visualization or shamanic journeying during meditation, where there are no limits on where you can go or what you experience. Following the leadings of your Ethereal guides, you are taken on adventures into 4D and 5D (and beyond) consciousness states, parallel dimensions, other planets, and even galaxies. You are letting go of the ‘practice’ of meditation to let your soul and higher self take you to where you most need to go. You are drawing resources to help you remember these avenues that were once so natural, opening up to your intuition and creativity more and more.

Renewed Focus On Chakras – Taking care of your chakras is going from a spiritual concept to a beloved and critical aspect of your daily self love routine. You are able to feel them more deeply and clearly, see their vibrant colors, locate them with your hands and your inner eye. You again draw resources to expand your knowledge and connection with the seven main chakras (whatever system you choose to follow), feeling your relationship with them deepen and expand beyond mental understanding. You may be experiencing body symptoms of ascension such as flu, head and neck aches, shift in sleep patterns, change in appetite, etc. You are connecting these shifts with your chakras and noticing that cleaning and protecting them daily helps with these physical changes. You are empowering yourself around energy healing for yourself as you connect with your energetic essence and auric field.

Relationship Completions & Beginnings – Relationships are in a big transition and you are in various phases of experiencing these shiftings. You are finding an increasing need to set boundaries with people in your life, often saying ‘no’ to events and previous commitments and expected behaviors. As this creates rumbles of reactions in those around you, you find there is something more authentic at the heart of it all that serves you with the strength and confidence to keep going. As some relationships are completing, there is also an increase in relationships that are beginning or forming. You may find that you are suddenly in a romance with someone who feels like a soul mate and that it happened quite quickly. The previous holdbacks are dissolving and you feel compelled to explore it and see where it goes. Or if you are in a romantic relationship, you may be experiencing that ground of it is shifting with new dynamics of deeper soul bond frequencies coming up and lower dimensional conflicts reducing greatly. You may have the feeling of ‘falling in love’ all over again and your mate as someone that you are very excited to get to know even more deeply!

Trailing Edge Emotions Coming Up And Moving Out Fast – Trailing edge is that which is at your growth edge or what you struggle with or are ‘working on’ this life. It often relates to what is still in subconscious shadow within your psyche or emotional body. These energies of acceleration seem to be pushing up and out that which has been in shadow to be felt and healed. You may be experiencing that this process of feeling and healing is going much quicker. One moment you are feeling parts of you that are scared or resistant. And then, the next moment, you are feeling joyful and expansive. Deeper emotional movements are requiring your complete attention and self love and care, calling you to hold space for yourself during this intense transition. Resources come to you in different forms to serve your leading edge of being (your highest self) to feel, heal, and integrate.

During this time of transition and intense energies, strap your heartbelts on and go within through meditation as often as you need and want to! Going within will help you tap into the essence of Inifinite Love that provides the motivation to ride the waves of all these shifts.

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


A King’s Heart is His Castle



For any man to embody his true essence as a sacred vehicle of Love, he must consider his heart his castle. It is where he holds the lost, forgotten, and wounded parts of his inner kingdom. Where he offers his benevolent compassion and healing balm of acceptance and gratitude. He lights the way home for his scattered brothers to return to the place that once held a circle of unity and integrity. It also beckons the return of his inner queen for whom he had lost but not forgotten. He combs his geography in the dark and murky places to offer safe passage back into wholeness. It is not an easy journey and is riddled with challenges that offer more guidance and opportunities for strength of heart.

As the castle begins to hum in glorious communion of self-love, the light turns itself outward to the greater lands of humanity and the cosmos. The inner lead and passion is reflected out and begins to call to his brothers to build their own castles and kingdoms. To send his Love call to his outer Queen for they were always meant to be together. She is what invites him to the higher realms and He provides the chariot for which they will travel in union.

There is no greater call in these ever-shifting times. It is our return to our inner sacred King that provides the thrust forward, outward, and onward. I hope you will join me in co-creating a new Heaven on Earth.

Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Releasing Body Traumas At The Cellular Level During Ascension

By Jelelle Awen


I spent the first days (maybe weeks) of my life inside of a incubator. I was six weeks premature and had underdeveloped lungs or specifically small air sacs. The incubator provided the controlled environment I had left early in order to begin an incarnation during one of the potentially most tumultuous times in human history. The fact of my early birth and time in the incubator are aspects of my life story, yet, I had previously relived the emotional reactions I felt during that time during a process group many years ago: fear, powerlessness, and a strong desire to go back ‘home’.

This last week, with my lungs in an agitated state and a deep cough, my body took me back to this time when I was newly born with fragile lungs. I heard the whoosh of the machines near me and the muffled sound of the nurses’ voices. Occasional hands would come in through the openings and sooth me or take me out of the incubator for feeding and cleaning. What I had not previously remembered were the light beings around me, brightness outlining angel wings. I had not realized before that I came close to death (maybe my mother never told me or didn’t know). The Ethereal Beings were there to offer that I needed to stay to live out my purpose on Earth….I had ‘a lot to do’.

I could feel the memory of this newborn experience living in the cells of my body, in my DNA, which as it is upgrading in the ascension process is letting go of the memories stored within from my lifetime as a carbon-based human being. I also felt this week the memories stored at a cellular level from fifteen years of cigarette smoking. I started when I was 17 and quit nearly 13 years ago now, yet the damage from so many inhalations of nicotine and other chemicals seems to live inside of my cells: in their memory. Over the years, I felt the emotional pain that drew me to smoking and, also, the biggest motivation of all, which was a means to escape daily life for a few minutes and have peace to myself. This week, I am experiencing the cells purging the memories of this repeated damage.

I’m sharing these experiences because they illuminate for me an interesting aspect to the physical phases of the ascension process. This process is about raising our vibrational frequency to experience a higher consciousness and filtering of reality that is more in alignment with our essence as Infinite Love and from a Divine source. What does it actually mean for a body to become a crystalline body or Christ Consciousness/fifth dimensional (and higher) body? None of us actually know, although many are experiencing the transition to it.

We are experiencing food craving changes and appetite shifts. This is leading to more and more people choose being vegetarian or vegan, eat more organic vegetables, no longer eating processed foods, as they connect eating certain foods with a raised or lowered vibrational frequency. We are getting headaches that are beyond just some pressure in the head and that feel like things are actually getting rearranged inside of our skulls which, in a way, they are. The pituitary and pineal glands especially are getting rewired and expanded. You can almost hear them crackling with new energetic strands being wired up. I have seen mine forming new crystal structures that look like snowflakes. They become the new processing center for the new Crystalline human, along with the heart chakra.

There are the ascension flu symptoms that I’ve been experiencing lately which I now feel, as I shared, is actually the cells letting go of memories of illness and damage. We can’t take these denser frequencies ‘with us’ and so they need to be moved out of the vessel to continue the rise in vibrational frequency upward. I recommend thinking about what might be stored in your body’s cells, what memories of 3D life might you need to heal and release? There doesn’t seem to be ‘time’ when it comes to cellular memory, so even the earliest childhood experiences of physical trauma are stored.

The sense that I have about all this, and what I have been offered many times by my guides, is that this is all part of a sacred process. This sacred process has been given to us as a gift by Gaia herself who is ascending already and our hostess is inviting us to come along. It’s a process provided to us by star beings who want to exist with us in a collaborative world on a Golden Earth. The discomfort of purging, releasing what no longer serves, moving beyond the old to embrace the new….it is all worth it in the dawning of a new beginning, new reality, with new bodies in a new world made of love.

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Moving Beyond The Feelings Of ‘Being Attacked’ And Into Responding With Love

By Jelelle Awen

I’ve been reading things which offer that we are being ‘attacked’ right now…by negative entities, by narcissists, by the Capal (or Archons or Illuminati)…that these energies are coming in full force to challenge us with shadow and darkness so that we may choose the light. This doesn’t feel like my truth for those of us on the awakening path. In my experience, it is only what remains unhealed inside of us that would draw such attacks to us. The congested emotional body becomes a magnet in that way. And, even if we do ‘draw’ such things, it is because we need to see an aspect of ourselves through the mirror that it offers.

