Message From Dark Mother-Kali: Feel What Is At Stake And You Will Act With Necessary Urgency


By Jillian Vriend

Over the next several days, I am going to be sharing messages I received from the four faces of the Divine Mother that I experience connection with: Kuan YinDark Mother-KaliMagdalene, and Mother Mary. My main way of communicating with them has been through visualization visits, which I feel we are all able to experience and engage with if our hearts are in need, we vulnerably ask for it, and our motives come from that vulnerability. In SoulFullHeart, the connection you develop with your Daemon or soul guardian allows for the frequencies of communication to come through clearer and with less resistance. Through the SoulFullHeart way of life, you heal emotional and spiritual wounds through getting to know aspects of yourself and your Daemon which clear congestions that may block you from hearing and experiencing the Divine for yourself. We offer in SoulFullHeart that we are all sacred human children of the Divine meant to experience, especially the Divine Mother, in a direct, personal, and intimate way that requires no middleman, guru, or priest.

The Dark Madonna represents the hard rains and temperamental weather patterns of Spring and the rebirth of new blooms after the stillness of winter. She wears a dark or black cloak and I’ve seen Her interchangeably as the Dark Madonna and as the Hindu Goddess Kali. The fierce Kali face seems to come in moments of deep change, transformation, and burning off and letting go of what is false. I associate the Dark Mother as representing more of the creative expression and a pressing muse of inspiration. Both of the forms of Her represent feeling what is at stake, the capacity to act when it is necessary, and the cycle of death and rebirth.

I’ve included a video at the end of a song, “Lux Aeterna” by Clint Mansell, which I feel perfectly captures the urgency, intensity, necessary darkness, and creative momentum of the Dark Mother. Here is a recent message I received from the Dark Mother- Kali about 2013 and the state of the world:

My message is the same as it has been for some time. It is many times in these pages, yet I will offer it again for you.

Imagine drumming; a relentless drumming that pulses through you, through your veins and flows throughout your entire body.

Imagine the sky filling with thick, black smoke; smoke that is slowly choking out the sun; smoke that is killing off many of the earth’s animals.

Imagine armies of people with weapons, slaughtering and mutilating each other; blood coursing out of newly inflicted wounds; people walking over the dying and dead without pause.

Imagine drying out seas, rivers, lakes, and streams and being thirsty; being more thirsty then you can even possibly actual imagine because you have never been this thirsty before; your throat as dry as sandpaper, scratchy and itchy.

Imagine unbearable heat and slowly warming seas and lands; icebergs melting at an alarming rate and uncontrollable flooding.

Imagine women and girls with their yonis cut up and mutilated; with men justifying this slaughter by reciting an archaic text in the name of God.

Imagine young children, families, people going without any food or water and the greedy companies that own these resources refusing to share them, wanting to make a profit despite suffering and death.

Imagine the ghosts of animals who have become extinct; killed off by humans without conscience or compassion; killed for superficial or superstitious or false reasons.

Imagine the toxic pollution in your water, in your food, in your bodies, making you sick, slowly killing you and all the creatures that swim and crawl and live in it.

Imagine relationships and marriages without sex, without companionship, without good will, without love.

Can you imagine all of this? Why would you want to? Who would want to imagine these sorts of things? As terrible as it is to imagine all of this, it’s even worse that this is the world that you live in now. This is the reality of life on the planet earth in 2013. There is some hope, always, yet there is much death and even need for much of it to die and new possibilities to be born.

Now, imagine a world where humans and animals live together in conscious and compassionate relationship with each other.

Imagine a world where children and all people have water, food, shelter, and physical safety as part of their birth right as sacred human children of the Divine.

Imagine a world where emotional and spiritual consciousness is more important than mental, physical, and material attainment.

Imagine a world where nature and the environment are in balance with human needs and all humans connected to the consequences of being out of balance with nature.

Imagine healthy, loving, and non-toxic relationships between family members, friends, and romantic mates where emotional health is more important than being safe, secure, and conforming.

Can you feel what is at stake if you continue to be in a world that is hard to imagine, but is unfortunately real and can be truly terrible? Can you feel what is at stake if you do not be the change that you want to see take place in this world in order for it to transform to the one of your dreams?

Imagine what is at stake. Now, imagine doing and being nothing different.

The choice is yours, as it always has been. My desire is that you will make the right ones, even if the personal cost to you is high. I promise you that anything you give up and lose in the process was not a reflection of your authentic self.

There are troubled times and dark events coming, as you’ve already experienced many times before. This is a time of the darkness before the dawn. Hold this in your heart even as you surrender into the darkness when I come for you. Trust that while the pain and loss may feel unbearable, it is temporarily necessary to be born. Just like the pains of labor, there is much to gain from the pain. You gain a new you! A sacredly human you!

So, don’t run if you feel me coming in the form of change, transformation, or transition. See me as a gift out of your deadness and flatness and into real live, pulsing with aliveness, uncertainty, challenge, desire, and love. See, always, if you can feel the love in my offering of change.

Visit for more articles and information about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Experiencing Life. Read here for more writing about Dark Mother-Kali, including more of Her message about our current troubled times, and visualization visits with Her. To read more about conscious connection with the Divine Mother, In The Arms Of Mother, a book by Jillian Vriend, is available in e-book or print edition on

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