Light Body And Expanded Aura During SoulFullHeart Energy Sessions (Photo)

By Jelelle Awen


This was interesting to me when I saw this photo taken of me offering energy healing to Gabriel Heartman recently. I’m back lit by the window behind me, yet, also I believe this photo captures the ‘here, not here’ state that we are experiencing more and more as the ascension process moves forward. Esp. when I am offering energy healing through our SoulFullHeart process, I am consciously calling in Metasoul/other lifetime aspects to ‘help’ me in collaboration with the soul I am offering it to. These frequencies illuminate my light body and aura, as reflected in this photo.

This session was with support from Archangel Metatron and Morgaine (high priestess in Avalon)…they BEcome me and I BEcome them, as a pipeline of Divine energies. This session involved some portal closing work as Gabriel has been working with his Soul Guardian and other aspects too. The whole time, I am connecting with and in negotiation with the aspects of the person as well….I am transparent about what I am doing, what I/we are seeing and feeling, making sure it is ok with the soul’s Inner Protector or Soul Guardian aspect esp. I believe this is what creates lasting results in SoulFullHeart energy healing, it doesn’t just ‘bounce off’…. because it is consciously negotiated with the soul and the aspects…and because I am a cleaner channel of Divine love with the parts work I have done myself.

Would love to do and offer more of this and we’ve started meeting weekly as a community for me to train everyone (as Raphael Awen and Kalayna Colibriare participating here) as this opens out for me with continual integration of Metasoul gifts around this and downloads after many years of studying, offering energy work. Some energy work can be offered remotely during SoulFullHeart sessions, yet hands on is best for our kind of energy healing. Here is more about our SoulFullHeart process we offer remotely (and locally if you live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) through weekly

Jelelle Awen


Energy Update: Veils Thinning For Multidimensional Access; Personal Impact Of Collective Disclosure Process

By Jelelle Awen


The veils between dimensions have felt so thin lately, in the last few days especially. This thinning out by amped UP frequencies of light creates a sense of ‘being here and NOT here’ (best way I have come to describe it). The bleed through of Metasoul aspects from other lifetimes is strong right now too, if you are tuned into that. It can feel like you are walking around your life with the other lifetime energies suddenly super imposed in front of it.

Maybe you are standing at the kitchen counter and you suddenly see the bright glistening waters of Atlantis or Lemuria in front of you or you are in the light filled corridors of the spaceship with your Arcturian Metasoul aspect. You are in the ‘scene’ then of these other lifetimes with the aspects from your same Metasoul source that are living it out in the now….not ‘past lives’ at all, yet energizing now as their timelines merge in with yours. This can be an intense experience and is one of the ways that the personal disclosure process is ramping up, preparing us for eventual, everyday connection with star BEings. What has previously only been accessed by past life regression hypnosis states or near death experiences or taking ayahuasca or peyote is coming into our consciousness without any of these being necessary as we just tap into these realities as our vibrational frequency rises.

Along with this veil thinning, there is a feeling of ‘building up to something’ in the collective disclosure process. It may feel like a slow process, unrolling and unraveling at a less rapid pace then some souls may like or want. It feels like a leaking out of information, stories, revelations, rather than a one time BIG gush or flow. However, it feels like (at the soul level) it is being done with so much compassion and consideration for the collective and at a rate and pace that our consciousness can handle. For those souls very attached and connected to (still ‘fused’ to) 3D life and their 3D selves, the disclosure of the previously invisible and hidden shadow energies in the government, entertainment industry, suppression of star BEing connection and technologies, etc. will be difficult to digest….truly shocking and very upsetting. It will literally feel like the ‘end of the world’ for them as it is the collapse of the world that their 3D self has known and found beloved.

Even if you have long been aware of disclosure, been on your own awakening path….you may feel this shock and upset too rumble through you as it does in the collective too. Rather than staying in a ‘cave’ and remaining at high vibe ALL the time, I feel that those of us who are called to serve love are meant to bridge for and to the newly awakened. The main way we ARE this bridge is by being open to feel what there is to feel in reaction to what is happening for the collective. To feel compassion for others even as we offer heartlines and lifelines to navigate through and out of the fear-based fray.  To feel how we have aspects of ourselves that are connected to the 3D world and NEED us, no matter how high up we may see and feel reality. If we were truly meant to JUST be at high frequencies all the time, we would not have chosen to serve love and to be here in a human body with Gaia at this time of such intense transition and change.

