10:10 Codes: Becoming Your Higher Timeline Self Now

By Jelelle Awen

10/10 portal energies are always an interesting mix! There can be these waves of empowerment, creativity, soul purpose clarity and inspiration…activation of your Inner Teacher and Leader. Passion! And yet also preceding or along with that feelings of hopelessness, disempowerment, overwhelm, frustration, and unworthiness are pushed up from this life and especially other lifetime experiences of this. The oil that is flushed out by the water.

10:10 is a portal opportunity to reconcile your experience of leading yourself primarily and perhaps others (if that is in your soul field.) And when you haven’t been able to lead and why.

10:10 energies are about moving into and becoming your higher timeline self. Now. Whatever that means for where you are in the moment in all areas of life. These are catalytic energies that are meant to MOVE and shake you out of whatever slumber, shrinking, complying that parts of you may have been doing. Not necessarily externally right away, yet definitely internally that eventually leads to outward manifestation.

Relationships are often where the hiding can be of your leadership, the ‘shrinking to fit’, the not being your truth because it is too difficult, settling for less than what you are worth. Parts of you not truly being in resonance yet complying or hiding or even lying in order to maintain the relationship for comfort and security reasons.

10:10 codes are about being in authenticity, transparency and vulnerability….not being afraid to be direct and to challenge with care and love, not letting things ‘slide’ with others (esp if the energies are abusive), not letting yourself be sidelined or dismissed.

As you feel this empowerment in relationships (of all kinds), you actually BECOME your higher timeline self in the Now. And you are able to complete with energies, people, situations, jobs/careers, geographies and more that do not support, inspire, and resonate with that expression.

We can get caught up in the physical manifestation of our higher timeline, the dream or ‘vision’ coming into reality and attaching to that, yet I have found that the authentic BEING of our higher timeline self is the most important. The physical expression follows the essence embodiment is another way of saying it. Otherwise, you may manifest it in the physical and yet not be able to actually let it in or show up for it. And feeling and loving the parts of us who can’t be this authentic embodiment and WHY they can’t is a big aspect of the process too.

Practice being your higher timeline self. Dare to speak and share your truth, even with pushback. Respond from your heart, your gut, your ‘womb roar’, and feel (yet do not fuse) with the parts of you with great compassion who find that scary and are afraid of losing people or hurting people or want to save people.

10:10 offers so much to heal and move on from in this area. Letting in these codes really does offer a NEW beginning from inside and out!

Raphael and I are offering a livestream on 10/10 here on FB to share more about these codes and how you may be experiencing them. Hope you can join us!

And we have a group call coming up on 10/16 as well offering Homecoming codes, for which this 10/10 portal is definitely activating as well…homecoming to our soul essence as Infinite Love. You can join us by donation with more info at soulfullheart.org/events or https://www.facebook.com/events/611918103937452/?ref=newsfeed


Jelelle Awen

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SoulFullHeart Museletter: Aug 20, 2022

We hope your Lion’s Gate digestions are moving through your being with so much love! It feels like we were all given some very necessary mirrors and are invited to continue to integrate whatever it was that was shaken up or awakened in all of us and in our relationships too. 

Featured this week is a piece by Kasha Rokshana, sharing her womb awakening and healing process and how it connects to her current emotional and spiritual movements. Kasha shares about this process as a way to invite you to feel into your own. She will be co-hosting a women’s call with Jelelle Awen that will focus on womb healing and activation this coming Sunday, August 21st at 5pm WEST (Lisbon/London)/12pm EDT/9am PDT. 

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There are many new writings and audio blogs to take in this week, featuring energy updates, tender personal sharings, and more! 

There are also some brand new videos from Jelelle, featuring sound healing meditations to open up your heart/third eye/throat chakras. 

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Much love from all of us!

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The Desire For What Really Matters In The Ascending Masculine

By  Raphael Awen

I know some things about the ascending masculine, if I could call it that.

Men who feel a conscious desire to excel and grow and matter in life, in love, in their relationships.

