SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Growing Into More Is What We Signed Up For!

“Just like a seed that is sitting in the soil, we have this untapped yet preset potential. The seed can only see itself a seed until the right conditions come in to alter its reality. The water of real love comes pouring in and around. It begins to shift inside and make changes. It does not resist its ultimate destiny but it must push through some dark and difficult terrain. It has become something new. Its outer shell has popped and it is more genuine nature comes through.”

This week features Gabriel Heartman’s writing about how we have all chosen this very life we are living as a means to learn and grow into MORE than we have allowed ourselves to be convinced we could be.  The use of the seed to plant analogy is a simple yet effective one to describe our journey into 3D for this very reason.

This museletter continues the lovepacked writings of the SoulFullHeart crew that has been on an UPward trajectory.  More information on our upcoming group calls and the much awaited retreat in November.  There is also the recording from last week’s group call that was lead by Raphael Awen about the 3D, 4D, and 5D selves.  A lot of great teaching and love vibrations!

If you have been receiving much from our writings and feel moved to share the love, you can send love donations through our donations page on our website here or even donate a monthly contribution through our Patreon page as well.

Thank you so much for all your interest and support of our offerings.  They are a way to keep the overflow from our hearts to yours in perpetual motion.  Enjoy!

You can read this week’s museletter HERE

SFH Museletter, July 24 2017


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