The collective has an emotional body too…I like to feel it this way even more than that there is a ‘collective consciousness’, which also feels real, yet ‘collective emotional body’ has a more visceral, relatable sense to it. We are ALL connected to the collective emotional body; we are ALL impacted by it. We feel what the collective feels. The degree and depth that you can feel this depends on how awakened you are to your own emotional body and your Metasoul expressions that hold unity consciousness/one mind frequencies. You may have pushed away from feeling the collective as you differentiated 3D from 4D, as you left the ‘mainstream’ to find your own soul stream. It is not about going ‘backwards’ in your consciousness here, yet about being open and responsive to what remains inside of you that is triggered by the ongoing collective experience of disclosure and ascension. Remaining open in this way to your own process allows you to be truly compassionate in response to what is happening for others.

As I offered in a previous writing about this, you are invited to connect YOUR own personal disclosure process with the collective one. Your disclosure process is the revealing to heal of shadow; the exposing of toxic patterns that harm you and cap your soul bigness expression; the identification and eventual integration of 3D aspects such as your Inner Protector, Inner Punisher, Inner Child. Disclosing what still exists in your emotional body (and soul) that anchors you to 3D reality, then connecting with it in a conscious way. We offer in our SoulFullHeart process a way to do that through direct access to these parts (blocked energies really) that are still anchored to your 3D reality, then we journey with you into the 4D self/multidimensional aspects and bridge connect to your Metasoul too. You can read more about that process here:

The veils are thinning to allow a higher vibrational consciousness into your field, so you can remember and eventually kNOW again your own multidimensional, galactic, and Divine self. So, that we all can potentially kNOW this again. Experiencing this essence while in the human body seems to be a new phase/step for us, as previously we could only access these states while out of the body. Added onto this is the invitation for the collective to come along in this ascension process, each soul choosing for themselves what means growth for them. It is the ongoing process of BEcoming and arising into sacred humanity, together discovering what this means in lived out form… a collective AND as individual soul sparks too.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Showing Up For Life


By Raphael Awen

In too much stability, we long for change and surprise. In too much instability, we look for handrails and some steadying support.

Underneath both is a deeper fear of harm or loss, just by different means.

Our souls and our creative powers will create both times of deep upheaval as well as times where no change is in sight. Both are needed in this journey through duality and time that we chose and created.

It’s kind of like trying a scary sport or travel to a foreign country. You want the thrill and the adventure, the pushing out of the comfort zone, just not too far. Each of us has a different ‘too far’, but we all have one. That too far is about our fear of losing being, our fear losing access to love.

Very few of us though have gotten anywhere close to feeling this naked fear face to face, though it lives in every one of us. This fear is one of our most common denominators of what it means to be human, maybe even ‘the’ most.

But we settle for lesser fears as placeholders in our consciousness as a way to avoid confronting this dragon. Fears about money, health, social connection all make really good distractions that leave us in an uncomfortable comfort zone, not too hot, but not too cold. It works for us while it does, even impressively so, until it simply runs its sacred course, until we have garnered the courage to let go of this familiar family of lesser fears, to re-enter life with less conditions, being born again, as it were, into entirely new vulnerabilities.

To come to feel that the content of our conscious anxieties, and what gets us out of bed in the mornings, is being driven by something deeper and unconscious is not a welcome thought, or even a likely thought during the phase of our happy well adjusted functionality and having it all together or even somewhat together. It is only when and as this phase is coming to a close and we feel that something deeper in our unconscious has us on an autopilot mode, albeit a loving one, but a mode nonetheless that we will need to get to know and feel or we will be left in a deep disconnect….as we are losing and mourning our previous way of being in life, our previous way of relating to life, the previous gas in our tank is evaporating.

What greater gift could life give you, but deepening connection with coming home to your own heart? Your days of paying rent or a mortgage on a home you don’t fully own are coming to a close. This is your home in the universe, and you’ve earned it, and no one and no thing can take it from you, as this deed of self-love is not subject to any kind of theft or deterioration. This is the true treasure stored up in heaven that our god pursuits were in search of. We wanted and needed a secure enough setting within which we could feel and heal this dragon of our deeper fears at the core of our being, a gymnasium designed to exorcise, feel and heal fear, an auditorium in which our primal screams could be heard and land in open and healed hearts.

All of our current and intermingled dramas have led us to this epic point of the story, that we are nothing but love, but we needed the journey of being convinced otherwise and then re-awakening to what we always were, never actually lost; as a way to activate a deeper reality of this love that we are, now awakened through both the dual and the non-dual, through the sorrow of loss and the joy of rediscovery.