I know these things about you, because I’ve come to know them in myself.

There’s always much more to come to know, and one of the growth points for this ascending masculine is the challenge and willingness to feel like a beginner over and over again, to admit that there’s so much that can’t be delineated, measured or accurately described with the mental body.

It can only be felt with the heart.

My heart wants to grow beyond what feels like present limitations. I want to grow in being transparent with my world, to hide my real self less and less and less. I want to radiate that presence in the physical world around me and into all the soul connections and timelines I’m a part of.

Nothing else ‘matters’, for all that matters comes from the divine ‘Ma-ter’, from where we derive our word ‘Mother’. She Ma-ter-ializes all things that matter to me. In union with divine father, we have a template for reparenting all the parts of us who long for reunion.

What is it that is calling for your heart attention and choice? Do you have a sense of what wants to be next for you? Are you willing to be transparent with yourself and your world about what’s not working, what hurts like hell and what you do know about your calling and being?

I’d love to serve you in that. I offer a free intro call as a way for you and I to connect to feel if the work I offer, along with my heart, feel like a fit for you. More info about that here: soulfullheart.org/sessions

It is so interesting to feel how the feminine has been willing to lead in this domain of really feeling and really healing. I personally know of several women who’s eyes are on the horizon for a man who’s ready to choose himself, his calling and purpose. Mateship offers a huge growth ground, especially when it’s mutually chosen for one’s deepest growth and learning. Maybe that’s a big one for you as it has been for me.

I very much welcome hearing from you and would love to host my free intro with you to help you feel if working together ongoingly feels like a fit for you. If not, no questions asked or anything further expected.

~ Raphael

I just got back today from a few days at the ocean with my beloved, Jelelle Awen.

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A Love Story: Part Six (Self Discovery)

This last, and final, part of this love story shows the process of finally choosing myself. I gave my relationship everything I had, heart and soul, but ultimately I had to choose what I needed to feel whole, empowered, loved and supported. Love stories don’t always end in separation, and sometimes they even come back together. But the most important love through any kind of relationship is the love you have for yourself.

I have learned so many things about myself in each relationship cycle that I go through, but the biggest one I learned this time around is how I have related to my romantic partners. The biggest energies that present themselves are my inner mother and inner teenager. I have found that it’s so easy for me to feel like my beloved is my best friend that I can have comfortable fun around. The other moments are filled by my inner mother who wants nothing more than to make others feel loved and taken care of in every given moment.

These are beautiful parts of myself that have done nothing wrong, but limiting myself to these energies have prevented me from expressing fully as a woman in all of my layers and gifts. I’ve been more teenager and mother than I have lover and because of that, it’s been easy to keep others from becoming truly intimate with me. I’ve been working with these parts of me so deeply the last four months and I’m feeling such an incredible difference already.

I’m a day late to international women’s day but this felt like the perfect time to celebrate my decision to choose myself, to heal the parts of me that desperately need it, and to open myself out to the many layers of my sacred femininity. I’ve taken in the templating from empowered, caring, passionate, loving and incredible women around me to discover what being a woman means to me.

From now on, I will always be choosing me so that my heart can heal deeply enough to love others even when it requires boundaries, truth, patience and compassion. The divine sees all of this within us and knows we deserve it all, so now I’ll see it for myself ❤️

Raianna Shai


Raianna Shai is a SoulFullHeart facilitant and website designer for SoulFullHeart Healing, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about free consultations and 1:1 individual sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, writings/books, and videos, visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com.

Connecting W/Your Gatekeeper Guided Meditation: Video 7 – Deepen 2022 (Video) | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

In this seventh video of our 31-day video series called Deepen 2022, SoulFullHeart Teachers/Co-Creators Raphael and Jelelle Awen share about an extremely important aspect of your soul called the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper is an aspect that Jelelle initially became aware of about ten years ago during a Dark Night of the Soul experience. Since then, she has connected with many of them and shares about their mission, woundings, gifts and the challenges of connecting with them.

