Showing Up For Life


By Raphael Awen

In too much stability, we long for change and surprise. In too much instability, we look for handrails and some steadying support.

Underneath both is a deeper fear of harm or loss, just by different means.

Our souls and our creative powers will create both times of deep upheaval as well as times where no change is in sight. Both are needed in this journey through duality and time that we chose and created.

It’s kind of like trying a scary sport or travel to a foreign country. You want the thrill and the adventure, the pushing out of the comfort zone, just not too far. Each of us has a different ‘too far’, but we all have one. That too far is about our fear of losing being, our fear losing access to love.

Very few of us though have gotten anywhere close to feeling this naked fear face to face, though it lives in every one of us. This fear is one of our most common denominators of what it means to be human, maybe even ‘the’ most.

But we settle for lesser fears as placeholders in our consciousness as a way to avoid confronting this dragon. Fears about money, health, social connection all make really good distractions that leave us in an uncomfortable comfort zone, not too hot, but not too cold. It works for us while it does, even impressively so, until it simply runs its sacred course, until we have garnered the courage to let go of this familiar family of lesser fears, to re-enter life with less conditions, being born again, as it were, into entirely new vulnerabilities.

To come to feel that the content of our conscious anxieties, and what gets us out of bed in the mornings, is being driven by something deeper and unconscious is not a welcome thought, or even a likely thought during the phase of our happy well adjusted functionality and having it all together or even somewhat together. It is only when and as this phase is coming to a close and we feel that something deeper in our unconscious has us on an autopilot mode, albeit a loving one, but a mode nonetheless that we will need to get to know and feel or we will be left in a deep disconnect….as we are losing and mourning our previous way of being in life, our previous way of relating to life, the previous gas in our tank is evaporating.

What greater gift could life give you, but deepening connection with coming home to your own heart? Your days of paying rent or a mortgage on a home you don’t fully own are coming to a close. This is your home in the universe, and you’ve earned it, and no one and no thing can take it from you, as this deed of self-love is not subject to any kind of theft or deterioration. This is the true treasure stored up in heaven that our god pursuits were in search of. We wanted and needed a secure enough setting within which we could feel and heal this dragon of our deeper fears at the core of our being, a gymnasium designed to exorcise, feel and heal fear, an auditorium in which our primal screams could be heard and land in open and healed hearts.

All of our current and intermingled dramas have led us to this epic point of the story, that we are nothing but love, but we needed the journey of being convinced otherwise and then re-awakening to what we always were, never actually lost; as a way to activate a deeper reality of this love that we are, now awakened through both the dual and the non-dual, through the sorrow of loss and the joy of rediscovery.

Your life, as crazy as it may feel at times, is a super intelligent life, finding its own way, taking its own unimaginable risks as it knows it possesses stuff it can never lose, no matter how hard it may seem to try.

You can’t actually escape love. It is what you are. You just needed to come to terms with it. Being love is not the same as being in a relationship with love. It’s the relationship that is unfolding now… that life is asking now to show up for.

This is what has really got you out of bed this morning…for both the life you currently know and the one that lives in your dreams!

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All Reality Is Made Up


By Raphael Awen

‘You can make anything out of anything.’

These words come to me this morning and my curiosity asks for more as I feel a download from my higher self wanting to come through:

‘Any created thing created in any dimension contains within it an energetic blueprint of the source materials and technology used to create the thing. It can be back engineered as you say. However, you don’t need to create the thing in the dimension it was created inside of. By that I mean, you can create it from a higher level of consciousness without going through 3D creation processes that you are more familiar with.’

I listen in with a deepening sense of curiosity along with an ache to experience what I’m being given.

‘A woodworker sees something made out of wood that he has never seen before and given his understanding of working wood, he is able to recreate the thing from his place of familiarity. From a higher dimensional place however, everything is made of energy, and everything IS energy, including energy itself.

‘As you become more and more familiar with energy, you can utilize higher dimensional awareness of being as an energy worker to create and fashion with energy, be it the energy of a simple wooden spoon, to something more complex as a computer, to things beyond not yet known in common collective consciousness.’

I’m reminded yesterday as I needed some longer screws to put up some shelves, how cool it would have been to have ‘energy worked’ them into being rather than the more familiar trip to the hardware store to purchase the ones created and made through 3D channels. My guidance continues:

‘The reverence you have for 3D means and methods is what makes them feel real to you and this is how you have gone on to assimilate them into an unquestioned view of reality. But this ‘is what it is’ is what it is because it was caused into being in a stunning movement of energy creation, albeit one that has been normalized into normal waking consciousness, which surprisingly puts people to sleep to the underlying energetic and creative nature of reality.