Your life, as crazy as it may feel at times, is a super intelligent life, finding its own way, taking its own unimaginable risks as it knows it possesses stuff it can never lose, no matter how hard it may seem to try.

You can’t actually escape love. It is what you are. You just needed to come to terms with it. Being love is not the same as being in a relationship with love. It’s the relationship that is unfolding now… that life is asking now to show up for.

This is what has really got you out of bed this morning…for both the life you currently know and the one that lives in your dreams!

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Canary In The Heartmine: The Deeper Messages Of Our Physical Pain


Physical pain has persisted for me over the past 3 weeks starting with a throat infection for a week and then neck and back muscle tension for the last two. It has brought me into a lower frequency that has been hard at times for me to try and find space around and to get in touch with as it holds many messages for me. The timing of such pain is always notable and important to feel into. Deep sacred romance opens up new deep well oil reserves of fear around the protection of the heart and what Love is truly asking us to surrender and show up for, both. This oil can arise in many forms and physical symptoms are one of them.

How we relate to the pain can block or aid in the love flow. I have felt how the pain has brought down my frequency and has sent me into deeper slides of unworth and inadequacy. Without feeling the higher frequency within us to hold a broader loving context, the harder it is to feel like you are not stuck in quicksand. Sometimes it is just surrendering to what the pain is needing from us that can see us through to the other side. I “have” pain, as opposed to I “am” pain. Big distinction.

So the pain is reflecting the fear from a part of me in response to Love. Not just with a beautiful heart and soul, but with Love itself. You cannot be in a sacred romance without also being in relationship to the greater Love That Is. It highlights all the wounds and also waters what is growing inside of you. What it is inviting you to show up for on a grander scale. This is the call that leads you to more vulnerability and not less. More transparency and less hiding. More responsivity and less passivity.

I am being told that my old ways of relating to myself and the world are drawing to a close and it is time to clear the old to make way for the new. This clearing isn’t always pain free yet doesn’t have to be torture either. Our souls have different ways of reacting and mine has tended to be on the more dramatic side. Time to uncheck those boxes for it is no longer needed or desired anymore, but I needed it until I decided I didn’t need it anymore.

The pain is the proverbial “canary in the coalmine”. It is our messenger of what is dying and what is arising if we can get above it with patience, surrender, and deep self-love and care. We are truly the creators of the pain. It is so hard to get our 3D conditioning to move out of the way enough to be able to let that reality in. Our 3D self has been in the Paintrix for so long it really doesn’t know that anything else is possible. It is a way to avoid the real emotive and soul pain that lies deep within that is just seeking the light of our compassion.

I could feel my heart going out to those with severe chronic pain issues. It is not a pleasant place to exist.  To be able to feel the hidden and fearful parts of you that may be seeking to be felt even as they appear resistant, can lead to much healing and understanding of the gift it was always meant to offer as opposed to a dagger.  Love is the hospital, you are the heart surgeon, and your pained parts are the patients. Time to go in and see what they need from you.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Needing To Be Needed VS Wanting To Be Wanted

By Raianna Shai


In some ways, it’s a lot easier to be needed than to be wanted. Parts of us even need to be needed, finding self worth in having a job or role to play. This way, you don’t have to involve your own needs or wants into the situation, creating the least amount of tension possible. The recipients of the caretaking in this scenario have some lack going on inside themselves as well. If a friend needs you to hold the space for them to air out their feelings and “solve” their problems, then there’s probably very little space in them that’s able to hold it themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just what most of us have been conditioned to do, look to the outside in order to heal what’s going on within. But in the grander scheme of things, how can anyone heal from the outside what’s felt most strongly on the inside?

So, the people and parts that choose to be the ones to focus on “fixing” others end up feeling like their needs are getting met because everyone else is happy. For myself, a part of me loves listening to everyone’s pain and trying to sort through it in order to help them. That way, this part did its “duty” of being a kind person and remaining in good graces with the other. And at an even deeper level, felt like it didn’t have to address the issues going on inside me. I would spend so much energy with this part feeling how to help the other person that there would be no room left for me – or this part!

