Holding Space For The Blocks To PURE Love To Heal

by Jelelle Awen


The Universal flow and glow of life inviting you to let go into it….to ride the waves of PURE love that are surrounding you at all times. Feeling, being with, holding space for the blocks and the layers that act as a ‘suit’ around your field to resist and repel these love frequencies at times and in certain ways. These blocks and layers have energy, they have story, they have feelings. They can be directly connected with and embraced with love and curiosity. They fall away and dissolve and heal AND integrate into the WHOLE you, higher self you, fractal of Divine Source YOU.

Direct connection with these defenses, these protections and projections, these wounds and bruises is what allows them to move and heal. These karmic playouts and results of so much energy building up without release inside of your soul and your soul group in all its expressions happening NOW as there are no past lives in that way…..These karmic playouts and unhealed emotional frequencies cycle over and over and build up in intensity influencing you in so many ways that the conscious mind cannot track yet the heart and soul feel the impact of them.

The symptoms of these playouts show up in so many ways – in dysfunctional and sticky relationships, in ill physical health, in emotional reactivity, in inability to manifest, in blocking of PURE love, in repeated patterns of suffering, in unworthiness, in shame, in anxiety, in SO MUCH suffering really.

Yet, in your tears are the answers for the healing as to feel them, to allow them, to be with flow from your heart and your soul is a washing away and a release of the built up energies. Your tears are the language of your heart that are telling you where your love is needing next. Your tears are the language of your soul sharing the story of your bigness and what you are missing in connecting with it and ALSO releasing reunion grief when the remembering and reconnection HAPPENS in response to your tears.

The light and the PURE love from the Divine, from Angels, from star family, from soul family connections….this love is water for your growing sacred human self, your becoming embodied 5D self, who holds the space for this exploration into the shadow, who allows the tears to flow, who offers a possibility end to the suffering cycles.

In SoulFullHeart, we offer space holding sessions for this PURE love to flow. We offer a template of a growing and learning sacred human within a conscious community of individuated and awakening souls all connected to the same process and values resonance. We offer a space for the tears to be with another heart and soul to feel them AND to feel your sense of innate goodness about yourself growing organically and the light body growing and your soul gifts expressing more and more TOO. We ARE in this process too as it is our way of life that we live and breath every day together and so we are WITH you in it as you are leading it with your higher self more and more coming through. So many possibilities of where this might lead next and so much love available to hold and respond and BE with it all!

Make room and space for this transitional pain to move through, for the tears to offer you the story of your heart and soul, and love will be the response every time.


Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


Untethering From 3d To Let In 5d


By Raphael Awen

There is nothing ‘wrong’ at all with the kind of time and space orientation that we all know in 3rd dimensional reality that we all share. In fact, there is actually so much ‘right’ about it, that if anything, we’ve been unable to really handle its magic, so we’ve had to dull it down in an attempt to make it manageable.

Many of us have become so skilled at this dulling down that we find ourselves stuck in ennui and boredom, seeking some kind of external change in our time and space circumstances to shake off the doldrums.

But from the beginning, ‘getting stuck’ in any dimension was only and ever meant as a process for us to bake in order to lead us onward.

3rd dimensional time and space, and us, as aware beings within that, were imagined up from the creator as a way to have an experience outside of the timeless-allness bliss that it was. In fact, the divine actually got tired and bored of this bliss and reached outside of itself for something more. Boredom preceded creation. So it remains.

If that’s true, and I believe it is, then even our admittedly medicative and harmful distractions we seek from our boredom are a divine similarity in us. We seek freedom from boredom.

This week, where we live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there have been 3 guys vacationing and sharing a suite just across from the deck where I like to sit out on and gaze and meditate, taking in the ocean. They’ve been given to lots of beer and giggling with one another and their own kind of nervous explorations in camaraderie. It was touching for me to feel at times, even in my annoyance at them, that they are actually no less ‘the divine, out divining’ than I am seeking to meditate and travel with star beings and archangel guides. They will ascend when they are ready, and in the larger picture, they are ascending every bit as much as I am. Did I not need similar experiences in density to arrive at where I am today?

