Another Revolution Around the Sun


New Year’s Eve, 2015. Tonight many people around the world are celebrating an end and a beginning. Our planet survived another trip around the sun and now we get to enjoy the ride one more time. But, I don’t think most people, myself included, have actually thought of it that way. It’s mostly been about a number. Pretty amazing what changing a digit can do to create this euphoria. I can feel a part of me wanting to go on a rant about the craziness of it all, but I would rather feel what lies underneath is for us as a human family.

In our relatively recent past, we came together in different groups to participate in the cycle of our sustenance. We offered prayer during times of sowing, and celebrated and gave thanks in times of harvest. It was a very human connection based on a very simple need….food. To me, it feels like a very significant relationship to renewal. Another relationship could be when a beloved elder is on their deathbed, while a mother is giving birth to a new member of the tribe. There is reflection and celebration of life and death. The most significant renewal.

As we have grown in numbers on this planet, we have had to find new ways to feed ourselves, which feels like the advent of the Industrial Age. Technology helped to grow more with less labor. Those who weren’t growing food were building machines that would help to do more with less labor. We began to make things that were farther and farther from our real needs. With this increase in population, we have also lost the close-knit bond of community we had when we were more tribal in nature. Both of these occurrences feel to have separated us from our human connection.

Enter our collective calendar. The one used to keep us all on the same page, so to speak. It is a solar calendar. One full revolution around the Sun. So, are all the fireworks and Jaeger shots about that cosmic dance? Hell, it wasn’t really that long ago that we thought we were the center of the universe. The biggest significance to me, near as I can tell, is the number got bigger and we had to buy yet another calendar.

So what is really happening tonight, New Year’s Eve? My heart tells me that we miss each other. We miss feeling connected to each other. The moment the clock strikes midnight we are all One. We all entered a new year together. People that don’t know each other will give each other hugs and a warm smile. For a brief moment in time, we are family again.

My heart also tells me we are off-gassing the pain of our past, both individually and collectively, and pray somehow ‘this year will be different.’ That maybe this will be the year we get to find our way home to the place we once lived, in love and harmony. Or maybe, we somehow know this is all going to come to a head soon, and we are just enjoying one last ride around the golden, shiny orb.

I feel both are true. I feel there are those of us who sense the coming shift and awakening in the unfolding human drama and are responding in our own way. We are offering sanctuaries both internally and externally. These efforts are making changes in our future happen now, in the present. I also feel we are not all going to make it, and that brings a sobriety to the celebration that is occurring tonight.

We have reached the end of a way of living. An end of a way of relating to each other and the Earth. An end of a chapter in our grand human story. But, at the same time, it is a beginning. A beginning we can choose to create with the help of those who are already here to help us. The guides and beings that exist in ‘other places’ that we have chosen to ignore. The plants and animals that we have chosen to dominate. And the planet we have chosen to desecrate.

Incredibly, they want to be with us again in the way it used to be. The love that they possess is more than we can let in, more than we collectively feel we deserve. But, to those who heal their own heart and seek to change the way they relate to themselves, humanity, and the Divine, and the planet, they will find a new reality awaiting them…along with another revolution around the sun.

Sequoia Heartman is a SoulFullHeart Apprentice Teacher at the SoulFullHeart School of Awakening And Sustainable Sanctuary in rural Mexico. Please visit for more information.

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