Recently in session I felt into the idea of being wanted instead of needed. I wanted to feel why it scared this part of me so much. What I came to is that being wanted is vulnerable. Asking the question – does this person want me? – is even more vulnerable. The pain of realizing that the answer could be no is so much to bear that this part of me kept me at a very surface level with everyone so that I didn’t have to feel it. And I felt the deeper pain from this part of not being wanted by me – therefore projecting that out onto others. I remained a nice and smart person and couldn’t let anyone see any deeper than that, securing my identity through those two adjectives. Because if I’m nice and smart enough to be liked and needed, then why ruin that?

When you shift the tables on these parts of you and energize that you want them, not that you need them, an interesting reaction can take place. This part of me felt overwhelmed that he could have his own needs, and not fade into the background. That I want the mess, the contention when necessary for growth, the depth, the gifts, everything that comes with feeling this part as an individual entity, not as a role to play for others. Releasing the hold on this identity and role creates a lot of fear around who you actually are, behind all of the masks.

Asking yourself, am I wanted?, is both terrifying and illuminating. It can also be empowering, to realize your worth and decide that you want more. That you no longer want a relationship that thrives off of the skeletal outline of the bigness you actually are. When you choose to only be wanted and healthily needed, you draw so much more of this. More of what you want and need, more of what you deserve. We all deserve to be felt, to let in and to give love, to know each other’s deepest pains and biggest heart desires, so long as we ask for it and feel the pain that goes along with any possible outcome.

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All Reality Is Made Up


By Raphael Awen

‘You can make anything out of anything.’

These words come to me this morning and my curiosity asks for more as I feel a download from my higher self wanting to come through:

‘Any created thing created in any dimension contains within it an energetic blueprint of the source materials and technology used to create the thing. It can be back engineered as you say. However, you don’t need to create the thing in the dimension it was created inside of. By that I mean, you can create it from a higher level of consciousness without going through 3D creation processes that you are more familiar with.’

I listen in with a deepening sense of curiosity along with an ache to experience what I’m being given.

‘A woodworker sees something made out of wood that he has never seen before and given his understanding of working wood, he is able to recreate the thing from his place of familiarity. From a higher dimensional place however, everything is made of energy, and everything IS energy, including energy itself.

‘As you become more and more familiar with energy, you can utilize higher dimensional awareness of being as an energy worker to create and fashion with energy, be it the energy of a simple wooden spoon, to something more complex as a computer, to things beyond not yet known in common collective consciousness.’

I’m reminded yesterday as I needed some longer screws to put up some shelves, how cool it would have been to have ‘energy worked’ them into being rather than the more familiar trip to the hardware store to purchase the ones created and made through 3D channels. My guidance continues:

‘The reverence you have for 3D means and methods is what makes them feel real to you and this is how you have gone on to assimilate them into an unquestioned view of reality. But this ‘is what it is’ is what it is because it was caused into being in a stunning movement of energy creation, albeit one that has been normalized into normal waking consciousness, which surprisingly puts people to sleep to the underlying energetic and creative nature of reality.

‘Reality as you know it is always made up. You have been conditioned to see reality as something outside of it having been made up, as something outside of creation itself, however everything in every dimension is created and is constantly being re-created.

You have an emotional reluctance however to see and feel this as it feels insecure to feel how fleeting life feels as you are this fleeting and changing life energy. This reluctance energizes a resistance for you of seeing, feeling and participating more consciously in this higher dimensional ability to create and recreate.

‘Now, I will ask you to open your mind a bit more and feel how a woodworker, has many tools and methods for working wood, so an energy worker has many means and methods for working energy. The woodworker intuitively knows grain, pressure, species, soundness, hardness, softness, how the wood responds, how it can and cannot be tooled successfully for the desired purpose, and with what tools. In short, he or she learns the will of the wood, and feels what it is wanting to become. It can be reverently done as a one of a kind piece created by a master and it can be irreverently mass produced and monetized in a factory, (but at a significant loss of quality and corresponding imputed value).

‘So it is with an energy worker. He or she is introduced to the world of energy and begins to gain some of his or her very first and initial insights into energy the same way a baby picks up and waves a stick, not yet knowing anything by name, but only by its energy. From there, new insights and familiarities are then also normalized into ‘reality’ that wasn’t there before. The stick hurts when used to hit or poke…ouch, noted. That can be a helpful thing or not so helpful…noted.

Energy is the upstream nature of all reality. And love is the upstream nature of all energy. Both love and energy are responsive to love and energy and in this way can be worked, but only when it is seen, noted and revered for what it is, to know and feel it’s deeper why and will.