The Gatekeeper is the keeper of the veil of amnesia and watches over all the timeline portals/lifetime incarnations of your Metasoul, which is the individuated expression of your soul that fragments out of your Soul Family Monad. Gatekeepers are often very lonely and isolated in this job/role and feel disconnected from Divine Source.

In this video, Divine Mother and Divine Father join you to go to the Gatekeeper Realm, which is in the lower fourth dimension. You visit the portal cavern where your Gatekeeper usually lives. You connect with your Gatekeeper, open up to receive any messages/images from them, discover their name, see how they ‘show up’, and get an overall sense of how they manage your Metasoul timelines. This is a beginning point to a deepening journey with them leading to collaboration, exploration of your Metasoul timelines, and lifting of your veil of amnesia.

Video to Meet Your Gatekeeper from Jelelle’s Deepen 2019 series: https://youtu.be/-IZQYBoE6Cg

You can watch each video in the Deepen 2022 playlist on our SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZWeBviA18Y&list=PLNmrHdaQSAvJPnLzbEKl4OsQBXBYw2XwI

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Choosing The Path Of Love And Growth

by Raianna Shai

I’ve been in Portugal for over a month now and with so much changing for me in this transition, I felt like it was time to digest it all through writing. We’re currently in a timeline that has caused so many of us to rethink where we are in our lives. Life as we’ve known it is coming to a close and it has come time to reevaluate what is truly and deeply important to each of us as unique souls.

For those who don’t know, I left Canada last month to be with my soul family and community, SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. I spent a year physically away from them exploring my own independent journey of relationship, growth, maturation and self discovery. I had gotten to the point where doing emotional healing work was so hard for me to do alone and remain consistent with. Parts of me wanted the easy way out – to just live life and use various mediums to distract and medicate any sadness or loss of purpose I felt inside of myself.

I’m more than grateful for this phase of my life though as it taught me how to deeply love another, advocate for my needs, re-sparked my desire for independence and also led me to discovering what was really most important for me and my soul.

Healing with the soulfullheart process is not easy, healing trauma and pain never is. It’s so much easier to stay in what’s comfortable and already well known. But what brought me back to it stronger than ever is the idea that any ounce of love that I am able to give to myself is another ounce of love that exists in the world. Every time we heal something deep inside of ourselves it affects the collective in a big way. The way my community can really see and feel me is something that I wish everyone on the planet could experience. And it’s something that everyone deserves.

So as hard as it is for parts of me to feel like I deserve this love or that I’m big enough to show up for this process, I remind myself of the bigger purpose here. We aren’t just healing for ourselves, we’re healing for the world.


Raianna Shai

Energy Update: 11/11 Portal Offers Codes, Downloads & Upgrades

Energy Update: Blessings and Love to you as we deepen into and receive this 11/11 portal today! The codes, downloads, upgrades/activations available on these powerful days provide a boost to awaken, to support, to clarify, to motivate, to inspire, to enliven, to encourage, and to catalyze.

The degree and depth you let them in is….as always…UP to you and what you (and parts of you) are ready for and wanting.

You may be feeling today a lightening UP in your heart space, in your physical body, and in your overall energy as well. Prepping to go through this portal felt similar to preparing to giving birth for the several days before it. There was some uncomfortableness, tension, purging, and feeling ‘taken over’ by the process at times. There was also deep diving into the shadow in order to heal and reconcile whatever energies were there.

Giving ‘birth’ to the NEW you during 11:11, you can now BE with the higher frequencies coming in, receiving them into your heart, letting them enliven you.

There were timeline collapses in relationships, in jobs, in money situations prior to this 11:11 portal…starting even a month or more before it as well. This is also being amplified by the great bifurcation that is ongoing with the V. narrative and clear ‘sides’ needing to be chosen even as love for ALL is held in the higher realms. For some souls (and esp. teachers/healers/guides) there are physical body collapses/illnesses, etc. manifesting in order to bring a clear choice point of staying to serve in an embodied way through this dark night transition into the light or returning to a higher dimension with their mission here ‘completed’.

