Sacral Opening: Chakra Meditation & Sound Healing Series (Video) | Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen

Sacral (Womb/Hara) Chakra Opening: Chakra Meditation And Sound Healing Series

The sacral chakra is like an engine, powering our creativity, our aliveness, our sexuality, our inspiration. So much energy moves through this chakra and the womb/hara space that holds it…enough energy to birth ideas, creations, and entire worlds. Our sacral chakras can become ‘full’ with other people’s energies, fears, projections, resistances…even their passions rather than our own can occupy this space which then block and suppress, flatlines, our life source vitality.

In this video, I’m playing my 432 HZ tuned crystal sound bowl that activates/clears/opens your sacral chakra (D Note). The meditation that comes through me invites you to open your sacral chakra through the womb area for women and the hara area for men/women.

To clear out the energies that are not yours so that you can feel/connect/bridge to the parts and soul aspects who need you. To ignite your alive connection to All That Is and the Divine. To inspire your dynamic, creative expression in the service of love. To heal shame and express your sexual energy with innocence.

And we recode together, we affirm together:

I am aware of my aliveness; I am creative and inspired.

This is the fourth video in a series that I am offering for the next week tuning into each chakra while playing my sound bowl that activates them, channeling whatever messages come through from Divine Mother/Father through my human heart to yours. I’ll be sharing on FB, IG, and our SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel. I’d love to hear and feel your movements, reactions, and processes that come up in response to this series.

You can watch the other videos in this series on my FB feed or here:


With Love,

Jelelle Awen with Divine Mother

This sacral chakra energy and specifically how it is held in the womb space will be our focus tomorrow (8/21 at 5pm UK time) in our group call for women over zoom. Kasha and I will share about our own experiences/connections to our womb space and lead a guided meditation to journey to connect/bridge to Divine Mother’s cosmic/love womb. You can join us live or via the recording. More info to join us via offering a donation, about free intros/sessions, books/writings, online community, and videos at

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