Seeing and experiencing the world as ‘attacking’ us feels to me like it sets up a dynamic of perpetual abuser and victim….we all play both roles in many forms in other lifetimes. As you heal and integrate these lifetimes, you release the energy (again) that would draw an attack to you. I feel a better word is ‘crucible’ as it also offers a trusting relationship to life. This are subtle distinctions yet as you raise in vibrational frequency into 5D one of the biggest ways is through letting go of the belief that you CAN be attacked or (even deeper in the emotional body) that you are WORTH being attacked. In this way, you CANNOT actually be attacked in the sense of against your will as you have signed up to experience what you are.

I do not offer this reframing without compassion for the very real hurts and pains caused by experiences that are often very difficult. I feel you need phases to feel how parts of you have been a victim, especially as a child, and validating the hurt can be powerful and healing. And yet, the bigger context is that what you experience is what you have ‘signed up for’ as a soul…feeling this WHILE validating the hurt inside is what moves you to a consciousness without victimhood yet deeper empowerment. I’ve discovered that I just don’t draw traumatic circumstances anymore as I haven’t needed them to show me something that I haven’t proactively felt and been guided to feel myself. This has meant surrendering and letting go of many things that I was attached to, including relationships, geographies, incomes, soul purpose work, soul family, etc. Choosing it before it feels like it is ‘forced’ on me makes a very big difference on how it is digested and processed.

The energy frequencies waving over our planet, galaxy, and in our personal beings ARE intense right now. They are pushing up toxins and congestions in our emotional and soul bodies to be looked at, loved, and healed. We can feel this as an attack or we can respond to it with love. I find that even the most intense energies fall away when responded to with love. Some aspect of that is giving our chakras and auric field love in the form of white, loving light and connection with Ethereal Beings, which creates a barrier of love that comes from our healing heart. It isn’t about technic to create this barrier as much as it is about your willingness to feel anything that would draw and magnetize negative entities to you.

In the moment, I don’t experience that I am being attacked even by flu germs right now although I have not been feeling well for a few days. These germs are a gift, allowing me to go inside even more, create a cocoon, and my personal process has benefited from this space. This is also the result of the growth and awakenings I have been experiencing that are integrating and shifting the cellular structure of my body and my DNA. I have been visualizing waves of love moving through my body rather than trying to ‘attack’ the germs and I have trusted that it takes the space and time it needs to heal.

I invite you to feel the next time that you feel attacked by something or someone to feel the part of you that feels this way and why. Hold this reaction with love and see if you can feel where it stems from…most likely it comes from undigested emotional trauma and can be existential too with roots in surrender to God pictures and warrior archetype frequencies. Whenever you feel like going into ‘battle’, you can feel that this is a part of you that is trying to protect you and NOT who and what you really ARE. When coming from love, you have no desire to go to battle yet only respond in love to that which is and let go into the trust what flows from there.

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week of January 9th

Please go here to read our SoulFullHeart museletter for the week of January 9th…it has a NEW article by me about six ways that you might be experiencing the current energy shifts and links to our articles from the past week, information about SoulFullHeart sessions with a facilitator and energy sessions with me, and the group call that we are doing on Saturday.

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Embracing Change As A Mirror, Healer And Ally

by Leena Colibri


We are all facing changes right now. Many of these changes are major upheavals as the veils become thinner and we are finally able to not only listen to, but hear ourselves and our guidance more. Some of these changes we choose voluntarily as our relationship with ourselves deepens and we realize more clearly what it is we truly need and/or desire to have in our lives. The poignant ache for a deeper love that we don’t necessarily know where it could come from or what it could look like is landing with a thud in each of our hearts, giving us new direction, especially in relationships, but also in our careers and geographies.

With change comes process…the pain inside our very sacredly human pain bodies becomes louder in order for us to finally hear it, feel it and heal it. It is an awakening to those ways in which we have been numbed out, “going with the flow” to a degree that has actually seen us shrink to fit circumstances and relationships, and how we have deprived ourselves of love from ourself to ourself, let alone how we have blocked it from flowing to and from others or even the Divine.