‘Reality as you know it is always made up. You have been conditioned to see reality as something outside of it having been made up, as something outside of creation itself, however everything in every dimension is created and is constantly being re-created.

You have an emotional reluctance however to see and feel this as it feels insecure to feel how fleeting life feels as you are this fleeting and changing life energy. This reluctance energizes a resistance for you of seeing, feeling and participating more consciously in this higher dimensional ability to create and recreate.

‘Now, I will ask you to open your mind a bit more and feel how a woodworker, has many tools and methods for working wood, so an energy worker has many means and methods for working energy. The woodworker intuitively knows grain, pressure, species, soundness, hardness, softness, how the wood responds, how it can and cannot be tooled successfully for the desired purpose, and with what tools. In short, he or she learns the will of the wood, and feels what it is wanting to become. It can be reverently done as a one of a kind piece created by a master and it can be irreverently mass produced and monetized in a factory, (but at a significant loss of quality and corresponding imputed value).

‘So it is with an energy worker. He or she is introduced to the world of energy and begins to gain some of his or her very first and initial insights into energy the same way a baby picks up and waves a stick, not yet knowing anything by name, but only by its energy. From there, new insights and familiarities are then also normalized into ‘reality’ that wasn’t there before. The stick hurts when used to hit or poke…ouch, noted. That can be a helpful thing or not so helpful…noted.

Energy is the upstream nature of all reality. And love is the upstream nature of all energy. Both love and energy are responsive to love and energy and in this way can be worked, but only when it is seen, noted and revered for what it is, to know and feel it’s deeper why and will.

‘You are nearing a time when great advancements that have been held back from collective consciousness will be revealed. Understanding and feeling what I shared with you above will greatly aid you and others to assimilate your own adaptation and participation into this new and infinite dimension of creation.

‘Love itself wants to take you on a grand tour of stunning discovery and almost more excitement that you can bear, but only if it’s not an imposition on your creative will. Your choice and curiosity are the energy that enrolls you into this university’s kindergarten of never ending discovery.’

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Sexual Safety


By Raphael Awen

The real safety built into sex is that the more it is forced or manipulated, the less it yields its beauty and bounty.

A woman held down and raped has had a deep violating traumatic experience, the likes of which are hard to feel, but she has not had the garden of her virginity taken from her, or however else we might describe her sexual beauty. She has been traumatized deeply and that will affect how she relates to her sexuality, but her inner magic and beauty could never be even gotten close to with such a violent act.

The sad thing then is that perpetrators who force themselves on victims are completely sexually un-initiated. They are left to their sexual addictions and acting out, but they never actually gain what they long for on a deeper level. This is the deeper attempted victimization that occurs in sexual attack by an aggressor, or a game playing manipulator; it is the offloading of an energetic tirade that screams ‘if I can’t truly have and know sex, then neither can you!’

The key here in having dialled up such a traumatic experience as a soul will be your relationship with the experience and your response to it. Yes, from a 3D level, you were victimized. But from a 4D relationship to life and beyond, nothing occurs to us that we didn’t agree to, and even chose, as a soul for our growth and learning.

Both the victims, while they hold themselves as only a victim, and the perpetrators are left yearning outside of the true garden of sexual bounty and magic.

The alchemy of this yearning is asking you to come back to a deep place of love for your sexual being, the likes of which can only be accessed through the noblest of intentions and the truest of desires!

Your sexual goodness is so magical and beautiful, it can be looked upon and yearned for, but it can never be taken from you.

If you’ve played the role of victim or of the perpetrator, you get to decide what your response (your response-ability) to the situation is, and fully pursue all the sexual goodness you were meant to know and experience and radiate out to the world.

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Ahead Of The Pack And Lonely


By Raphael Awen

The point of all drama is to raise consciousness. The point of all consciousness is love.

The inherent challenge though is that once consciousness is raised, it divests of the drama, having received the intended awakening to love and a deep loneliness or emptiness can be left in its place if the love is not rooted and shared somehow.

The content of the drama, the agreed culture, the values, the energy flow, the challenges, the victories, the stories, the camaraderie, all of it provided meaning and purpose and it seemed like there would be no end in sight, like it could hold you for a lifetime, if not many lifetimes.