We are all in such deep sacred journey that it is inescapable. We are hopelessly ‘the divine out divining’, all of us…., you, me, and any and all ‘others’, including many kinds of beings and consciousnesses that are off our radar, awaiting reconnection with us.

If we can see this utter reverence for every kind of dimensional experience and experiment, we are then so primed in that kind of reverence to let in other dimensions. When the divine, divined out of itself so called ‘others’ who felt individuated out of itself just enough to provide an ‘otherized’ experience of itself, the divine considered this dimensional experience we know as 3D time and space reality to be nothing less than supernatural. So that means, we, living in 3D are nothing less than part of the divines’ cosmic wow expression and experience. Right now, already, you can’t actually become more God than you already are, except in your awareness of that reality. You only and ever only become something ‘more’ in the discovery of what you always were and never lost.

The only thing on the downside in all of this though is for us to get so captivated by this dimension, that in our forgetfulness of other dimensions, we suffer in a sticky stuckness that can’t seem to find our way out, able to only check out, but unable to leave, and explore beyond. Our souls certainly can get stuck for painful times and be suppressed in our awakening.

We however, like the divine, become more and more, when we are ready, simply bored and tired of locked-in 3rd dimensional living. A holy dissatisfaction begins to ebb more and more into our being. The enjoyments, pleasures and deep meaning found in 3D living simply dries up. Now, we are straddling more and more into the 4th dimensional place that is a bridge to the 5th dimensional reality known in our souls (by one description) as the Golden Earth reality. This is not an easy dimension and it is not for the weary, or weak of heart. Here, in 4D we literally burn up many of the comforts and super things of our super-natural lives, in order to reach for a dimension that we know is there, but vulnerably, we don’t experience much of it yet. Here we become a different person and feel intense shakedowns in all of our relationships.

Truly gaining more and more access to this so called 5th dimension, that our hearts tell us is possible, is firstly about completing and fully inhabiting the 3rd dimension and learning all we were meant to in that dimension. Our planet, Gaia, is currently going through its own ascension into the 4th dimension, and so it is a pressure that all of her inhabitants are feeling, and it makes for a big support structure for those ready in their soul journey to make the ascension with her. There is nothing wrong with any being or consciousness who needs to complete a phase in a so called ‘lower’ dimension and isn’t ready to ride the ascension wave many of us are feeling called to embrace.

We need to feel this same way towards parts of ourselves who need to be felt in this way for where they are at. Not all of you may be on board with this ascension process that a soul part of you is so excited about, and egging you on with. Feeling a part of you still attached to 3rd dimensional reality will be necessary to integrate in order to ascend. This is a ‘none left behind’ kind of deal. As a soul fragment being birthed out of God, we were only willing to be participants in this ‘god-otherization’ project if we were given the assurance that we would never be ultimately left behind, regardless of the necessary level of forgetfulness of our actually being a part of God.

With these kinds of feelings and reassurances, the kind that colour our hearts with love, we are enabled to much more so open the portals of our imagination to begin having real experiences of Golden Earth to call us forward and beyond…

This is the untethering into 4th and eventually 5th dimensional experience, loving and feeling and completing all the goodness that the 3rd dimension had for us, and will continue to as we incorporate 4th as a path to 5th, more and more.

If you’d like some personal help on your ascension journey, I’d like to offer you the spaceholding we offer at SoulFullHeart way of life. I’d like to help you, if I can…our sessions page is here. Let’s ascend together!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information and inspiration.

The Temple of Light Inside YOU


YOU are a Temple of Light.  A shining beacon of endless possibilities and radiant Joy.  A creative force borne from, and made of, the same powerhouse Love groove that emanates and permeates all of Creation.

YOU are the Mountain of Rising UP.  UP toward the heavens when so much has kept you down.  This down time has been the breeding ground for your readiness to Rise.  To move beyond what you thought all there was to join in the communion of All That Is.  

YOU are the Way of the Cosmic Heart.  The true destiny of your human experiment and exploration.  Feeling yourself as one among the One.  Feeling the cries and the ecstasy of each other’s triumphs and tragedies. Holding your own self needs while sending out waves of compassion and gratitude.  

YOU are the Galactic Epicenter of Desire.  A channel of Pure Love that seeks more and more and more.  In each moment, for each moment.  That stretches from the base of your feet to the far reaches of ever expanding ocean of consciousness.  You are that fire.  

