SoulFullHeart Museletter: The Desire To Mate And Create As Sacred Humans

This week the SoulFullHeart Museletter features a beautiful expression by Kalayna Colibri about feeling our creative nature as human beings and going IN to bring into union all the parts of us that want to be claimed.  This inner mating invariably leads to and outer desire for sacred romance that is all part of a sacred collaboration of greater creativity and sharing of love.   A heartful invitation for others to seek their own healing and sacred unions.

And also included is information about our following group calls as well as the recording from the last women’s group call that focused on emotional body healing and meeting the inner protector.  There is a meditation with Mother Mary led by Jelelle Awen. Our weekly collection of our writings are on full display as well as audio recordings from Kalayna on The Insatiable Appetite for More Love, and and Jelelle on Letting Go Of Twin Flame “Idea” To Focus On Inner Union.

We are all so honored to be able to offer our deepest gifts to the universe through the vehicle of this museletter.  If you find that it is bringing you some guidance and an overall feeling of goodness to your life, we would love to feel that through a love donation via our website at  It is all done in the service of love, but feeling that love in monetary appreciation is a sweet gift to this work.

Thank to those who subscribe and are taking it in weekly.  We look forward to another epic week in Love’s unending adventure.  Click here for access to the weekly museletter.




Published by

Gabriel Heartman

I am a facilitator with the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. I am called to serve love by sharing my emotional process and lessons I have learned, to help others see and feel a different way of relating to the reality that we currently subscribe to. I hope you feel my heart and soul in all I express. Thank you for joining me on my journey and desire for you to come with me.

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