So then where did all the drama take you? What did all the drama achieve? Was the world changed? Or are people out trying to reinvent the wheel, oblivious that you and probably many others have already ‘been there, done that’? Why is the same drama out being re-lived, so seemingly pointlessly?

What if you were the only being, out of the many who filled the theatre that day, that lifetime, who could hold the lessons of all that drama?

Would love itself be satisfied if you were the volunteer placeholder to know and feel the love of the universe, the love of self, that was intended for the many, but was committed to you for safekeeping, until such time as it could flow out to the many?

What would this hyper concentration of love look and feel like radiating out through you in the midst of its lack and absence, towards those who are the rightful inheritors of it?

You are the saviour of your world. Your light is thee light. Your love for your own darkness is maybe the brightest light possible for any to see or feel or take in.

Can you love yourself in the midst of your loneliness, for arriving ahead of the pack? Can you see yourself as Jesus did when he said: ‘I go to prepare a place for you’? What place are you preparing for the many who live inside of you and outside of you? What gardens are you preparing and planting for true beauty to be seen and known and digested inside of its gates?…

…As you live into new dramas honouring all the ones you’ve already completed…

I would very much like to receive the love you have to give.

(I wrote this piece this morning as a letter to a new meta-soul connection pressing into my awareness, that resonates with my situation at hand)

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You Are A Non-Dual Awakened Being Experiencing A Dual Awakening


By Raphael Awen

Wanting to know joy without sorrow is natural, but it is also impossible. Joy gets its definition from sorrow, and without sorrow, joy has no meaning or differentiation.

This is the world of duality that we chose to create and enter, and to grow inside of.

Abundance is only amazing in the face of lack. Without the comparative difference, it all simply gets normalized into a bored state of numbness, regardless of how good or bad the point on the continuum is.

At points in our lives, we come to deeply want to know the other side, the one we worked hard to protect and insulate ourselves from. The over-familiarity with one polarity seems to drain the reverence for the goodness of what one has, and we long for an injection of childlike wow and discovery to come back into our experience.

We call this awakening, and we compare it to the sleep of numbness of the over saturation of familiarity. We see it being about new values and new relationships with others who feel similar. We see it as better, and so we take steps towards it.

Many would argue against this whole perceived world of duality is the root of our suffering, tossed about in a world of comparing and grading between good, better, and best. We must transcend this tyranny into acceptance of a world without desire and more surrender to being, is the new mantra. Call it a nondual awakening….where you are in bliss but you don’t rate it as such or attach to it somehow, even though you sought after it through rating and attachment. Here again, even the term nonduality must rely on the definition of duality to find meaning, and we find ourselves back at square one.

I am a being who has had an undeniable awakening into the world of duality. I am dual enlightened, dual awakened. I dream of rest from the focus of my duality, and as I do, I can also feel an essence of my being that is nondual awakened. I am already both. My consciousness is going through phases of awareness of both in a larger awakening beyond dual or nondual.

That awakening has something to do with being infinite love as the only resource at source of the all. I already AM this in the fullest sense possible. I am not growing or learning to become this. Essence cannot be added to or taken away from. My experience is all about growing and learning however, as there is universes of discovery awaiting me in an infinite love unfolding reality.

I Am the perfect out improving on perfection. I already have it all even as I set out in search of it. The having and the searching are part of the same. Both are true, and one cannot be downgraded for too long, or we come to futility, our dual enlightenment again showing us the way back to the meaning of our nonduality.

We forgot so that we could be re-membered. We fell so that we could get back up. We surrendered so we could come to true power. We said yes to death so we could truly come to know life.

As I write these words, seeking guidance from my own inner teacher, I am aware of how philosophical these words are, and a part of me asks, ‘so how do I apply all this right now to where I live and feel?’ I detect an angst, a hesitation and a tiredness in its voice.

I pause to be with and feel this question, opening my heart, wanting to make sure that another part of me isn’t coming off tinny or like an answer man.

What comes in response is: ‘My truth is that you baptize all of your life, as you currently know it, including the full range of your experience, even the present angst and frustration as being part of the inescapable holiness and wholeness that you are. You are being invited to live into the feeling of this reality more and more, moment by moment and see where that leads you. There isn’t a fixed outcome, a ‘getting it’, an answer that opens out all the reward, there is you feeling what you want and why, reaching for what you want as you want it, and reporting back to self and other what you are finding and feeling as you do. There is no greater joy or greater service. This is you embodying you; the divine out divining.’