This process of learning how to be with change and especially be with ourselves when we are experiencing change, is becoming unavoidable with our global process of ascension. Too, though, our process of vibrating higher is coming in faster than ever before, and the experience of that is now able to deepen for us, the more we can move through what’s holding us down. Change is designed and brought on by love, ultimately… it pushes up what we need to feel in order to fully move into our next chapters and unveil more of who we really are at our core.

My relationship to change hasn’t always been very spacious and in moments it still isn’t. Most of the time, the changes that are being asked of us by love are not easy to embody or willingly say “yes” to, and unfortunately that can also create an experience of life happening to us and not us happening to life. We can feel at these times as if our power is in some sort of cosmic vacuum, even though it’s really just being lovingly challenged. I hold this as my truth and it does help me process through change much easier, especially during these times of intense waves of energetic frequency alterations and the life adjustments that happen accordingly.

Just like the ways in which the sun’s rays can be felt coming in much stronger as the result of weakened barriers holding it’s power back, so we are all experiencing a renewed press of love moving through us much stronger. The process of this awakening that love brings to us is most alive when we embrace the changes we’re being invited into, that aren’t simply outward but actually quite often very inward. We are learning to rearrange our inner furniture to accommodate more love in our lives and of course that translates to adjustments and, at times, all-out upheavals needing to happen outside of us too. If we can trust, somehow, that it is all held in and by love, then we can begin to let in change as the mirror, healer and ally that it actually is and always has been for us.



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

Ascension Flu Offers Opportunity To Go Within

By Jelelle Awen


Ascension flu has been making its way through our home. Not surprising considering how much upgrading, shifting, and transformation is going on for both Raphael and I. Every day in the last month is seeming to bring new clarities, altered states, awakenings, intense connections with Ethereal beings….big shifts both personally and in our relationship.This is what it feels like the increasing electromagnetic energy fluctuations of 2017 are offering ALL of us.

On one level, it‘s the typical flu with runny nose, congestion, cough, fever, overall tired feeling. Yet, felt from the perspective of ascension, you can get a sense of the sloughing off that is going on….letting go of old frequencies, congested frequencies, to continue to rise up into higher dimensional spaces. The cells of our bodies are changing at the DNA level and with that a flushing out of toxins that have been stored for life.

Always, when the body doesn’t feel well, is there an even deeper invitation to go within, hold space for yourself, feel what is going on inside. My creative output of the last month has been a lot, the words just come and come with the next project and piece arising before the last one is complete. Always from joy, not obligation, does this creativity arise and is just fueled by the recently more robust response from those of you who have taken in my writing with such resonance and love.

I can feel in my heart chakra, in my chest, that I have taken in some heart cries and aches of the ‘world’…maybe because I’ve been posting about sacred romance and the longing runs so deep in our collective consciousness AND unconsciousness. Also, fourth chakra congestion is about letting in more love. This I can feel for myself and I hear Metatron offering, “Yes, Jelelle, you serve love and you give and you share AND also you let in and receive too. It is a flow, a circle, a reciprocal opportunity.”

I feel like I have been letting in this new reality of response and yet, of course, there is the adjustment that is at a deeper level, a tendril here and there of unworthiness or just a sense of surreality about what it feels like is coming for me personally and for SoulFullHeart…..a phase of growth and goodness, of new involvement and drawing more souls to engage and co-create with us.

So, with this FLU (Filaments Lighting Up!) I am going within, creating a little cocoon inside and letting in self love and care (plus the wonderful love of my beloved) and Metatron, who is a bit impatient to keep creating with me (now we are to write a book together of our dialogues with each other!) and yet, he seems OK to wait, letting this one ride out. He has about four books that he wants me to start reading anyway!

There is certainly nothing glamourous about this aspect of the ascension process, yet it feels sacred none-the-less and an important adjustment and realignment to the new consciousness and body upgrades coming in!

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.