Pinch To Zoom Consciousness


By Raphael Awen

We put in a lot of effort to make things as hard as they are.

It took a lot of mind bending and forgetting to come up with something so real feeling as a world where love isn’t the only thing there is, where love actually has a nemesis, and where every and any desirable thing has to be fought for.

Face it, you’re on drugs! We all are.

We’re doing a big drug called earth life, in the time zone, another drug, mixed in with another called human life. And that’s only the beginning of the pharmaceutical regimen. There’s your gender; your culture; your age group, and on and on the list goes, and even then, it barely gets started. There’s your religion, or non-religion, there’s your financial status, your height, your weight, your eye color, right on down to the tiniest details of your life as you know it and don’t know it.

These are all alterations of a previous reality. We as infinite essence seem to be hell bent on finding more experience of ourselves.

It’s all experience, every last bit of it. We ‘were’ essence, but lacked experience. We were goodness, but lacked a way to take it out for a spin, and to take it out for a spin, we needed not-goodness to backlight it, to make it engaging, or challenging.

From the place of the drug of our earth buzz, we’ve normalized all this staggeringly amazing reality creation stuff that we are, and seek to create new realities that hide our reality creation abilities. Talk about a matrix!

I was trying on the experience yesterday of something called The Mac Store, looking at the 3 or 4 different sizes of the recent IPads. I clicked on a photo or two and did the pinch to zoom thing. Yawn. Really amazing stuff, from 6 years ago, that is. I was standing there thinking of which size I’d prefer, and what I figured would be way cool would be if you could pinch to zoom the whole device. Want a bigger display, fwuup, there you go,…make it smaller to fit in your pocket, nierrrp, bingo. We haven’t figured that out yet. Or have we?

Watching the recent TV series, The Good Place, where Michael is like the archangel host of heaven and he needs a large screen to display on, he just waves his hand, and there it is, and when he’s done with it, another wave of his hand, and it’s gone. It feels to me like this stuff is already both real and almost in danger of becoming as blasé as cell phones and the fax machine, and the Polaroid camera.

We’re about to figure out really cool stuff like teleportation and a whole lot more, and it will be a big deal, but only for a while. It won’t take too long, and we will do what we’ve always done with every new creation, and that is to incorporate it into our normal waking consciousness.

From our present consciousness looking forward, this stuff feels exciting, but from our other, or wider consciousness places, this stuff already is. Perspective is the big deal here. We, on one hand would think walking thru walls would be exciting, while star beings and angels dream of the ability to be able to bump into walls. The saturation of one kind of experience, breeds familiarity, which for a time (time itself being another layer of experience itself) comforts, but then ‘bores’ us, empties us out, to make room for new experience, eventually bringing us to the edge of nearing the end of experience itself, where we fear being swallowed again to be returned to essence, and losing ego and self awareness.

We are the divine out divining; essence out experiencing experience, and reporting back to all consciousness. Not a single one of us are outside of this, where even the fear of not being a part of this is a part of the experience and the experiment.

Take a good look and feel of what it looks and feels like to be human because it is changing under our feet as we speak. Experience and essence itself needs us to feel and record and digest so that it can move on to its next thing.

You thought it was you that is ready to move on…when, in actuality, you are using boredom as a way to manage the pace of change and experience that is moving at lightning speed all around you.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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