Sexual Safety


By Raphael Awen

The real safety built into sex is that the more it is forced or manipulated, the less it yields its beauty and bounty.

A woman held down and raped has had a deep violating traumatic experience, the likes of which are hard to feel, but she has not had the garden of her virginity taken from her, or however else we might describe her sexual beauty. She has been traumatized deeply and that will affect how she relates to her sexuality, but her inner magic and beauty could never be even gotten close to with such a violent act.

The sad thing then is that perpetrators who force themselves on victims are completely sexually un-initiated. They are left to their sexual addictions and acting out, but they never actually gain what they long for on a deeper level. This is the deeper attempted victimization that occurs in sexual attack by an aggressor, or a game playing manipulator; it is the offloading of an energetic tirade that screams ‘if I can’t truly have and know sex, then neither can you!’

The key here in having dialled up such a traumatic experience as a soul will be your relationship with the experience and your response to it. Yes, from a 3D level, you were victimized. But from a 4D relationship to life and beyond, nothing occurs to us that we didn’t agree to, and even chose, as a soul for our growth and learning.

Both the victims, while they hold themselves as only a victim, and the perpetrators are left yearning outside of the true garden of sexual bounty and magic.

The alchemy of this yearning is asking you to come back to a deep place of love for your sexual being, the likes of which can only be accessed through the noblest of intentions and the truest of desires!

Your sexual goodness is so magical and beautiful, it can be looked upon and yearned for, but it can never be taken from you.

If you’ve played the role of victim or of the perpetrator, you get to decide what your response (your response-ability) to the situation is, and fully pursue all the sexual goodness you were meant to know and experience and radiate out to the world.

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