‘You are nearing a time when great advancements that have been held back from collective consciousness will be revealed. Understanding and feeling what I shared with you above will greatly aid you and others to assimilate your own adaptation and participation into this new and infinite dimension of creation.

‘Love itself wants to take you on a grand tour of stunning discovery and almost more excitement that you can bear, but only if it’s not an imposition on your creative will. Your choice and curiosity are the energy that enrolls you into this university’s kindergarten of never ending discovery.’

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Sexual Safety


By Raphael Awen

The real safety built into sex is that the more it is forced or manipulated, the less it yields its beauty and bounty.

A woman held down and raped has had a deep violating traumatic experience, the likes of which are hard to feel, but she has not had the garden of her virginity taken from her, or however else we might describe her sexual beauty. She has been traumatized deeply and that will affect how she relates to her sexuality, but her inner magic and beauty could never be even gotten close to with such a violent act.

The sad thing then is that perpetrators who force themselves on victims are completely sexually un-initiated. They are left to their sexual addictions and acting out, but they never actually gain what they long for on a deeper level. This is the deeper attempted victimization that occurs in sexual attack by an aggressor, or a game playing manipulator; it is the offloading of an energetic tirade that screams ‘if I can’t truly have and know sex, then neither can you!’

The key here in having dialled up such a traumatic experience as a soul will be your relationship with the experience and your response to it. Yes, from a 3D level, you were victimized. But from a 4D relationship to life and beyond, nothing occurs to us that we didn’t agree to, and even chose, as a soul for our growth and learning.

Both the victims, while they hold themselves as only a victim, and the perpetrators are left yearning outside of the true garden of sexual bounty and magic.

The alchemy of this yearning is asking you to come back to a deep place of love for your sexual being, the likes of which can only be accessed through the noblest of intentions and the truest of desires!

Your sexual goodness is so magical and beautiful, it can be looked upon and yearned for, but it can never be taken from you.

If you’ve played the role of victim or of the perpetrator, you get to decide what your response (your response-ability) to the situation is, and fully pursue all the sexual goodness you were meant to know and experience and radiate out to the world.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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Seeing Ourselves In The Ascension Process With Gaia

By Jelelle Awen
sunset w tree and swirlihg water lovely
Transitioning to more light body, opening through healing our heart, integrating our 3D self, merging with our multidimensional selves and aspects/higher self as we are ever more sacred human….ascension. Not an attained state, as much as an ongoing, spiraling, and ever deepening process that we are ALL invited to engage with, come along, and join in a consciously collaborative way. We can look to Gaia as an outer reflection of how this ascension process is also happening within us.
Gaia in Her seemingly denser 3D Earth state, so much happening ‘to’ Her, humans damaging Her, against Her, disconnected, abusing Her. Global warming, oil spills, weather changes as a consequence of so much human waste and disregard. Or so it can seem from the overly polarized 3D lens of five sense reality filtering that doesn’t see beyond the physical eyes or feel much beyond reactions and triggers and fixates on what it kNOws rather than trusting what is possible in the kNOW.
Yet, Gaia, moving into 4D consciousness is a sentient, ALIVE, sovereign and conscious energy in the FORM of a planet. She is a Planetary consciousness that is in collaboration with all that happens to Her. As She is realizing this then She can make choices. She can become the all powerful creatoress that She IS, reclaiming Her power. She chooses then to purge, to off gas, to release, to be unpredictable in the form of fiery storms, raging fires, swirling tornadoes, lashing out hurricanes. This is the mess that clears out, that has aftermath and consequences…that can bring death and loss.
Rebirth comes out of these ashes and ruins…for Gaia AND for us. As She claims Her own power back, She offers the same invitation to us. The losses can be devastating OR they can be the beginning of something brand NEW, an opportunity or a defeat. Life is no longer happening to us as our consciousness expands in ascension to 4D and higher. We are happening with life. Gaia cannot be geoengineered without Her consent on a higher level by anyone. Just as we cannot be either. No one is doing anything to Her ‘against her will’ just as nothing can truly be done against ours on the soul level.
The alchemical purgatory of 4D is soul blood returning to numbed out limbs, whether human or planetary. It is ALIVE even as it is messy. We can see ourselves in this too. Parts of our 3D self and their own thrashes and crashes and our inevitable storms. We realize our own power along the way and how it was never really lost to us. Those souls that it seemed abused us and were against us offering often the biggest gifts of growth and learning. We stop pushing against all of this and begin to let Divine forgiveness and compassion into our hearts for ourselves and for them.
I feel this in Gaia when I connect with Her as a planetary consciousness. I feel Her forgiveness of what we have ‘done to Her’ during this 3D experiment as She deepens in trust around the overall process and all its phases and stages. I feel Her compassion for so many souls sense of powerlessness ‘against’ Her. I feel Her deep abiding love for us and, also, Her changing boundaries too as She ascends. I feel Her in the face and forms of Kali, Mother Mary, Divine Feminine Mama. She is offering us a reminder of our previously disowned power that we can now claim again. She is a reflection of our beauty, our gloriousness, our magnificent landscapes. She is inviting us into a NEW alchemy of creation of a NEW Golden Earth consciousness where we are connected to our power even AS we surrender to the Divine and our ultimate purpose of serving love here. We create this state and place, in the now, and going ‘forward’…together.

Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Entering The Loops Of Core Wounds

by Kalayna Colibri

core wounding

Core wounds play within us like looping lyrics to a song which you can’t remember what it’s called, but you really wish you could… it’s an unfolding mystery, wrapped in clues of layers of reaction and tears too as you make space for the parts that have been holding on to so much, for so long.

Sometimes these lyrical loops last for years and years, sometimes even lifetime within lifetime too. The same messages, the same patterns, are highlighted for us over and over again by parts within us – some that want to keep paving it over and some that want to be felt for the reasons why they’ve been holding this loop in place… and why they find it so hard to let it go.

It takes very specific life circumstances, a certain amount of love surrounding us and flowing within from us to us, for these loops to become more apparent, amplified, even to the point where you feel as if you are going completely crazy or that there really won’t ever be another side to the endless abyss of it all. This is often when we enter the darkest forest of our lives, the Dark Night, yet also the most brilliantly dawning Bright Day approaching. So many identity fragments coming apart at the seams, so much that has been buried deep within, now comes up and out, all held blessedly in Divine Love. These are the times when your closest possible relationship with the Divine can come in and be with you… when new awakenings arise, letting the purest frequencies of love in, so pure that the mind cannot track it, as it’s not something experienced in 3D life.

The bruises at the core of your heart… these are being touched now, as much as parts of you are ready to let in, even when they don’t think they’re all that ready to do so. Life finds a way to be a conduit for this healing, bringing you healing paths that could help you go into it, either by bringing the wounding more forward through taking in abuse from false or unhumbled healers, or by taking in pure love frequencies that can flow to you through the hearts of healers and leaders that are doing the same work they are leading you to do. Either way, there is an opportunity for deep empowerment and letting in of YOU, of the you that wants to birth into and through your heart, providing a balm for all that has been painful and hard within… the cycles of inner punishment, inner belittling, inner bullying, inner battles, that want to come to new conclusions or inconclusions, and a letting in of the wonder of life, the wonder of the world, the wonder of YOU.

Step by step, layer by layer, Divine invitation by Divine invitation, you can and will find your way in deeper… whether this completes for you in this life cycle or in another one to be realized. ❤


The work we do and offer in SoulFullHeart, reaches into these hard-to-feel and often hard-to-really-see places inside of us and inside of you. There is so much we can illuminate together through session space and other offerings as well. To learn more about the SoulFullHeart healing process and the 30 min free intro we offer, please visit:


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SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Healing The Patriarchy From Within

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In this week’s featured article, SoulFullHeart facilitator Gabriel Heartman reflects on his relationship with his father and the energies he took in as a template for masculinity. He shares how he had to separate from his family, in order to feel these influences and heal them to create a sense of his own form of masculinity and heal the patriarchy within. This allows for a more balanced energy that flows with the formerly suppressed feminine energy within:

“But in the unearthing and untangling of the inner father, you find the reasons for it all. There is no bad guy in the process of healing and integrating. Going into my own inner father wounds, I could feel the grander heart of the Masculine at large. The power of sovereignty and compassionate truth-telling. The desire to end the war within and be in collaborative balance with the feminine. I could feel the the edges of my unworthiness and the real fear of surrendering to what needs to be reflected back at me as part of my growth and opening heart.”

Many of the articles this week reflect on the recent events of disclosure, overviewed by SoulFullHeart faciliator Kalayna Colibri and co-creator Jelelle Awen. Included in this is a digestion of the recent news of pedophilia by a well-known Hollywood producer and the #metoo campaign that came out as a response, felt by both co-creators Jelelle and Raphael Awen. Many of these writings have been turned into audio blogs for you to either listen to or read along with our voices.

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