You Are Your Own Purpose

By Raphael Awen


You are your own purpose. You were not created to go seeking a purpose. You were created to discover the inherent purpose already inside of your being.

The vehicles of your emotional body; your physical body; your spiritual body; your mental body; and your social body are ALL part and parcel of this inherent purpose.

As such, stuff like how you feel about yourself, what gender you are, what shape your physical body is in right now, what’s going on socially in your life are all things that are perfectly aligned to aid you in uncovering the purpose that you are, right NOW.

You don’t need to ‘overcome’ ANYTHING in order to become more of something, but instead realize that simply the desire to become something more and feeling where that desire comes from IS what leads you to more and more of this ongoing uncovering of the true inherent purpose of your being.

This desire for MORE is simply the voice of your essence. You already ARE this more. Manifesting this more in your experience happens as you simply FEEL this true essence of your being wanting to come out more and more to play in your life.

Feeling is the magic portal into the more that you are.

Who’d have ever guessed it could be this easy? What ever prompted us to make it so difficult?

I suspect it was simply our fear of becoming all that we are that made us create the barriers to our essence that we did.


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You Are Your Own Paradise

By Raphael Awen


The paradise you seek always was nothing other than your own heart. All the heavens you ever imagined were the feeling of feeling how it would feel to be in love with your own heart, and every aspect of yourself.

That you may feel things about yourself that you want to change does not negate this truth about yourself. You are your own paradise. All that is waiting is for you to claim yourself, your heart, as your only real and deep home. One that you cannot lose and one that cannot ever be taken from you.

Now, with your own heart claimed, you can feel what feels like it isn’t in tune with this love-heart-home reality and feel that. Feel where and why and how it came to be impervious to love. Feel it with wonder and awe and reverence, for it too is a part of your paradise, given to you to unlock new dimensions of your infinite paradise.


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You Are Your Own Savior

By Raphael Awen


You are your own saviour. Any perception that you have of needing to be saved from anything, anyone, or any power is only in your life as a placeholder awaiting this dawning realization that you are your own saviour.

Up until the time that you come to this awareness, you see something external to you as your saviour, be it a career, a person, God, or money, or any other of a host of externalized personal saviours. You needed this externalized projection of your own power projected out onto an other while you were coming to terms with the incredible power of your own heart.

This is very understandable. To be in possession of this much power, to create anything that we can dream of, is so far reaching, that parts of us and their conditioning must reject the idea of it as absurd or delusional. What is very interesting though is that this part of us is using this very same creative reality to create its present lesser reality. Even the perception of needing a saviour, of needing to be saved from something by an external source is ALL something powerfully and impressively created by the individual. We can begin recreating our lives whenever we feel so drawn, even as we take full responsibility for our present creations.

What would you like to change about your life? Are you willing to begin by making the simple admission that you are your own saviour?

This truth begins with accepting that you have everything you need inside of yourself. You don’t actually need anyone or anything to be happy, fulfilled or in your deepest bounty.

Your deepest bounty overflowing from you may well include a mentor, a mate, friends, community, but all of these can be nothing more than healthy projections of the fullness you already are….fullness out dancing in life and love.


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The Doorway To Our Bigness


By Raphael Awen

The path to our greatest greatness is through our smallest smallness. Our smallness isn’t the limitation on us inhabiting our bigness, but rather the doorway into our bigness.

In the same way, it is not our traumas and our wounding that limits us, but rather our traumas and our wounding are something that we as a soul being in our infinite bigness chose to take on as a path to our ever expanding largesse of being.

In seeing this, we see our wounds as time capsuled seeds of our essence that when planted and watered in the NOW arising open-hearted soil of self love and curiosity, these wounds and traumas spring up into a deeper essence than we could ever have before imagined.

All that is required is simply a willingness to feel what has been avoided and suppressed and follow our inner and outer guidance from there. All that we need will be provided.

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Men’s Group Call – This Saturday

2Next Men's Call

By Raphael Awen

Because we live our lives inside of such deep conditioning from this life and other lifetimes, AND because we chose to enter the veil of amnesia, it feels to our local soul guardian aspects of ourselves that we almost tied both hands behind our backs at times in our goal to awaken and be re-membered to what we actually ARE and what we intended to inhabit in our current earth journey.

