Following Your Heart’s Path

By Wayne

When most of us want to make a life change, we often hear use the phrase, ‘following our heart.’

But, what is that took us off of our heart path in the first place?

A lot of things may have conspired to take you and I off of our heart path. First and probably foremost, is the need (and pressure) to belong. Perhaps you only had so much courage to be different, back in the day when you did. The people you cautiously shared your budding dream with, your dreams of meaning and connection, your dreams of more, immediately and in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways, let you know and let you feel what you would lose in your connection with them if you were to persist in changing what was comfortable and important to them.

Maybe you revised your plans in hopes of changing them first, so as to not lose them and then be able to go on your way with them in support of you. They, in turn, did not really want to lose you, especially with your bright and positive energy adding to their lives. So, an unspoken compromise was reached, that looked like it was based in mutual respect, but really was based in an agreement that you get to hang around as long as you suppress this wild and crazy desire to live in your deepest sense of purpose and meaning.

For people who wish to remain asleep to their deeper calling, it’s really hard being around people that remind them of what they gave up, or never had the courage or support to explore.

Embracing ourselves in this deeper way always involves letting go of things or relationships we currently hold dear.

Sadly, when we step out and begin to repossess our dream, our connections are tested to reveal what they are made of. Often times, a friend isn’t ready to change the nature of the relationship in the ways that you are proposing.

It’s at this juncture that many reevaluate their push to embrace their dreams feeling how it negatively effects their relationships, or threatens their financial picture. Conversations with friends and family end up being about valuing how not to judge others and respecting each other for who they are and how love holds everything together and takes us to a better world.


Giving up on your dreams and deeper journey and sense of purpose and meaning is accepting and loving others?

Isn’t the truth something more like this? Your deepest respect for you and them is refusing to be any longer in a connection with them that’s losing its integrity.

I say go back to your dream, dust it off, embrace it, feel it. Like a good parent, make efforts to care for it, and begin taking steps towards it. Share it only with those who will honor it. Look for those who will support you living your way into it.

And, feel and grieve the loss of what you are letting go of.

And, move on.

We all desperately need the dream in your heart to come alive.


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