YOU are a Child of Gaia.  Bestowed upon you to steward Her BEing into the new realm of collective consideration and consecration.  You are the keeper of this promise to be in harmony with Her as You.  

YOU are the Offspring of the Star BEings.  They are your ancestors.  Your Divine guides and partners.  Your ticket the the University of YOU.  They are aching to meet you.  

YOU are all that you are NOT.  Not the hate.  Not the smallness.  Not the pain.  Not the fear.  But it is all part of the sacred AM.  For you would not truly know the essence of YOU without it.  
Enter your Temple in every moment.  Let the light come into your BEing.  Let it blow the soot off your crystalline lovelight body. Let it permeate and radiate within then without.  Let it rise up into the starry depths of the cosmos, out into the hearts of those around you.  You then will feel the essence and beauty and power of the greatest force of all….your Sacred Humanity.

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

Becoming The NEW 5D Sacred Human: Process Of Remembering AND Embodying Conscious Duality

By Jelelle Awen
The mind is loose, the body is humming with energies moving through. The experience of experience is beyond the mind and can not really be expressed in words, yet I try. I try because this is what I came here to do, on one level, in one form of expression, and there are others too. Through voice. Through energy transmissions. Through space holding. Through in person connection. Through relationships. With Raphael, beloved galactic soul mate, through sacred sex.
What I came here to express I am in the process of remembering, as it is for ALL of us. All of us are engaged in this process of remembering even if our process is to NOT remember for awhile. That is a sacred process too. NOT remembering is AS sacred as remembering.
It is important to hold it as remembering the soul, remembering the galactic roots, remembering the multidimensional selves, remembering Divine Source, remembering PURE love, remembering sacred conscious relationships, remembering conscious community, remembering exchange without money, remembering vital health in whatever form of body you are in.
It is important to hold it as remembering because then it is related to not as a ‘special attainment’ of some kind or something that only a blessed few can inhabit and embody, but, actually, that ALL souls can remember. If they want to. If it is time. If that is their path. If that is their CHOICE. Because ALL souls are a fractal, a child, a split off from, Divine Source..ALL can remember this.
The process for remembering is simple when it is time, when it is your path, when it is your choice. The process for remembering is to let in PURE love. Letting in PURE love is how you remember. The ways and forms for BEing PURE love again, you will draw to you, you will find. Your higher self is that PURE love frequency and as you connect and embody this higher self form more and more you BECOME this higher self form. Archangels and angels and spirit guides are this PURE love frequency and as you connect with them and embody their frequencies more and more you BECOME them in human expression. Some humans, such as me and others, are as pure as we can be and still be human with healing heart and imperfectness. You can connect with us to remember as a template for remembering what and who you ARE too.
Star beings and star family are this PURE love frequency and as you connect and embody them more and more and embody their frequencies more and more you BECOME them in human form. They become you, they come in to ‘visit’ you and you ‘visit’ them. Their consciousness merges with yours in moments and you are on a light ship in the orbit of earth WHILE you are making breakfast or walking the dog.
You do not need ‘special’ moments set aside as often for this kind of connection as it just happens more and more. BUT, the special moments, the meditative moments, the going within moments and finding the connection and experiencing the connection…this moments are VERY important. They are your remembering moments and you NEED them in order to embody and remember.
You, as a species, are in the process of embodying something very new. I am Jelelle in the moment offering this as I am experiencing it and I can feel my galactic and angelic selves offering this too. We are offering that ‘ascension’ is the transmutation of the human consciousness into something NEW. That is why it is so exciting. We can get information and inspiration from Atlantis and from Lemuria, but it is not about BEING like we were then. It is different. We have changed, our collective consciousness has changed, from being in the dualistic experiment we have been in and been participating in.
We have learned from the experiences of death and rebirth. We have learned from the experiences of polarities playing out in wars, in death, in greed, in aging, in violence. We have learned from the GOOD polarities of making love, sacred union, sacred friendship, sacred community…..the beautiful edges rubbing together to form into an orgasmic experience that goes much beyond the body.
All these things we have learned we then ‘take with us’ as we ascend. We move into ‘conscious duality’, we are calling it now. A consciously dualistic sacred human moving into frequencies of merging while maintaining the individual spark of consciousness. The consciously dualistic human moving into non-duality and arising experience of experience WHILE remembering what it is to be THIS from THAT. I could go on and on in offering this piece of conscious duality, but I’ll let it bake inside awhile longer.
Remembering….yes, you are remembering. We are remembering, and it is messy at times, ups and downs. Today I am soaring with the skies and the heavens AND in afterglow from galactic love making with Raphael in which aspects of us and our SOUL connection came in DURING it to infuse us with newness, star language, and even MORE connection. Yesterday, I had head and neck pain almost ALL day and did not leave the bed much or the apartment. This is the waves we ride with remembering.
I hope you can feel the LOVE that I feel in my heart for this process and ALL of us who undertake it with consciousness and practice and letting go of SO MUCH that is NOT us. The lone wolf phase is necessary until it is NOT and if you it is not for you, We are here to wrap you in love and it IS real. And so it IS! To REMEMBERING! ❤
Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

