Occupy Wall Street: No Demand Is Big Enough

Another resource that is way too awesome to be kept under wraps comes in the form of a person, a real person….Charles Eisenstein.

His recent blog on the Occupy Wall Street Movement stirs me to the core and I just quickly read it for the first time. Read it here.

Charles’ heart first and brilliance second perspective stirs something deep inside of me and so many others as it offers a picture of a more beautiful world that we know is possible, but struggle to see emerge in and around us.

Charles first book is called the ‘Ascent of Humanity’ where he shows how the concept of a separate self, and the split between spirit and matter became the reality shaping paradigm in our human infancy as a species, and how now we are emerging into an age of reunion of those two.

It may sound like theory, but the heart of it is so alive and inspiring….I believe because our own hearts and souls resonate with a ‘yes.’

Do yourself a favor and check it out.

By Wayne

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