SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Narrowing Energetic Corridor Offers Movement Into The New


“There could be a feeling of crawling right now as you travel down the corridor of this old, feeling your way through as previously suppressed pains and wounds from your emotional body and Metasoul greet you and come up. Crawling is ok though, as is pausing and just sitting still and BEing with the discomfort. Crying the tears that need to come up. BEing with the fears too. All this is temporary….a pressure cooker, compression point, narrowing corridor reality that invites you to keep choosing love in every moment in order to keep moving through it.” – Jelelle Awen

This is a Mega month of increasingly intense energies coming in that feel like the path we are on is narrowing, a feeling of a squeeze in our emotional bodies.  The feature article by Jelelle Awen feels into the context of what is happening “out there” as it applies to “in here”.  What are the energies trying to message to us, help us feel to transform into a new reality that is not about suppressing anything but fully feeling what is true for you in the moment and how that can lead us to very catalytic changes.

We have many other offerings included such as our weekly compilation of our teachings, experiences, and visions.  We have many recordings for you to take into your “heart ears” and a new energy update video by Jelelle.  Information on our upcoming group calls and retreats are included.

Your readership is so honored and deeply felt as an expression of our passion purpose and divine guidance.  We send this to you on a wave of gratitude and joy.  If you find a value resonance inside, and you have been touched by our offerings and insights, we always appreciate any love donation you feel to offer.  You can go to the website or to our Patreon page for different ways to donate.

Our hearts are connected with you all during these incredibly exciting yet sometimes difficult times.  Much love from our hearts to yours.
You can access the Museletter here.



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