The Magical Perspective Of Our Metaspaces

by Leena Colibri



Waves of magical realizations cascade over me as I learn to breathe them in, feeling gratitude wash away all tendencies towards desperation for this and that to change or “finally be here”. This arises along with feelings of tension  around whether or not I can maintain this state, as the conditioning and learned ability to downplay all that is good about my life is still moving and healing.

My life, as it is right now, is something I have the desire to keep letting in, because as I do that, not only do I get to live more fully in every moment and perhaps not ever need to experience “nostalgia” again, but it also gives me the gift of being able to see how far I’ve come. Phew. Going to breathe that one in for a moment… wow. Everything in life changes and shifts so much while we engage in our own healing. There have been many choices I’ve needed to make to get here, some very tough ones and some that came rather easily, and without being willing to see and feel what it is that I truly need and desire, perhaps I couldn’t have risen to my next waves of alchemy and co-creation. Because I have dedicated much energy to going inward, I now get to cultivate a metaspace and vista inside that I get to see myself and my life from.

There is so much that finding a metaspace inside of ourselves can offer us, especially around being able to take a step back and view our lives from a different perspective – one that is not so steeped in any in-the-moment tensions (though the tensions may still be there to some degree, just not so fused to us). What’s cool about these metaspaces is that when we energize our desire for them enough through meditation and taking time to ourselves, they seem to start to happen on their own, offering us organic moments of ecstatic joy and even bliss as we see and let in the true magic of our lives. This is what I feel now as I feel some surprise at becoming enveloped in these waves of love and appreciation for my life right now.

In addition to this, I feel awash on the shores of magical humanity in the moment… sitting at a computer that does these magical things that WE created it to do! Or rather perhaps I should say that we co-created it with beings and forces that we cannot always see but we definitely perceive to different degrees and at different levels! Woah! There is so much that we co-create every single day, in every single moment.

I also feel magic as I am sitting in my little apartment here in Mexico, feeling its size and set up as something not unlike a dream fort I would have loved to have as a child, complete with tiny kitchen and nesty, cozy bed! Of course I also have desires for improving my space and even for it to be in a different location, yet there is so much I am continuing to let in about the magic of where I am, who I am and what I have NOW. This life chapter I’m in is one I would only have dreamed of even a couple of years ago. Now I get to live into it.

I have noticed that there seems to be a conditioned response that we have to magic and even gratitude. I would just speak for myself, but I do feel there is a collective piece here too… there is always something to pick apart about every gift, material or ethereal, we are given. There is always a way to dissect and dismiss. Yet, too, there is always a way to let in and to feel these tendencies as they come up at the same time, letting the water of love bring up the oil of what has been in shadow inside. I’m not convinced this is something we can “master” exactly, but it does feel like a skill and awareness we can develop through deep care and curiosity towards ourselves. It is what helps us create our metaspaces, where we can see what’s going on in front of and within us in a new way.