For many of us, we are left living lives that are strange pretzelated work-arounds for so many things that have not been felt that we simply couldn’t before access in our feeling, re-MEMBER-ing bodies.

Though this feels like a grim assessment, what if it couldn’t be more perfect? What if that is the way the higher intelligence that you ARE set it up as the way IN? What if you knew that it would be through feeling frustrated, behind and anxious to awaken that the fuel for the awakening path could come to you?

If any of this is true, and it feels like a bunch of it is true to me, then a process of remembering IS A PROCESS and THE PROCESS,… and FEELING it all one piece at a time IS the awakening… leading to new awarenesses, new choices, and new community.

And none of THAT can be done in a box, it’s done in life and in relationship!


Here’s the details on the upcoming Men’s Group Call

Join Gabriel Heartman and myself on June 10 for the 2 hour SoulFullHeart Group Call for Men. The event details are here:

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Solving The Mystery Of The YOU-niverse


By Raphael Awen

When you look at the mystery of the universe, it takes you right up to the mystery of YOU, as the Universe IS the YOU-niverse… and just when you think you may be making some headway into describing the mystery or even solving the mystery, as you are beholding its beauty and magic, the universe and you explode into a deeper mystery still…. leaving you in awe and reverence.

It seems though that we are truly afraid of this awe and reverence even as we may consciously also feel we crave these expanded moments. Our 3D selves continuously and effectively normalize all incoming magic and wonder in our lives to make it into a ‘ho-hum, nothing to see here’ kind of experience. Even our 3D experience of life is itself pure magic and wonder!

Our 3D selves fear us being carried away by something it can’t relate to or feel. Finding and feeling the parts of yourself that only know a 3D relationship to life, where the you who is showing up to feel them is your arising healthy Authentic Self, IS the traction ground where you are now ‘solving’ the mystery of the YOU-niverse. Granted, the mystery will only deepen as you do, but the payoff is that you get to the place where the NEW REALITY as it lives in you, and as you know it inside of you, becomes your MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCE.

What reality are you presently creating? Are you willing to look at it deeply and take responsibility for it? Are you willing to explore into the farthest reaches of your own inner kingdom? It’s what you came here to do and be!

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A Part Of Me

part of me

By Raphael Awen

A bigger than usual personal piece for me the past few days, even to the point of choosing to not attend yesterday’s scheduled group call of ours, opened out. I felt to share a window of it, even as i’m still feeling a bit wobbly on some new-found legs, around it all.

A few days ago, I felt an energy in me frustrated with the pace of things ‘Why can’t spiritual growth be more instant? Why does it seem so foggy to truly remember who and what we really are? And when we do remember, why does it take so much process?’ I was also curious to have more of a visceral sense of my star-being self, (of who I am outside of this incarnation) as Jelelle and Kalayna have had open out for themselves recently. I felt a different tone to all of these energies and decided to journal with the voice of it that evening. A name came immediately as I did: ‘Rhodes’ which I later learned means ‘opening in the forest’ or ‘rose arden’. Rhodes told me that he was entrusted with keeping the veil of forgetfulness in place to make the whole earth-life thing doable. As I corresponded with him, negotiating with him to allow for a relaxation of this role of his in my life, he softened considerably and told me that I would feel an immediate shift and that I needed to be ready for it, as it can be quite destabilizing he told me. I was surprised by the sense of how much business we conducted in a short single journal session, but felt tired and that I needed to rest to hold what was coming.

That night, I had a dream where some men were sheeting a ceiling on a construction renovation project and it was clumsy as the house was unlevel and off square. A much more experienced guy walked in and offered that backing up and undoing the sheeting, correcting the settling first and starting over would be quite easy and much more effective in the long run. I took from that the guidance to be willing to let go of some ‘progress’ as well as some obvious struggle. Many times deconstruction is necessary in order to construct the life we really want. The valid thing we built before doesn’t fit where we want and need to go now.

