We All Made It This Way

There is something so universal about our insecurity when it comes to money and power that given the opportunity to hoard it, we jump on board. It’s common practice to call politicians or bankers all kinds of names, making them the ultimate scapegoats, but I feel this only serves to hide our complicity and our insecurity.

We, with them, have shaped and created this stunning and crazy phenomenon called economics, and it is all of us together that are in the process of un-creating it and starting over. And it only changes when when it changes in you and I, rather than changes and reforms that happen out there somewhere.

And that only happens as you and I feel ready and secure enough to let go of a lesser security based in status quo, comfort, and predictablity.

Here’s a video that will show (alarmingly) how money works, how it funnels to those at the top.

Watch it and ask yourself, ‘What would give me enough security if I was at the top to be any different?’

By Wayne