The Body Beautiful: A SoulFullHeart Way Of Relating To Your Body

By Jillian Vriend

It’s not about powering your way through to finally be healthy; it’s about feeling your way through to finally be healed.

​The human body is the vehicle for our Soulfullheart expression, therefore it is meant to be cared for and nourished. It is meant to experience and express sexuality with a committed, loving, monogamous bond offering the most healthy opportunity for this expression. Rather than transcending the body as not being “spiritual” or judging the body’s needs as “sinful”, Soulfullheart embraces and honors the body and it’s needs as being sacred and a reflection of the Divine in human form.

​”Diet” in greek means, “way of living.” Soulfullheart advocates for a balanced way of living related to food that is rich with vegetables, fruits, other superfoods, sustainably raised proteins (or vegetarian), vitamin supplements, and whole wheat grains. Processed foods, refined sugar, high quantities of salt, and “concentration camp” raised meats don’t provide the nutrients and energy that your SoulFullheart body needs and wants. Soulfullheart also recommends regular exercise, including cardio, hiking, running or fast walking, resistance training, etc. A healthy way of living is about feeling what your body really needs to thrive and maintain a healthy body weight, versus providing what a part of you craves and needs as a medication to numb out your feelings.

​If you struggle to care for your body and maintain a healthy weight, there is an emotional and/or spiritual wound at the root cause of your struggle. Rather than focusing on just “changing your exercise and eating habits,” the SoulFullHeart process invites you to feel parts of yourself and how they relate to food, your sexuality, your physical appearance, your desirability, etc. It’s not about powering your way through to finally be healthy; it’s about feeling your way through to finally be healed. Sometimes weight gains and fluctuations are a necessary part of the phase you may be in, especially if you are focusing strongly on your emotional healing process. You just may not have the “energy” to exercise or focus intently on what you are eating. SoulFullheart offers to be self-loving with yourself as you move through these phases, even as it offers the perspective that your body’s health mirrors your emotional health.

​Physical illness in the body has many layers of cause beyond what the medical profession acknowledges. While you may need to continue a medication longer term, Soulfullheart offers that as you heal your emotional and spiritual wounds, your need for the medication decreases and may disappear all together. Emotional wounding and spiritual wounds held in your energy body or chakras contribute greatly to your physical health. In Soulfullheart, we provide chakra clearing and balancing, in addition to removing toxic objects and codependent cords that may be stuck in your aura and energy bodies, as a catalytic part of your process. This would be done after you have felt and processed emotionally around your physical issues first and negotiated with your parts, so that the energy work has a chance of lasting because you can subconsciously accept it. Just doing energy healing doesn’t address the deeper emotional wounds causing the illness or physical issues.

​As an example, a SFH client who has suffered with asthma since she was a little girl was asked what she felt emotionally was going on that caused the asthma beyond the physical reasons. Her answer was that is how part of her reacted to stress, to not being heard and seen, to not being respected, and to being told what to do by others in a way that didn’t honor her own desires. I asked her if this is how she experienced herself being treated as a child and she said yes. She can now negotiate and feel this with the part of her “stuck” in this childhood wounded reaction and provide her a loving, SoulFullHeart parent presence which will see, hear, honor, and not tell this part of her what to do without taking her needs into consideration. This should greatly dissipate her asthma symptoms.

​I’ve also encouraged this client to someday journal directly with the voice of her asthma to find out what it was trying to tell her and feel with her. We’ve offered this assignment to another client who was having pain and mobility issues with her right arm, which is the masculine side of our bodies. This client wrote to her right arm telling it that she frustrated at not being able to work and wanted to feel what was going on with it. Her arm pain was then connected to a young inner child female part of her who wanted attention and felt that making her arm hurt was the only way to get it. Her arm pain is lessening and recovering as she’s now being with and feeling this young part.

​I spent over five years in the medical field, half of that time as a nurse in a radiation oncology department. I was fascinated by the biology and physiology of the human body (all those systems and cells automatically and without our conscious involvement working together), plus I was drawn to working with people in a nurturing capacity. As I talk about in my story, I eventually felt very frustrated with traditional medicine’s approach to treatment, which doesn’t acknowledge the emotional, spiritual, and energetic causes of illness and benefits of healing in these areas. Also, the emotional needs of the patients were not addressed, with each patient becoming their illness, as in “she’s a breast cancer, stage four”, rather than felt as a heart and soul being going through an intense journey. I feel how the experience in traditional medicine woke me up to my healing capacities, and yet I’m also grateful to have a deeper, less myopic, and more holistic view on body illnesses now that acknowledges the emotional and spiritual causes. A very touching book that I’ve read that explores the emotional and spiritual aspects of cancer is Grace and Grit by Treya Wilber, Ken Wilber’s late wife.

​My commitment to  emotional healing over the last ten years has directly manifested in my physical health with greatly decreased skin breakouts, steadier weight, higher energy and fitness level, increased orgasmic capacity, and overall more youthful appearance. Also, I haven’t had a cold or illness in over two years. Wayne talks about his recent journey with emotional conscious weight loss (close to 30 pounds in less than three months!) in this blog entry. Soulfullheart offers that linking our body realities of weight, health, and stamina levels to our emotional and spiritual health allows us more possibilities of balancing our way of living related to our bodies and of truly healing and transforming our physical health. Our bodies are truly temples; their form holding our sacred humanity. Worship at yours and you’ll experience the gifts.

​Visit for more articles and information about the SoulFullHeart healing process.


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