As Real As Royals


By Raphael Awen

You didn’t just come here to sail on placid waters, you came here to learn how to propel your growth and learning even through times of deep chaos and change.

All of 3D earth life is a very real feeling make believe reality that we made up that is as real as real can be. Real however is not as real as we’ve previously felt it to be.

3D life is like a very real feeling board game that we created inside of a larger reality. The stakes in the game and the rules needed to be sufficiently different to learn what we couldn’t learn while remaining insulated in our so called higher dimensional reality. It’s sort of like how Base Camp One is very different reality than Base Camp Four on a Mt Everest attempt, except in reverse direction.

Here in 3D, we experience a ton of things differently than we could ever experience in 5D reality. Here, in 3D, we experience much greater edges to our individuality, and so the social area of life is greatly exaggerated. We aren’t just bubbled off in blissful oneness. We also have way more density to our physical bodies, and so they become like dashboard indicators of the ease or dis-ease we are experiencing. Spiritually, we crave more less-dense experiences like a kind of homesickness remembrance that calls to us, whereas in 5D, we wanted and needed the forgetting in order to play the game with different rules, different awareness, different juice flowing through our veins. In short, we live in a constant tension of the difference of where we came from and where we are now. There’s a third and important element however to this tension and that is about the more we set out to be and become in leaving one domain in favour of another. What would be the payoff of all of this reality swapping, forgetting and remembering were it not for something more.

This demand for more is the stuff that is at core of the universe and as a result, it lives at core of every cell in your body; in every movement of thought and emotion; in every impulse we are capable of. The constant sacred call of more that can sometimes feel like a tyrannical ruler over us.

We can write nice platitudes about how being spiritual is about learning to accept what is and not grasping for more, but even this is a kind of reaching for more, isn’t it?

Learning to love life over things is a powerful example of our relentless pursuit of more. We can’t stop the pursuit of more, we can only come to deeper and more meaningful terms with what our personal and collective more is.

This puts us in the class of gods and royals. It’s interesting that the word real comes from the word royal. It’s the royals who determine reality. Like children on the playground, we have set up reality games for the fun and payoff of a defined goal of more. We want it all, and then we want some more.

So what’s brewing in your life? What’s brewing in the different areas of your life? Physically? Financially? Emotionally? Spiritually? Socially? Mentally? And Environmentally? These areas of our 3D life seem to be the key areas of 3D life as we experience it, with each area asking to be seen and felt for our deepest inhabitation of this game we set up and chose.

We didn’t come here to spiritually bypass or transcend. We came here to inhabit. We came here on a journey for more. Spiritual bypassing and transcendence would be settling for less. We actually want and chose the edges, the challenges and even the chaos of what’s going on in each of these 7 key areas of 3D earth life.

What would choosing that deeper look and feel like for you? Where is your current more going on place?

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