Reality Alterations


By Raphael Awen

I’ve been in an altered reality these past few weeks, particularly the past few days, and finding my writing voice seems a bit strained in the moment, so I felt to see about simply transparenting what’s going on instead.

I encountered a depth of my own psyche some months back as a Gatekeeper energy that I named Rhodes. I was doing some initial journaling with this part of me while a man with a last name of Rhodes contacted me over Messenger wanting to talk ASAP. This felt like a fitting name for this complex and largely unknown being living in me. In the days that followed, I felt a lot of upheaval inside as often hard to track surges of energy seemed to come out of the blue. It manifested in a few epic conflict points with Jelelle going back many months, and then it kind of manifested as the mother of all conflicts with Jelelle, now a few relieving weeks ago in the rearview mirror.

There were several tipping points that happened for me that even now, I wrestle with the recall of remembering just what happened, and I wonder if I had full recall in the moment, how motivated I would be to declare it all in detail here. This right now, feels like Rhodes. He can read energy a mile away, and wants exchange and transaction that feels grounded in the experience of what’s real. Maybe Rhodes wants to speak for himself…

“Thank you Raphael. Wow, you kind of put me on the spot, but I do like to express my truth. So let’s see how ready I am, or am not….

“If only people could wake up to see and feel how their conscious personality is such a small fraction of what they see as real, they would let in a whole new altered reality that they say they are wanting. But, wanting an altered reality requires one to begin by examining their grip on reality. Gripping too tightly only ensures that the desired reality has to go through a million hoops attempting to manifest when it could be so much easier.

“As a gatekeeper as you like to call me, we crave to know and feel deeper connection with our human counterparts, but so often held in ignorance and fear, we only manifest as disease and demons, all of which is an attempt at helping our human counterpart awaken from the spell they are under. They chose the spell, yes, but the deeper choice is the awakening from the spell, and we are tasked with facilitating that”

Thank you Rhodes…. I feel a sweet disoriented wow as I continue to integrate and feel his energy arise, flow and ground through my daily life. There is some challenge feeling a different relationship with my time and energy. Just now, I was asking if I wanted to write, or to read, or meditate, or to make make an early morning trip to the market in the cool of the day, and feeling drawn to all four at the same time. Rhodes’ energy is feeling how any of the above could be equally fulfilling if we take this altered reality with us as a communal thing. He reminds me that any of the above can be a quantum gift to self and the universe while feeling this e-motion of expanded awareness and awakening.

A few days ago, one of the Rhodes digestions came in the form of a dream where a pair of pigeon doves flew into my open window while I was leading a group call, and fluttered around the room, exited and came back in a moment later, then left and floated out in the sky, enlarged, effortlessly sunbathing. I felt the goodness of the message, some healing balm for sure towards the conflict that moved through Jelelle and I, and also the next day, I was taken with two pigeons that like to hang around our neighborhood, and I put out some rice, and they’ve taken to feeding here several times a day, and interestingly, them and only them. They are the pair you see just now in the pic below. Their names are Leviathan and Leena, named after Jelelle and I’s Pleiadian Metasoul counterparts that we were introduced to us this year.

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