The aftermath of these collapses, the ‘ash in the air’ reality experience of it, is something you may still be going through. Mourning and grieving ARE important, yet too is moving into more trust and joy that ALL loss right now is serving your higher timeline.

Your purpose of serving love is probably becoming clearer. This is meant to clarify with this 11/11 portal as MANY souls will be needed to support those newly awakening and those already awakening and those even leading too! The most important service of love right now could be to yourself and your own healing, so that you can eventually overflow to others from a place of self love and goodness. You are serving then from a place of genuine and embodied overflow, rather than self sacrifice or burden or over responsibility.

Here is a NEW guided meditation with me to 528HZ music providing a prep and then bridge to this 11:11 portal activation and assistance to let in the codes:

Take the space during these 11:11 portal days to go within. To be with the inhale of Gaia and the outflow of the Universe. The inhale of OM and the exhale of Ma (the Divine Mother) is my favorite mantra to feel connected to All That Is and my own heart too. Take the time and space to FEEL yourself, your emotional body flowing like a river, and the deeper emotions that rumble and flow that can be harder to get to.

Reach BEyond your mind and the content and details of everyday to connect with the Divine as the source of YOU and of ALL.

Let in what is offered JUST to you with so much love from your higher self, guides, the Divine……..and feel yourself AS Infinite Love!


Jelelle Awen

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Mining For Love Coin

“Those who have the gold, make the rules.” I heard this a lot growing up. It was just one of those hard realities that I was told I had to accept (according to my early influencers) in order to have the life I wanted. The question was, whose life was it that I was wanting?

Later, I realized I wanted the Philosopher’s Gold. That prized possession of sacred understanding that could lead me out of the doldrums of my inner struggle for outer need. If I could find that ‘answer’, then that would be worth more than all of the physical gold in the world.

Yet, the quest for that Holy Grail of Knowing was like a dog chasing its tail. Then, there was just Feeling. Going to the heart of the matter, not the mind over matter. It was in this place that I came upon a world full of hidden treasure that had currency. It had a stored wealth that led to more health. More power of Presence and of choice. I got to choose my reality by simply feeling my reality in all its shades and hues.

In all that is currently happening, the most valuable and sustainable wealth is not gold, bitcoin, information, or righteousness. It is the brave, real, and healing heart. It is the way we see and feel ourselves outside the deluge of dissonance. It is about connecting to the Lover’s Gold. The raw material of our humanity and our spirituality.

While the physical, material economy is being shaken up like an Etch-A-Sketch, our emotional economy is searching for a stable place to invest its reality into that which is not dependent on external forces, but rather inner guidance and Divine holding. It seeks a Sacred Trust Fund to deposit all its fears, its doubts, its rage, and its power.

This is what many of us are being guided to focus on. Mining for Lovecoin. That self-generated and soul-seeded gift embedded at the core of our birthright. We are born with the power to create, to destroy, and to Be this very brave and powerful kind of Love. What we see and feel in front of us is what leads us to that very gateway of vulnerable transformation, conscious responsibility, and a transparent exchange of our gifts with the world.


Gabriel Amara is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for both men and women.  Visit https://www.soulfullheart.org for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

The Reconciliation Of All Darkness

By  Raphael Awen

The third dimension of consciousness, like any dimension in consciousness, is created and maintained by the co-creative power of the participants in that consciousness.

Each phase of consciousness has a useful lifespan of you will, for those participants. When it’s time for a phase of consciousness to conclude its useful service to those participants, the consciousness itself will create its own demise, in a death and rebirth cycle allowing the next phase that wants to come, to come.

What by all accounts looks like World War 3 upon us now, marked by the darkest agendas and manipulations we have ever witnessed in our lifetimes, mandating the alterations of our very DNA for a supposed threat to our wellbeing is actually something being mandated by consciousness itself. Yes, darkness is being deployed like never before, but by whom and to what end is the larger question?

