The Universe of You

Inspired by all my SoulFullHeart beloveds Jelelle Awen, Raphael Awen, and Leena Colibri and their amazing expressions of a world not defined but felt through the heart of Infinite Love.

The doors are open
They have never been closed
You have chosen to see a wall instead
You have had too
It has been a self-loving act of protection
You haven’t been ready until now.
Until the wall started to feel confining
No longer self-loving.
You know there is something beyond
There is You beyond.
You begin to attack the wall, to tear it down
But with each blow it remains steadfast
You try and scale it, and each time it gets higher and higher.
You try and dig underneath it
Only to find its roots buried deep.
Through all the struggle, pain, frustration, and doubt
You realize that you can only surrender
To what the wall is trying to tell you
Trying to get you to feel.

For ultimately you are the wall.
You are fighting yourself
When you permit yourself to feel yourself
To love the parts of you that are afraid of what is on the other side Of what might or might not happen
You begin to feel the wall has doors all along.
They were right there
Waiting for you to be able to see them
Through your vulnerable heart eyes
Through the tears of letting go
Of what you thought you were and what kept you safe
But not alive.
These doors take shape and you gather your courage,
Your fear,
And your doubts and you take them with you.
They are your guides and no longer You.

The world around you shifts and you feel it starts to talk to you Respond to you
And then you realize
Like with the wall
you are not separate from Life but Life itself.
You are walking in the Universe of You.

Sequoia Heartman is a facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Please visit for more information.

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