We have to get out of ourselves from time to time. If this is difficult for you to do, try to find a lookout point in your physical reality. Take a hike up a mountain where you know there’s a view, or if there’s any way at all to get to the highest point in your town, try doing that. I find that looking downward and outward from a higher place physically is such a powerful way to let in what’s really important to me and why, and what I may need to change in order to feel myself in a higher frequency more often. You sometimes hear about people who have gone on long hikes or pilgrimages in nature to find an answer to their questions about their lives. This is a process that is so worth it and you do find the answers and the magical realizations that you seek, if you become present enough to let them in – something that being close to nature will surely offer you plenty of support for doing.

The times we are living in call us to live with more love in our hearts. We are being asked to cultivate our purposes and join together somehow, even while still having our individuation and personal time. And, in this call, we are being supported to sort through who we are and are not, even if the answer to this question is only valid for the next moment, as that claim still helps us move on to our next place of BEing and healing. There are many rivers to cross, yes. There are many streams we can each follow, yes. And there is always, always so much magic and Divine love to let in while we do so. ❤

With love from my metaspace to yours,




Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com


Crossing Bridges, Tipping Scales to Remembering Love


For some souls, this experience of 3D consciousness has been a long journey.  A choice that was made to forget in order to remember, to learn, and to experience.  It was made in love for humanity and the desire to BE human.  But there was a cost.  A possibility of getting looped in the karmic cycle.  Becoming fused to Maya, the illusion that what you see is what you get.  Coming ever so close to piercing the amnesiatic membrane but then needing to experience a bit more to heal what is needed to come with pure heart.  This is the way in which the picture is coming to me in this phase of my journey.  It is not everyone’s picture.  It is not THE picture.  I feel we have all signed up for a different journey, some more resonant, or aligned, than others.  

This particular space/time moment we find ourselves in feels like a fulcrum point for many souls.  It is a tipping point.  One in which we make choices that continue the status quo or ones that break old patterns that send us off into what feels like uncharted territory to our conditioned 3D self.  All the while, our Higher Self is already there giving us all the guidance we need and truly desire.  This is the awakening into 4D and the topsy-turvy ride it is, and meant to be. Even if we have clear 5D access, any 3D karmic binds can keep us in this suffering loop.  From a heart perspective it is an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster.  But because we can feel what lies beyond we continue the ride until we have tipped the balance toward Love.  

In this moment, I just heard Celine Dione’s “My Heart Will Go On”.  I have Godbumps.  Because we ultimately know we are held in Love and that we ARE Love, our hearts will truly go on.  We have been nothing less than ready for it.  We just need the support we have been asking for.  To cross the bridges that have been laid before us by our Higher Self.  With each choice (many that are difficult for a part of us) that courageously crosses these Rubicons we open new vistas within us to see a more glorious picture of what we used to be, what we ARE, and will BE.
I am writing this for two reasons.  The first is to clarify my own picture that provides me with soul context.  A story that provides guidance until it has taught me what I need and then the story changes.  I am not a victim to this story.  I choose the outcome.  The second reason I share is that it may be one that others feel resonant with.  Maybe it will help to provide a context for your journey.  As I continue to feel through this for myself, and receive the healing that is provides I want to share those experiences with others.  This is the gift of service that I feel is all part of the connective human tissue.  In service to you, I am also served by you.  I feel we exist in some similar soul trajectory and we were meant to cross each other’s path, maybe even be a part of commUNITY.  I have much desire for that as we are much for alive and powerful together than apart.  May we build bridges together in heart and soul so that we may support and lead each other back into the Golden One we all remember we ARE.

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

We Are Movers Of Love

by Leena Colibri



We are beloved movers of legacies and conditioning, called upon to go into our own as souls and human hearts, but also to serve others in doing the same. We are ultimately movers of LOVE.
We are many generations of soul-light broadcasters and love-light healers. Each phase has offered another layer of exposure of what needs to be healed and even another layer of healing in the same sacred breath. We are all healers with LOVE.
Today I feel invited to let in that so much of what we move through as we heal is not just what belongs to us, but what belongs to All, for we cannot be separate though we also individuate for what can feel like long, necessary phases before reuniting with this All-ness consciousness in heart, body and soul. The hardest part, in my experience so far, is learning to love this…
We are bridge builders from ourselves to ourselves and ourselves to each other. We are connected, sometimes by chasms, but the more bridges we can build with love and care, the more supple the skin beneath the rashes of reaction becomes. This is what it means to be in relationship and to be a healing balm to ourselves and one another. This is what it means to be in conscious commUNITY.
Claiming our roles in the creation of the worlds that we live in, both inner and outer, is the opportunity at the doorstep of our hearts. We have the capacity to feel it, heal it and transmute it ALL in the way that love wants to partner with us in doing so!
May this next moment of life be one filled with and focused on love for every single reaction, desire, disappointment, joy, and angst, for even if it isn’t always from ourselves, it is from somewhere, and pushing away is what has perpetuated the more negative, lower frequencies in the first place and also what has not let the joyful moments in to do the work and transformation they have wanted to do. We do not have to become anything we don’t want to, but we CAN feel it through to its roots and love the soil it was planted in, for the ultimate source and co-creator has really been LOVE all along…