The next morning, I had scheduled to take our dog Koda into the groomers for a much needed haircut and relief for the hot season. Between the language barrier and my desire to go through with this, and Koda’s protectiveness, I was left with having to leave him for the day, him maybe having to get a needle to sedate him as he can be bitey to strangers and especially groomers that don’t feel him. The clerk offered me a kennel to put him in and when I did, he resisted and I reassured him after feeling if this is what I should really do or not, and had to force him into the kennel. I then left, with Koda barking like crazy and me feeling quite uneasy about what was supposed to be a couple hour deal now stretching out into an all day affair with Koda having to be taken off site to some special groomers who can handle dogs who may bite. I had planned to hang out up town, but felt so uncomfortable for Koda that I went directly home thinking that Jelelle was going to say ‘You did what? OMG, we have to go and pick him up!’ Turns out Jelelle didn’t feel any of that and felt a trust about it all that I (and part of me) then rested into.

This then brought up the question about ‘why the big reaction in me?’. As I felt it, I was immediately brought back to feeling a visceral sense of moments in my life when I felt forced into a new context that I didn’t feel ready for, and into the pain of incarnation itself. I also recalled my early boyhood years with a dear friend that we used to play for hours alone together out in the woods in northern British Columbia. I recently learned that this area of Canada is known for considerable UFO activity, and I have been feeling into if my friend and I, and my fond memories are actually about a deeper connection with star-beings that were then obviously wiped from our memories. It only took a few moments of letting in all these feelings and i was immediately in tears. Jelelle of course supported me to go into the feelings. I took to my bed to weep out some of the most guttural tears I have ever had. The feelings ranged from anger at the necessary amnesia needed for our human earth-life journey, to realizing that I chose this, to feeling an overwhelming sense of love for the me who was forced into the many ‘kennels’ of human life. Later that evening, I was feeling into what this ‘Rhodes’ part of me was protecting so faithfully and I could feel the visceral sense of my star-being self. I happened to be corresponding with a man named ‘Andy’ that evening on facebook and I recalled how much I’ve always loved that name as ‘Andrew’ means ‘man,’ and it just felt right to call this emerging young part of me ‘Andy’ and see him as my star-being self.

So who’d have guessed that a trip to the dog groomer could bring up so much?! I of course recalled the familiarity of life circumstance coinciding with process and knew that none of this was random. Koda did make it home that evening, and although evidently he had been through alot, he was glad to be home, (although almost completely shaved, almost to the point of being unrecognizable, thanks again to the language barrier).

The next morning, (yesterday), was our scheduled group call and though I felt raw, I felt I could show up for the call as I’ve done lots of life while in process and feeling raw and have been shown how magical it can be to hold an emerging part of myself and take it into life with me as I do. As I lay in bed though and felt Andy, I felt how he didn’t want to show up for anyone, like doing the call would be stuffing him into the kennel. I was able to feel in all of my focus on service this life, particularly around showing up for public speaking, there has been a layer of self-consciousness that another part of me (Rhodes) has had to manage and suppress to keep things intact. This has left a layer of performing and unnaturalness with my service to others (though Jelelle assures me, it’s quite small) that when feeling Andy’s discomfort around people, feels quite big. Jelelle and Gabriel and Kalayna were more than equipped to do the call without me and I suspected there would be some corresponding reason for me not to be there as I chose to take Andy out on a wonder walk through town. (star-beings love to do that with you holding them)

Before heading out with Andy, I had to tend to Koda who had bouts of diarrhea and spitting up all night, feeling more of the trauma that he (and Andy) had both been put through, each on their respective timelines. As I was waiting for Koda to do his business, I looked up at the hillside and for the first time ever in our neighbourhood, I looked up at a mexican pheasant in flight heading our way as it flew into a nearby branch, lodged there a while and then flew again right across our field of vision putting on a little show for us with all of it’s beautiful colors. I knew it was a message and felt the love in it, but decided to google ‘pheasant animal totem’ to see what else might be there. I read about their magical power of attractiveness and pursuing what they want AND that they also know when to pull away and take respite for themselves. Okay, then, another message to pull away and be with myself (myselves).

