The Sobering, Activating, And Powerfully Burning Solar Eclipse Energies: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter (July 1, 2019)

It’s the release of our weekly Museletter! Offering ALL of our writings, videos, events, healing offerings, and audio blogs for the week. Go read it here!

The Solar Eclipse this week brought with it themes of death and rebirth and plenty of support to fully feel all reactions to the process of being with that. It brought in energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine to support this and also to help hold space for the rebalancing of your own Masculine and Feminine within. This week’s featured article by Kalayna Solais invites you to feel that status of your inner Sacred Union, the bond between your Inner Masculine and Feminine, as reflected in your current life circumstances and healing process:

“Important cosmic events like this Eclipse help bring us back to the foundations upon which we’ve been relating to life and love. They have a way of encouraging old phases and relationships to burn up so we can all begin to see what’s been REAL about them, especially how parts of us have been relating to it all. The masculine and feminine parts of you have their own personal ways with which they relate to all of life and also to each other. It’s important to feel the polarity dance of these energies inside of you in order to understand more of what could be happening, why you could be drawing or not drawing what you are on the outside.”

The next virtual Group Transmission with Raphael and Jelelle Awen will be in August.

The focus of this group on Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 10:00am PDT is to connect to the Lion’s Gate passageway. Lion’s Gate is also known as “Ascension Christmas” as it offers highly activating, next level gifts of activations and codes to support you to move into your higher timeline. Lion’s Gate creates a bridge to the codes that you’ve been receiving during the last months of Eclipses, SOULstice, and other cosmic/Gaia/SOULar energy fluctuations.

There are two brand NEW guided meditations/activations for you this week from Jelelle Awen!

The first video is an activation for your 5D/Higher Self where you explore and connect to your Ascension chakras during a guided meditation, bringing light codes into them to activate your 5D sacred human ‘tree’ or violetprint.

Jelelle also explains about the 5D self and the differentiation between the 3D/4D/5D selves and how she (and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators) work with them in the SoulFullHeart healing process. This meditation is intended as a boost to your 5D self, your ‘service-of-love self’. Your 5D self becomes more embodied as you connect to these chakras, heal your emotional traumas from this life and other lifetimes, raise your frequency in ALL areas of life, and separate from your 3D self.

The second video is a ‘Post Eclipse Digestion W/Your 3D Self & Bridge To Your Higher Timeline Guided Meditation’. Many souls are experiencing major life changes right now or thinking about making them, especially during this eclipse passage. Jelelle felt to offer this video with teachings about the process of deconstruction/collapse with big clearings/purgings that may be happening for your 3D self (and she talks about what a 3D self/ego even IS) as a support during this time.

There are many new articles and audio recordings for you this week from Jelelle, Kalayna, Gabriel, and Raianna. They include digestions of the Eclipse energies, other energy updates, beautiful and heartfelt poetry, and other digestions of what could be taking place for you and within you now during your own healing and Ascension process.

Jelelle, Raphael, Gabriel, and Kalayna offer 1:1 90min Bridging Sessions to help boost and digest your Ascension process and feel with you what your next steps are towards your highest timeline possibilities.

Sessions with Jelelle are $100 CAD minimum donation while sessions with Raphael, Gabriel, and Kalayna are $77 CAD minimum donation. More information can be found here:

We love to share our offerings with you and would enjoy receiving whatever heart donation in the form of money you feel that resonates with our offerings. You can go to our donation page for more info on how to donate:

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