Sanctuary Of Heart


The dizzying effects of world events that are upon us now are truly staggering.

Something so elemental as fire burning through entire neighbourhoods and lives in Santa Rosa, California; Nextdoor in Nevada, staged mass murder; Over in Hollywood, a Harvey-what’s-his-Stien movie mogul being taken down as a tip of the iceberg sacrificial offering of the paedophilia saturated power structure of the deep state; the US President referring cryptically to the calm before the storm; while the stock market mysteriously surges on it’s own happy way.

For some, there’s no shortage of stuff to upset and overturn the business as usual mindset we’ve been beholden to. For others, there’s the opposite; no shortage of stuff to continue the denial that anything out of the ordinary is going on.

When it shifts from denial to the shock of no longer being able to ignore the events and revelations, what biological life does in the face of death and rebirth like this is to seek safety and sanctuary.

For many, this will be going into emotional shutdown, unable to cope, simply flipping a self protection psychotic break with reality switch. For some, this will be numbing themselves into a ball seeking to enter nothingness, for others, this will be an acting out of all the unfelt insanity now being made conscious as a way of processing the shift, as they stir up as much destruction around them as they possibly can.

But what can you do? What will you do? Do you have a place you can go to?

What direction would this safe place be in? What would it have stocked in it and how would all of that be protected and hidden from the hungry hordes all around you?

Prepping, as it’s called, a physical sanctuary doesn’t begin to hold a candle to preparing an internal heart place you can go to. The heart goods you can lay up for yourself are gifts like Jesus said are ‘where thieves cannot break in to steal, and where rust cannot corrupt’ and I would add ‘where fire or public insanity cannot destroy’.

Our beloved 3rd dimension of perceived time and space reality here on Gaia are being subjected to a death and rebirth on a scale we hardly ever before imagined. What our hearts are wanting to feel and heal in all of the shakeup is the deeper reality of where we came from and where we are being enlarged to in our returning and remembering process.

Some of us may feel very awoken and can compare to our days of being unaware. On a personal level, this feels important and real. On a collective level however, none of us get to go home until all of us arrive there safe and sound. ‘We’ are only one. When one suffers, we all suffer.

This holds true for the saints of the Mother Theresas among us as well as the sinners of the Hitlers among us. Many are needing to unload huge guilt burdens that their souls dialled up as part of their individual learning. Their personal learning track is connected to all of ours however. We all co-created the ‘evil’ we see around us, and it is ours to reconcile with. The time of reconciliation is upon us, and thank god for it. It is what our souls have invested in.

None of it is actually ‘other’ or external to us. We are it and it is us. Each lesson learned is a deposit in the collective bank account.

It is time now to build your own personal heart sanctuary like never before, realizing that there is no greater contribution you could make to the all that we all are.

When one prospers, we all prosper!

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