I’m feeling, as i mentioned on some wobbly, but new legs in the world, feeling a very real aspect of myself, birthed out of the ‘amneasic sac’ of forgetfulness into being re-membered back into my conscious awareness. There’s a lot more to integrate it feels like, but I wanted to share this update as both Andy and Rhodes seem okay with me doing so as they both feel a new me here to hold them.

Turns out the group call went AMAZING without me, or maybe more like ‘with me being right where I was meant to be’.

Okay, back to digesting, …more pieces to put together…Thank you for feeling this with me, and may it give you a window into the magic of feeling your own parts.

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Healthy Spaceholding



By Raphael Awen

I’m meeting with a new person later this morning for the first time. (a ‘facilitant’, as we call them in SoulFullHeart, as ‘client’ is too business sounding and ‘patient’ is way too broken sounding) I’m feeling how I know little about this man who’s asked and paid for a session, and there’s a mixture of feelings going for me, as I’m sure there must be for him.

It feels like our Higher Selves are having a pre-meeting sorting through where we can and will go together later today. Then there’s our conscious selves who will be entering the dedicated space later who are also sorting through some things. As I tune in my guides, and feel myself, and open my heart, I feel them reassuring me that it’s a lot like wooing a woman, to find your mutual ‘heart, soul and body talk’ dance together, something you can’t pre-plan, but only flow with and respond to with desire leading. Ahh, that always helps to feel.

Serving someone in this way is really an authorization by the person to serve them. I claim an ability and gifts and an open heart, but that only gets the opportunity to happen with the person I’m serving to the degree and on the terms and pace that they authorize me to be that for them. One of the key things on my mind going into a session is looking for some kind of indication to the question, ‘So, how can I help you?’ While it may sound a little business like, it’s actually a key grounding piece to finding our way together in a spaceholding relationship. Sometimes people are drawn to our energy, even to the point of paying for a session, but don’t have a deeper conscious need that is leading for them. This then narrows the ground of where we can go together, or puts an unfair pressure on the spaceholder to be something more for the person than is natural or even healthy for the spaceholding relationship. The spaceholder can only serve, healthily at least, with the facilitants’ need and desire leading.

When there is a presenting need that is leading, it creates a natural direction and grist for a way into deeper process together.

In my own experience of having a spaceholder for my own emotional body awakening process over 3 years, meeting twice a month, I was served by 4 different facilitators who were part of a community and paradigm that were part and parcel of the awakening, 2 of which were women, one of whom was Jelelle 🙂 .There were deep things I wanted to open out and let into my life and decondition from. I knew for me it was more about the things that didn’t appear to need fixing in my life that were the very things that I wanted to experience freedom from. I recall over this 3 year treasured experience, it wasn’t so much about the spaceholder being any kind of super magician, (though their open heart was truly magical in another way), it was also about the paradigm of the healing offering itself and the reflection of that in community that was just as much the juice that created the movements for me, week after week, month after month.

So meeting with a new facilitant for me is like a date to feel what the attraction, juice grist is between us to find a deepening into a new way of life for the facilitant as much as it is about helping the person find relief or healing in the moment. Ultimately, in SoulFullHeart, we feel the process is the healing and the process gets the results, and facilitators and facilitants simply work the process, albeit in a magical and heart open ‘arising’ kind of way.

A huge part of the SoulFullHeart process and something we offer in all of our writings and video offerings, which hopefully a potential facilitant has felt into before contacting us is how we heal and awaken through getting to know and feel parts of ourselves. This ground is so key to the movements SoulFullHeart can offer to people, that also so releases the facilitator and facilitant from the pressure of ‘fixing’ anything broken. Nothing needs fixing. All things move on the ground of feeling. Our current ways of relating to life are held as energies by parts of ourselves and all they need to make huge shifts and changes is to be felt and experienced by a heart open ‘other’. This ‘other’ is your growing feeling you, differentiated through the parts work illumination process, whom the facilitator only templates for a time, giving you back to you, one session at a time.

