Risking Everything For Love


¨You can risk everything for the sake of love, or risk nothing for the sake of everything else.¨ – words offered by the Divine Mother

In the process of growth and awakening there are moments when you reach precipices of difficult choices. Your heart feels undernourished. Your soul is unfulfilled.

You know deep down something needs to change. You need to change. You are outgrowing your current frequency of residence. But there is fear. Of course there is. A part of you has gotten used to that frequency. It knows how it functions. It knows the rules of the game and how to stay safe. It has spent a long time keeping you safe. It did so in the name of love, at least the only version of love it has ever known.

Yet something greater is pressing on you. Another frequency of love that is calling you. Drawing you. It is not forcing anything upon you. You are just remembering how big you really are…and what you really are. But there is fear.

You may ask yourself, ¨Who is this ¨me¨ that I am being called to be and desiring to be at the same time? How will those I relate to, that a part of me holds dear, resonate with this new version of me? What if they don´t see me and want to come with me?¨

This is the choice. Do you risk life as you know it for an unknowable mystery fueled by passion, exploration, and love? There is no guarantee of how it will all unfold. No guarantee you will not get hurt or experience pain. But if you risk for real Love, the love of self, intimacy (not co-dependency) with others, and your God self, you will be rewarded with a life of meaning and joy beyond what you experience right now. Beyond what a part of you ever thought possible in the old frequency.

Or you can risk nothing for the sake everything else. The deadness. The suffering. The fear of never being truly loved when all you are currently getting are crumbs. You may think you know what love is but I am telling we haven´t the faintest clue.

It is bigger than what our brains can interpret and bigger than what our hearts can let in. That is why we are ever hungry for more because we are more. Always more. Infinitely.

Love wants to know itself through you. But it needs you to risk, let go, and surrender to what you feel is true in your heart and soul. There is a choice and yet none at all.  One courageous step at a time.

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Please visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information.

One thought on “Risking Everything For Love

  1. it takes a soul in bondage to truly understand the beautiful words in this script. it lifts one up to heaven. indeed grateful that the writer is one used as a prophet to channel the word .thank you.

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