3D has been in deep suffering long before the darkness we are seeing unfold. And it’s seemingly making its way so largely unhindered, where even the mass demonstrations in the streets only make for more massaged rollouts of darkness.

Could it be that the awakening we are all a part of isn’t meant to resurrect 3D, to ’restore our rights’ as 3D has called for the death doulas to assist it as it puts its affairs in order in hospice?

We are invited into a consciousness phase now of learning that our rights can never be granted, protected or taken away by any outside authority, but only can live in us as we no longer project our own internal shadows and darkness onto those outside authorities, giving up the very power that we are at core of our being.

Trouble is though that to face our shadow involves meeting, feeling and healing the parts of us that feel no power whatsoever, who feel worthless and purposeless due the traumas of this life and other lifetimes of experience. Most are not ready just now to go there yet. Hence the souls call for the demise of 3D in order to upgrade our learning environment to one more conducive to what we ache to learn and feel.

Every ounce of the darkest darkness, whether in you, or me, or the Illuminati or whatever other secret society along with their off planet handlers will eventually be restored to a full return and reconciliation to love. Positionally, no one or no thing is currently separated from love, while consciousness explores the simulated experience of separation from love, in order to serve our consciousness evolution.

So then, if that’s true, then fighting the demise of something that is sacredly in hospice and dying is a distraction from facing the bigger conspiracies within, where we are equally afraid of our own power and our own powerlessness, held in egoic parts of ourselves, awaiting our ambassadorship to them, allowing them and our very souls to reconcile what has been irreconcilable for as long as it has.

You are greater than the 3rd World War and the bioweapon agendas. You are greater than the fear porn. You are greater than the dystopian hells that many are warning, short of our protesting, is what is next for us to suffer and flounder in.

Choosing to go inward, to reconcile there more and more, to radiate the results of that outwardly in your choices of what to be a part of, and what not to be a part of – is your personal heaven unfolding.

Who really wants a perfect world without while our fears, anxieties and unworth rage unabated within?

This is a portal like none you’ve seen before to everything you’ve longed for at the deepest levels, that the very divine is longing to manifest through you.

As we participate in that consciousness, we create the grids and transponders necessary for that, to our own benefit and the benefit of others. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are passive or irrelevant when you are demonstrating the courage to face what they are not yet ready to; when you are a part of creating the very real new world on the other side of this one whose time to complete has come. Likewise don’t look down upon them for their present alignment with the darkness, for in so doing, we cut off and bury deeper the parts of ourselves that await our love.

Much Love,

Raphael Awen

(The Pic above is from inside of our tent where we’ve been camping for the past months in Geres Park in Portugal)

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit soulfullheart.org for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

The Joys Of Not Knowing

By  Raphael Awen

Have you ever noticed that those who claim to not know how to pray offer the best prayers?

So often, it’s our experience and familiarity with something that hampers our arising and new direct interaction with that something.

How could we return to a state of not knowing in order to have a first time experience?

Even asking this question is using experience and knowing as an attempt to return to the innocence not knowing. Isn’t it maddening when the mind gets in the way, even when it’s wanting and willing to get out of the way, but just doesn’t know how?

Wait! I think we solved it, no?

You want to get out of your own way, but don’t know how. Now, you enter the womb of surrender.

You have a desire for something that you have no power or knowledge whatsoever on how you are going to achieve that something. All you have is what you don’t have.

I feel this place where my assets of past experience don’t seem to add up to anything of salvageable value towards entering a new unknown, except for the one asset of not knowing. If I don’t know, then I get to admit that, lead with that, toddle out my first steps into the new thing, laugh goodheartedly at myself along with the others I’m entertaining in the process.

I believe you also, not too far down inside, can feel the place where you don’t know what you are doing.

What if this could be admitted, owned, and cherished instead of a thing of shame and resistance and hiding? Your not knowing is the real gold you came here to share and explore.

You enter the God-zone where even God gets to not know through you.And it makes you really interesting, fun and sexy, if you ask me. Know it alls are boring and dry.


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