Emotionally Conscious Weight Loss

By Wayne Vriend

Never has there been better weight loss information than what is currently coming to light about how our bodies relate to food and exercise; about the depletion of nutrients in our food supply; and about how obesity rates are rising in our society.

Why is it that at the same time as we are getting more help with the situation, that the problem keeps getting bigger, slowly, but surely, like an expanding waistline?

Most people have been advised, (rather unfeelingly, I would add) that you need to think positively if you are going to conquer your weight problem; that if you look, sound, and feel hopeless, you are most likely going to stay that way.

So then if thinking positive is the key to getting in control of one’s way of life in relation to food and exercise, then why is that approach such a dismal failure? Do negative people prefer being negative?

It is only when we consider our emotional body that we gain some insights into these questions. By ‘Emotional Body,’ I mean who you are as an emotional being and how we emotionally feel about our life. Changing our eating habits to more alive foods and letting go of habits and foods that are actually a form of slow self suicide, has all to do with self love. Our inability to let in love is getting much closer to the real issue underlying our weight struggle.

In SoulFullHeart, we offer that you have way more to your emotional body than you have acknowledged. Sure, part of you wants to lose weight, but have you ever considered or felt the part of you that feels safe or comforted by being overweight? This part of you wants to, ‘leave the weight right where it is thank you, and take all your self righteous health crap out of my face!’

You are left being at war with yourself; with the part of you who wants to lose weight and is trying to gain power over the part of you who wants to keep things the same.

It is only by getting to know both of these parts of yourself intimately that real and lasting and wholesome change can be let in to your life. Letting in is very different than powering through.  If part of you is strong enough to pave over the part of you addicted to crap food, is that really the kind of healing you are after?

Recently, I got to the place where it feels like the tide had finally turned in my own life. Despite good health and a physical line of work, I have gained around 10 pounds each decade or so of adulthood to where, at 51 years old, I was 35 pounds over my ideal weight, actually in the obese category.

Then, 3 months ago a friend invited me to be his guest for an afternoon hot tub and sauna at the local gym. The front desk staff put all ‘guests’ through a few minutes of sales intro and a tour of the facility, and before it was complete, I surprised myself and signed up for a years’ membership. Something in me said ‘go for it.’ I signed up for sessions with a personal trainer as well.

The sessions were intense, but also helpful in terms of engaging in a real workout. I don’t recall ever sweating so intensely. I was amazed by the simplicity and the intensity of the simple exercises, several of them using only body weight, and others only simple equipment. An exercise ball, a few dumbbells, a bench. The trainer helped me also assess my food habits and make suggestions.

I’ve lost over 25 pounds in just under 3 months, have gained a noticeable change to my muscle mass, and I feel quite different about my body and well being. I’m looking forward to reaching my goal weight, conditioning and deepening vitality.

The amazing thing is that it has been relatively easy and fun. While it has taken the necessary time commitment and changing eating habits, I’ve found doing all of that desirable instead of a drudgery and sacrifice. I’m not feeling deprived.

I recall being in a gym membership a few years prior where I struggled to get engaged and find a rhythm and exercise routine that opened out for me, and eventually it all fell by the wayside (as it does for so many other people). Now, instead, I found the whole experience with getting in shape motivated by a conscious self love that wanted to learn about healthier habits and food choices, and then in turn wanted to give myself those gifts. I found myself naturally enjoying letting go, one at a time, of foods that don’t enliven me.

So what made the difference this time around?

By engaging in the kind of work that Soulfullheart offers, I have gotten to know the more hidden parts of me, the wounded parts of me who sought and needed the comforts of my old lifestyle habits and the weight blanket around my body.  What’s more, I’ve been able to show up for the needs of these parts of me and that brings change on a much deeper level.

It’s interesting the root meaning of the word diet is ‘way of life.’ The foods we eat are very deeply about our way of life. Who we presently are as emotional beings is also most deeply about our way of life.

Your ‘way of life’ is a sacred journey in this life and it has taken you to where you are now, including your struggles with weight and food. Each habit you’ve been given to and each pound of weight gain is also a part of this sacred journey. It’s not less sacred because part of you doesn’t like the downside of it. Because you are a sacred being on a sacred journey, the good news is that, it’s all sacred; your choices, your weight gain and loss, your health decline and improvement.

These are all gifts to you this life that you ultimately control the direction of, but the path there involves getting to know and embrace yourself in a way that you haven’t known up until now.

I want to offer to you the Soulfullheart path to getting to know yourself in a much more intimate way than you’ve ever imagined, including finding who you were meant to be on a physical level just naturally arising as part of the healing.

​Visit soulfullheart.com for more articles and information about the SoulFullHeart healing process.


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