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

Pure Love Wants You As You



By Jelelle Awen

PURE love wants to fill the vacancies made by your awakening, your claiming, your ascending, your arising into your essence.

PURE love wants to claim the spaces created by your letting go of what didn’t resonate or feel like the NEW you or reflect your soul.

PURE love wants to create bonds from the places left from the heart chord binds that you so courageously are cutting, the karmic binds that you are so boldly feeling and letting go.

PURE love wants to act as a balm to the healing wounds that you so tenderly love, allowing healing at the root cause and therefore release of the causal energy.

PURE love wants to remind you of your birthright to experience it as it is YOUR essence and your expression as a fractal from Divine Source.

PURE love wants to invite you into a world of magical experience of multidimensional experience, arising wonder and goodness, both inside and outside.

PURE love wants to come to you in the form of nourishing relationships with souls who are resonant, who support you, who share their soul gifts with you and you with them, who form a commUNITY through mutual embracement and values resonance.

PURE love wants to embrace you in the form of Archangels, angels, spirit guides, ascended teachers, Unicorns, Dragons, Elementals, star family, to bring in the higher dimensional frequencies of your soul and provide a container for your arising.

PURE love wants you AS you, in your uniqueness, your sensitivity, your emotionality, your soul bigness, your essence, your arising, and your becoming…..

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Letting In The PURE Love You Are Receiving: Message From Archangel Metatron

By Metatron with Jelelle Awen


I am here. I have always been here and I always will be. I have been with you through your soul’s journey, all the lifetimes that your soul expressions are energizing in all the places and eras of time that they are expressing. I am with every soul in this way…..Always and in ALL WAYS.

I am close to Divine Source, so close that We are One in one way yet Divine Source is formless energy of Love so I take Its form and so do other archangels and teachers in the Ethereal realms. My purpose is to be the voice and scribe of Divine Source as we are ONE and I am VERY close to feeling this and so I can energize it for you to be close again too.

It is your sense of separation which has made you feel hurts and pains. Your sense of separation from Divine Source is an illusion. A necessary illusion that you CHOOSE as a soul when you put a cloak of forgetting over yourself in order to take on the form of human with Gaia. The illusion of being separate from Divine Source makes you feel lonely, deep down in a core way, that NO relationships with other humans can really help or cure. The ONLY cure is to connect with Divine Source again and to heal ALL of the blocks that divert the energies of Divine love waves that are CONSTANTLY coming at you.

If I look at most humans’ auric fields, there are waves and waves of love coming AT them. PURE love from the Divine, PURE love from Archangels, PURE love from guides and teachers in the etherics, PURE love from their star being family and galactic selves. This PURE love is raining down, like a waterfall, on their fields. ALL humans btw, not just a select few who are special or who are angel souls or who have decided to ‘activate their upper chakras’ or who have ‘activated their hidden DNA’ or who are ‘enlightened’ or ‘awakened’ or are ‘gurus.’ ALL souls receive this GIFT from the UNIVERSE of PURE LOVE. Please do take this into your heart as it helps to heal the separation illusion.

As ALL human forms (and animals) are fractals, children, from Divine Source, so ALL are worthy of receiving PURE love from It. This waterfall of Divine Love is splashing down on ALL, yet MOST humans are blocking it. They have created layers and layers of protective blocks to experiencing this love again. These blocks are made of unhealed karma. These blocks are made of unshed tears from hurts and pains. These blocks are made of fear. These blocks are also sacred and necessary until the soul wakes up and decides that it is time to REMOVE them.