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Pedogate: Reconciling Our Deepest Darkness


By Raphael Awen

There’s no greater crime imaginable to us than the sexual abuse, rape and torture of innocent children, and then when you add in that it’s an interwoven part of governmental and religious power structures on top of all that, it’s completely insane.

It’s so off the charts that it elicits the strongest of our right/wrong reactions where we want justice, we want punishment. We want the ‘perpetrator’ to be ‘paid back’ and made to feel the horror they caused by their actions.

In all of this however, we are caught up in the same punisher-shame cycle that created the abhorrent behaviour. Pedophilia, along with the abuse of power, is not created in a vacuum, and it won’t be resolved in a vacuum. It’s going to take many more of us to open our hearts to really feel what’s going on here and why to shift this reality.

The behaviour is not okay and it needs to stop, but all the punishment and shaming energy that we project onto the perpetrators only serves to insure the underlying problem is left intact, leaving more children to suffer, while we rage at the insanity of it.

If a sinner can balance the scales through penitence and remorse, and paying society back, or paying God back, then the account is settled. …right? Wrong!

What the universe is now asking us to feel is how everything from swatting a fly, to ‘raising’ a pig in a meat factory, to grooming young children for sexual abuse and torture is all something we are being asked to raise our consciousness about. It is the taking of life without feeling is what is not okay. Feigning care when there is no care is what is not okay. Love is what is offended here.

But, the reason we are disinclined from feeling this, is that when you do open your heart to how much we crave and need love, we come to weep deep tears for not just the acts of the nastiest outright abuse, but for harsh words and edgy sarcasm, and missed opportunities that all are offenses to the reality of love, that we experienced and perpetrated. We come to see that any offense to the immensity of love cannot be graded, or even begun to be ‘paid back’.

There’s a deep penitence that we are all afraid of feeling, that it will somehow consume us and leave us no more and so we seek to escape this by finding a worse offender to project out onto.

We are being invited to feel what it feels like to be denied love and to feel what it feels like also to be the denier of love. There really isn’t a separation here. Love is equally offended.

This is the only place where any true change (I can’t bring myself to use that soiled word ‘rehabilitation’) happens.

What if all this 3D reality of this heightened duality is all something we set up to rediscover what love is and isn’t? We needed the backdrop of extremes, and of gradients, of things so horrible as pedophilia, a beautiful word meaning the love of children, turned on its head, to mean the opposite.

We created this reality and it is ours now to un-create and recreate, if we’ve gotten what we needed to get from it.

If we leave the domain of 3D perceived reality, we can feel parts of ourselves in other lifetimes who have played the perpetrator. The ones we are seeking the resolution for is ourselves, collectively and personally.

Now, we are about to dial up the public awareness of our greatest and most unimaginable sins thrown in our face as a society and what an opportunity this will be to truly shift the pain and horror to its intended purpose and awakening!

We are wanting to find a new ground based in real love for the society of self and the society of others, where we truly are all one. If one of us comes free, we all come free. If one of us suffers, we all suffer.

Only here will there be a true payback for the unimaginable suffering of innocent children offered up on the altar of us all discovering our essence in and of love, from the worst of us to the best of us.

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Sanctuary Of Heart


The dizzying effects of world events that are upon us now are truly staggering.

Something so elemental as fire burning through entire neighbourhoods and lives in Santa Rosa, California; Nextdoor in Nevada, staged mass murder; Over in Hollywood, a Harvey-what’s-his-Stien movie mogul being taken down as a tip of the iceberg sacrificial offering of the paedophilia saturated power structure of the deep state; the US President referring cryptically to the calm before the storm; while the stock market mysteriously surges on it’s own happy way.

For some, there’s no shortage of stuff to upset and overturn the business as usual mindset we’ve been beholden to. For others, there’s the opposite; no shortage of stuff to continue the denial that anything out of the ordinary is going on.

When it shifts from denial to the shock of no longer being able to ignore the events and revelations, what biological life does in the face of death and rebirth like this is to seek safety and sanctuary.

For many, this will be going into emotional shutdown, unable to cope, simply flipping a self protection psychotic break with reality switch. For some, this will be numbing themselves into a ball seeking to enter nothingness, for others, this will be an acting out of all the unfelt insanity now being made conscious as a way of processing the shift, as they stir up as much destruction around them as they possibly can.

But what can you do? What will you do? Do you have a place you can go to?

