SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Re-Anchoring Out Of The 3D Matrix And Into Your Awakening, Divine Self



“The matrix has created a sense of unity consciousness, yet it has the lower vibrational agenda of modulation, conforming, control, following the ‘rules’, and has run on fear-based frequencies of avoiding rejection, unfelt abandonment and unworthiness woundings, power over others, and codependence. As souls, we all agreed to the collaborative creation of this matrix as it helped with the 3D experiment that we all felt was an important one on a soul level and to purge out the shadow in our collective unconsciousness. And so, it has been as we have learned MUCH during it and are continuing to learn so much as it is dissolving.” – Jelelle Awen

This week our feature article by Jelelle addresses our transition from being anchored into 3D consciousness by the parts of us that have had so much investment there.  We have created this environment to learn and grow.  This can be a very difficult process to move through as it is a death and rebirth experience.  Going into the subconscious and communicating with these 3D energies helps to move the anchors to new levels of frequency.

Included this week are more of our groups inspirational writings and teachings.  They focus on personal process and applying them to the overall context of ascension and awakening.  Don’t miss the recording from last week’s group call on Abundance Unity and the very powerful meditation to meet your Sirian self.  Rrrrrrr!!! Profoundly loving energies are making their way to us from our star being brethren.

Information on upcoming group calls and retreats as well as more videos of our writings are all part of the weekly gift from you to us.  Thank you again for taking in all that we offer and wish to serve.  If you have found a gold nugget of love in this offering we would love to receive that in kind through a love donation on our website or on our Patreon page.   Thank you so very much….

Have a blessed and real week and we look forward to sharing again next week.  Love is always knocking on our door in many different ways.  Take time to feel and listen.





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