Your Funnest Fun


By Raphael Awen

Your life is as grand of a stage as any.

The brand of fun you seek to have on that stage is as individual as you can get.

The fact that you seek fun, like every last one of us, IS the stage called life, that you share as a very common denominator, not only with all fellow humans, but with every cell in the universe that contains life and energy.

We’re just a bunch of fun hogs and it’s the best thing about us, and it maybe also true to say that it’s the worst thing about us, in that this search for fun, and pleasure is everything about us.

If that doesn’t sound sophisticated enough for you, then that just tells me something about the brand of fun you currently seek, particularly that you denying being a fun seeker IS what is currently your fun.

Your and my attempts at self denial is our self indulgence. You can’t escape being a self with self interests!

You may be working hard to hide what to a part of you is an embarrassment that you are out fun seeking just like the rest of us ‘lowlifes’.

This seems to be a really big deal, when we switch brands of the fun we seek, to what we feel is a ‘higher’ echelon, we tend to look down on those who haven’t ‘evolved’ like we have. When what’s more accurate is that a part of us is pissed that others are still getting fun out of something that ran out for us. What’s also more accurate is that a part of us is afraid we won’t find the same level of fun and community in the new deal we are subscribing into, like the one that once held us so securely.

Life keeps inviting us into new levels of fun, and there is nothing more scary, and more alive at the same time.

And if you are actually having fun, it’s quite contagious, given how wired up we all are to seek fun. No need to go door to door to sell it, unless that is what your fun is about, being perceived as a missionary of a higher order. That can obviously be quite fun for a time for some or they simply wouldn’t be doing it. I had that kind of fun for quite a while, and still sometimes try for a replay of that at times in different ways.

Our rigidity about being unwilling to come out and play in new dimensions really speaks to how fun starved we actually are. Our sometimes life long commitment to one belief system is about the fun of believing that though we aren’t actually having any fun now, it will payoff in the future in more fun than we can speak of.

In other words, we believe that sacrificing fun now will payoff in future fun? What?! What if that’s nothing more than making an excuse for one’s inability to digest fun now? What if that’s nothing more than an attempt at making fun out of a familiar hell that you are in because a part of you is afraid if you will actually be able to enjoy this future unfamiliar heaven you claim to be dreaming of?

Show me one spirituality that isn’t offering a form of fun. Show me one belief system, one paradigm of anything, from a street gang to a monastery, to Wall Street, to the Vatican, to you and me, to my own brand of fun… SoulFullHeart.

It’s pretty inescapable! This is the real matrix we find ourselves in, having chosen to participate in life energy. The matrix is being generated by us and we are just in process of coming to terms with the vastness of that. We are hardwired to find fun, and we are being invited to become childlike in this that when something loses its fun, we simply drop it and move on. If that takes a whole lifetime or more to move on, then the matrix you are creating and needing to come to terms with, the very life in your veins, will give you all the time in the universe to come to the realizations of what you are about, the who and what that you are!

That’s some pretty amazing shit to be going down. I’m just saying that I want more than anything to be enjoying the ride. Why suffer over the suffering of being called to fun?

The ‘problem’ here in this dimension is that there is more fun than you and I can handle so we generate suffering loops to moderate the pace and provide training wheels and handrails.

We’re doing it cosmically, collectively and personally, but make no mistake, WE are doing it…this governing of the amount and quality of the fun we can let in.

And if WE are doing it, then WE can undo it…by getting to know and feel the parts of ourselves caught in their matrix, to move from being in stuckness to being able to let in.

That’s my funnest fun at the moment, feeling that, learning about that, monitoring how much fun I’m actually having or not at times, which isn’t that much fun, but then finding myself also completely abandoned in fun at times as well.

And part of my fun is talking about my fun, like I’m doing now, which can be tricky, because if I’m actually having fun, there is no need to sell it as it won’t need any sales department…but talking about it can also be pure fun to let this reach for more flow through, so I get to reach for my next layer of fun, which includes others joining in.

If this calls to you, as fun, then I so welcome you to check out who and what we are in SoulFullHeart, and to join in, but only if it’s fun…

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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