What direction would this safe place be in? What would it have stocked in it and how would all of that be protected and hidden from the hungry hordes all around you?

Prepping, as it’s called, a physical sanctuary doesn’t begin to hold a candle to preparing an internal heart place you can go to. The heart goods you can lay up for yourself are gifts like Jesus said are ‘where thieves cannot break in to steal, and where rust cannot corrupt’ and I would add ‘where fire or public insanity cannot destroy’.

Our beloved 3rd dimension of perceived time and space reality here on Gaia are being subjected to a death and rebirth on a scale we hardly ever before imagined. What our hearts are wanting to feel and heal in all of the shakeup is the deeper reality of where we came from and where we are being enlarged to in our returning and remembering process.

Some of us may feel very awoken and can compare to our days of being unaware. On a personal level, this feels important and real. On a collective level however, none of us get to go home until all of us arrive there safe and sound. ‘We’ are only one. When one suffers, we all suffer.

This holds true for the saints of the Mother Theresas among us as well as the sinners of the Hitlers among us. Many are needing to unload huge guilt burdens that their souls dialled up as part of their individual learning. Their personal learning track is connected to all of ours however. We all co-created the ‘evil’ we see around us, and it is ours to reconcile with. The time of reconciliation is upon us, and thank god for it. It is what our souls have invested in.

None of it is actually ‘other’ or external to us. We are it and it is us. Each lesson learned is a deposit in the collective bank account.

It is time now to build your own personal heart sanctuary like never before, realizing that there is no greater contribution you could make to the all that we all are.

When one prospers, we all prosper!

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Ending The Anti

179.jpegChristine Ogden – Inner Conflict #2

If we could harness the power of our will, we could do anything.

Does that feel like a true statement?

I know any of us could write it off from a number of scientific arguments in a heartbeat, and most of us wouldn’t be willing to feel into an alternative possibility, but for those who are learning to feel the truth of something over knowing the truth of something, we are inclined to suspend our kNOwing (‘no’ing) in favour of kNOWing (‘now’ing).

What’s true now?

We know about what’s referred to as anti-gravity technology and devices that something about counter rotational spin is used to achieve propulsion and maneuverability. It is still ruled out of the collective mind as being possible, yet is none the less going on right above all of our noses.

What’s really interesting is that the device though is kind of misnamed. While it does appear to defy gravity, given our conditioning, what it actually does is create an opposing gravitational pull that can dial up or down. It actually embraces gravity, while creating another gravitational pull to oppose, or offset the earths gravitational pull. It’s actually much more accurately named a pro-gravity device.

The metaphysics of all this gets to something inside of our emotional bodies. We all have a ton of will, which when harnessed can go on to achieve the greatest of things against all odds. It’s the stuff our greatest stories are made of. But most of us hover in the same old, same old with most of our lives, rarely even pausing to consciously feel and take stock of our desires and will to create.

What’s going on here?

I offer it’s counter rotational spin. One part of us wants something and has all the will necessary to go after it; another part of us wants something that opposes that want and has all the will to go after what it wants. ‘We’ as a makeup of the parts of ourselves are left with a stasis hovering in place much like a UFO, but without any maneuverability, unlike a UFO. Pretty impressive stuff actually, when seen for what it actually is, but all too common to be held in any reverence when seen through unconscious eyes.

Tie into any self help advice, and it’s all about building a case for the desired thing, and the penalties for not making the change, all in an attempt to feed the side of the internal tug of war in the conscious desired direction and starve the other opposing unconscious side in order to gain the movement.

In other words, we have to make one side bad and the other good. This obviously has some workability or we wouldn’t have used it as long as we did. The most ‘successful’ amongst us are esteemed for their achievements and sacrifices, when in actuality what we and they are now finding, that more often than not, their success was at a great cost of something very dear to them. But they couldn’t feel that at the time of their pressing and building or it would have killed the impressive momentum.

But what’s worse? Being in stasis sitting on our hands while possibility stares us in the face; or demolishing half of our being for a great achievement?

The secret to this conundrum has something profound to do with ending the anti. There’s nothing any longer to be anti about. Nothing to oppose and everything to embrace and get to know. Now, we are being invited to achieve movement through all of our will, knowing that counter rotational, or oppositional forces inside of our being are all necessary to get familiar with to achieve new kinds of movements in the world.

I leave you with a new and revised working hypothesis, awaiting new experimentation: If we could come to embrace and love the power of our wills, especially the oppositional nature of them, we could do anything.

