The Crash Course

By Wayne

We are like the proverbial frog in a pot of water heating up on the stove, about to reach a boiling point and our inevitable ‘death.’ But what is death, certainly not (in my view) a cessation of existence, as many prefer to believe it is, but profound change. This change is our existence, expressing in one form, then through death morphs into expressing in another form, dimension, and place.

I’m talking about the death or profound change of our industrialized society, or our predominate 21st century reality. The society that we have together – over thousands of years- created and what we are now in the process of ‘un-creating’ in dramatic fashion.

Is it all doom and gloom? Is it all ‘hopefully, cautiously, optimistic’ – the way our-worried-about their-jobs-politicians tell us it is?

There is so much reason for you and I to stick around, to be more alive than we have been up until now. Whether you are aware or interested in the changes that are already occurring everywhere, economically, environmentally, doesn’t exclude you from being part of it. It’s happening in the time you were here and are here.

A great beginning place  to get some solid grounded teaching in these changes is Chris Martenson’s web site and his perfectly titled video series called ‘the crash course,’ and all available for free here.


I encourage you to check it out. It’s eye opening.

My deeper curiosity, even more than what is coming at us, is how to breathe through it all; how to embrace the changes rather than run from them. That’s the conversation I’d like to have about the changes already happening in our world.