Grace of Aging

Wieslaw Smetek Tutt'Art@
Wieslaw Smetek Tutt’Art@

By Raphael Awen

Getting ‘old’ is what people, young and not so young do as they resist change and the natural flow of life.

Increasing in age, with a grace of being, a grace of learning, a grace of surrender is far from getting ‘old’ as all things are actually made new in every moment.

Even aging is felt in the wonder of newness, in this journey in 3D reality where the physical body yet reacts in these ways.

What newness is life and love inviting you into, right now, right from where you are? What would saying yes to that invitation look like? What negotiations would need to occur with parts of you for you to actually walk into these chosen changes?

What would getting young again look and feel like for parts of you?


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