Which is another cool thing! The whole process is a ‘pay as you go’ and I would say also a ‘validate as you go’ process leaving the facilitants’ autonomy fully intact from start to finish, as is so necessary in any kind of a healthy deconstruction process. Power can never be taken, but only surrendered, and then only as it is an act of the powerful sovereign self choosing the surrender.

Okay, time now to pause and get ready a bit more for an exciting session ahead. I’d love to hear from you if our process calls to you and to where life is leading you. It truly is magical and finds its own way when you are ready for it.

More about session is here:

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Fractals Of The Divine



By Raphael Awen

Until we show up as an Aware Self, or our Authentic Self, to feel what a part of us is feeling AS it is feeling it, we are ‘fused’ with this part of us, and there is no space for feeling to flow. Feeling is more of a transmission between 2 or more parts of us, rather than what we see as a feeling ‘state’ of a singular self.

In the same way that we are fractals of the Divine, and that all Divinity can be found in any of its parts, so are our subpersonalities or parts of us fractals of us, or fractals of our Higher Selves. The Divine is not a singular entity, but rather an ever multiplying reality in an infinite reality and infinite love picture. If you are ‘having a bad day’, the Divine is feeling you and itself ‘having a bad day’ through you. If you bring your awareness to the Divine’s feeling of you, you make this real and tears of reunion flow. Until you bring your awareness to the love flow of the river between you and the Divine, you are ‘fused’ as a single and separate self. But when you see and feel your essence as a fractal of the Divine, you allow and create flow.

A single self cannot offer the feeling dance of duality to itself. It can only long for the imprint and presence of an ‘other’ to ‘transact’ love with. None of us are in fact any ‘single’ so called ‘self’, but instead a tapestry and diversity of parts with very different needs, desires, ages, orientations and reactions to life. Simply letting this picture into your awareness causes relief and resonance to flow. The only true ‘personality disorder’ is the one that sees and feels itself as an isolated singularity when in fact, we are all many. The single self is the fused self that must go external to find ‘other’, whether in human form or Divine form, to create any flow for everything it needs.

When you begin to feel yourself as a tapestry of parts and begin to differentiate the parts that make up your ‘you stream’, you feel the part of you that is so hungry for love contrasted with the part of you that actively resists love; you feel the part of you that wants to strike out in adventure contrasted with the part of you that is afraid of leaving home. When such polarities live in you ‘unfelt’, what we call ‘you’ comes across as some controlled flat-lined muddle in the middle. However, when you begin to feel these parts of you as they are inside of you; distinct beings and aspects of your BEing; each holding different aspects of your wounding and your healing; your conditioned anchors to ascension and your soul gifts that can soar; now, you open out to movement. Movement is what you came here for in the differentiated world of duality dancing and expressing.

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While There Are Only A Few Seeds In An Apple, There Are An INFINITE Number Of Apples In A Seed!


By Raphael Awen

How we relate to money is one of the biggest limitations to our emotional and spiritual awakening, and healing process. It seems money holds some of our densest limiting convictions about reality. Sayings like ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘Don’t quit your day job’ abound as if they hold deep truths at some fundamental level in life that you must live within, or perish. This is living from the picture of the limited number of seeds in the apple.

How we relate to money however can also be one of our greatest awakenings as we recognize it for the deep grist of our journey into wholeness that it can be. If the universe is a universe of Infinite Love and if money is simply LOVE IN MOTION, then there is actually no shortage of what we call money. Not only is there no shortage of money, but there is such an indescribable superabundance of money that we need a new digestive system in order to let in that abundance. This is living from the picture of the infinite number of apples in a single seed.

Feel the part of you who holds deep conditioning around the programming of lack. Feel the part of you who lives in fear of never getting free from the tyranny of lack, and never being free to offer and live from your deepest soul gifts that you have to give the world. Let these fears be transmuted in a process of feeling and healing your way to new ways of relating to money (love) for the growth ground that it wants to be. Money may now move from being one of your greatest limitations to one of your greatest liberations.

Listen here for a recent Group Call offering a ‘profoundly different than anything you’ve ever imagined before’ picture of a SoulFullHeart way of relating to money:


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.Visit for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to make a donation to support our work at