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Becoming A Legend In Your Own Mind

By Raphael Awen


While the 3D self could get really pumped at having, let’s say, the psychic abilities to be able to predict the future, your higher self would often seek an awareness point awakening for you that was much more mundane.

Jim Carey once said ‘I wish everyone could be rich and famous so they could feel how being rich and famous isn’t the answer’.

Similar to that, could you imagine how if you successfully predicted, a few natural disasters before they happened, how you would go on to some kind of star status quite fast, and how a part of you needing love could try and milk the attention for the form of ‘love’ that’s found in star status group recognition. It would mean something for a while, but it could become quite torturous quite fast adjusting to the swarms of believers and unbelievers in your newly forming world.

While some souls chose and needed that kind of path of learning, most of us haven’t dialled up these kinds of stardom here in 3D.

Really, when you think of it, is it really that big of a deal that your higher self knows and can predict the future? Of course it can! It can do it as easily as falling off a chair.

If your higher self really wanted that for you and I, we wouldn’t be living in a world of unknowns. We came from a place of knowing everything. We chose a place of not knowing, and that this way of not-knowing would be a path to a new kind of knowing that not even it had ever known before.

This puts 3D into every bit as much of a sacred place as is 4D and 5D. It’s the awakening 3D self that tends to be tired of what it feels is a suffocating reality in 3D, and rightly so. Adjusting to 3D life as we all have had to do is an intense transmutation to be able to embody coming from the higher 5D (and higher) essence that we all are.

Many of us are feeling the futility of awakening to these higher frequencies when there isn’t an us there to love every aspect of ourselves that we discover in the awakening process.

The all too familiar deal of young impressionable minds being enthralled by an admittedly spiritually gifted public figure who has a trail of abuse in his or her following, along with big life disintegrities just isn’t holding the same water it once did.

Collectively, and personally, we are wanting more. We are wanting a spirituality that we can truly be at home with, with all of ourselves. Our higher selves are evolving as we are in the midst of our 3D simulated reality experiments. Our higher self watches every move and reaction we have and don’t have here in 3D feeling our growth and learning edges where we choose in the midst of the unknown, instead of the known; where we make our choices ‘with one hand tied behind our back’ as it were; with a depth of gratitude for every joy filled and every pain filled experience that we register in such a courageous undertaking.

In SoulFullHeart process work, we begin with building a relationship bridge to the 3D self that carries the tones of our higher self awareness, feeling what the 3D self feels, while it is feeling whatever it is that it feels while doing 3D life. This opens out an awakening that isn’t as publically glamorous as being able to foretell the future, but does go very deep into the private desires and pains that accompany a higher self embodying into 3D reality. A transmutation occurs here where just being on the awakening path is the daily payoff, as the deepening love with self never ends.

This feels like more of what the higher self really gets jacked up about…watching us come home to ourselves, and having a pain and healing experience that it could never have without our willingness to live into and through what it sees as a 3D awakening!

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SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Increased Sensitivities On All Levels Through Upgrades And Clearings

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In this week’s featured article, SoulFullHeart teacher and co-creator Jelelle Awen talks about experiencing increased sensitivities as upgrades and clearings continue to happen during this process of ascension. She offers the importance of feeling and holding space for our sensitivities, which were previously covered over and suppressed by our Inner Protectors, coming back ‘online’ again on all levels:

“Honoring your sensitivity again is holding space for it, responding to it, not letting a part of you judge yourself as ‘too sensitive’ as you might have heard from others. This world transitioning from the insensitive, often VIOLENT frequencies of 3D to the increasingly sensitive and compassionate ones of 4D and higher NEEDS your sensitivity to keep coming back online. It needs your feeling sensing alive and vibrating, as do parts of you as well. Your sensitive response to yourself firstly allows an increasingly sensitive sense to ALL of life…and, ultimately, to more experience of life and yourself AS love again.”

The museletter also includes beautiful and thought provoking writings from SoulFullHeart facilitators Kalayna Colibri, Gabriel Heartman and several from SoulFullHeart co-creator/teacher/facilitator Raphael Awen.

The video recording of the livestream with Raphael and Gabriel on October 1st is included in the museletter. During the one hour plus broadcast, they talked about the 3D/4D/5D self, the SoulFullHeart process, and answered questions/responded to comments from viewers. Our next upcoming event is another livestream Q & A with Raphael and Jelelle on Sunday, October 29th at 11:11am CST.

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