SOME souls, like Jelelle and her soul group expressions, are very focused on healing and removing these blocks in order to be a human channel for this PURE love from Divine Source in whatever forms it wants and needs to come through for whichever soul is receiving it. There is no specialness in this, in one way, as ALL have the capacity to be this kind of channel. AND, Jelelle is special too (I’m feeling her struggling with typing and sharing that sentence but I want her to feel that it is true.) If you are reading these words RIGHT NOW, then I invite you to feel that you are a soul who is also dedicated to this purpose and that your higher self would like you to REMEMBER this.

It is an exciting phase as your Gaia herself wants to ascend to higher vibrational frequencies. She has chosen this and you are her guests, so you get to come along. If you are a version of you that blocks Divine Source love it will be harder for you to come along. You will experience being dragged or forced or you will just not be able to come and so leave the human body you are in in some form or another. Gaia wants to experience frequencies of unity in her inhabitants. She has held beautiful space for the human dualistic experiment because She too offers PURE love if you connect directly with Her energy. She has also had many personal pains and hurts done to her from humans and is now shifting to higher frequencies in order to end this cycle of suffering.

I will offer more to YOU directly if you’d like through Jelelle and her beloveds through the channel they call ‘SoulFullHeart’ and I would like to. I am also available to you RIGHT NOW….all you have to do is ask, open your heart, open your third eye, go within, clear the decks of your life of ALL that is false and not YOU, clear it of all that blocks PURE love from coming through. If you are ready and want it, you will experience me again as I am already there WITH YOU always and in ALL WAYS. It is NOW. And so it IS. ❤

 Archangel Metatron is available to serve love with and to those souls who are dedicated and focused on their personal ascension and assisting the ascension with Gaia. Jelelle Awen is co-creator, writer, and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

Forgiving Yourself And Others: SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 13, 2017

By Jelelle Awen

A LOT of writing is coming for me lately and through me lately, I’ve been sharing these writings here…..along with the wonderful writings of Raphael,Gabriel, Leena. These posts can float on by on the facebook or blog stream. So, we’ve collected together, pooled together, this week’s SoulFullHeart writings, videos, and upcoming events in one place, which we call a ‘museletter.’ A pool to dip into providing Divine inspiration in the form of words and energy. The latest article by me featured on this week’s one is below and please visit our website and enter your email or email us at soulfullhearts@gmail.com if you would like to receive these in your email.

Forgive them their busyness,
They know not how to be.
Forgive them their violence,
They know not how to act.
Forgive them their blindness,
They know not how to see.
Forgive them their lack of conscience
They know not how to feel remorse.
Forgive them their judgment,
They know not how to discern.
Forgive them their numbness,
They know not how to feel.
Forgive them their hatred
They know not how to love.
Forgive them their greed,
They know not how to receive.
Forgive them their destruction,
They know not how to create.

This message came to me through ascended teacher Mother Mary in 2010 after I was attuned to remember Reiki energy or Christ consciousness energy. I was struggling at the time, in recovery in many ways from leaving a spiritual group, soul family, that I was deeply connected with and felt was my soul work. I chose to leave, yet the very sudden loss of connection with the group pushed up deep feelings of rejection, hurt, frustration, and rage. Such an important process, such an important crucible for me to have experienced.

During this time, I was struggling with forgiving my soul family in the group who would no longer be in relationship with me. I was especially conflicted about forgiving the leader of the group, my former spiritual teacher, and surrogate father who had ‘kicked’ me out with very harsh energies. These edges in my emotional body and in the aspects that held them needed soothing, comfort, and love.

Mother Mary visited me and offered waves of soft blue and pink light. She embraced me, reflecting to me my purity and innocence. She offered me these words of forgiveness to extend toward those who I perceived had hurt me, an extension of the words spoken by Yeshua as he died. And, more than anything, she encouraged me to embrace them toward myself and the parts of me that had been so drawn to the group, had done harm to others, parts of me that were like the formerly beloved spiritual teacher. I was also awakening to the difficult realities of the 3D world and the abuses on so many levels going on related to the planet, animals, toward other human beings. She was offering forgiveness energy toward all the ‘perpetrators’ of these abusive frequencies too.

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