SoulFullHeart Museletter: Jan 14, 2022

We’re nearly halfway through the Deepen 2022 Video Series and there’s so much to digest about it for all of us! Even for those of us who have been in the process/way of life for years are benefitting in powerful ways from the ways these videos break down the processes and offer guided meditation journeys to lean into for each topic.

Longtime facilitant and community member, Raianna Shai, offers a digestion of this video series from her perspective as our featured piece this week. She paints a very sweet picture of what these videos have offered her so far and invites you into your own journey of taking them in and discovering more depths inside of yourself and your own process.

We have all videos from the Deepen 2022 series from Video 4 – 14 (1-3 are on the previous Museletter, released Jan 3rd) in this issue for you to check out. You can find out more information about this video series here:

There are several new writings this week which talk about the 1:11 energies/portal, offer transmissions of Divine love and support, and also invite you to feel your ongoing process throughout this beginning time of 2022.

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Much love from all of us!
~The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Jan 3, 2022

Happy New Year and New Earth to all!

As we enter into this ‘new year’ there are many energies flowing through to clear out the past year and everything we’ve all walked out. To support the bringing in of NEW energies and inspiration while letting go of and grieving what has been, we have our new Deepen 2022 Video Series and this first video from it, which is focused on feeling and letting in your 2022 intentions. You can find the video here:

The other videos we have released so far can be found on this Museletter issue or here on the playlist:

Raphael and Jelelle will be hosting two group calls in January on the 16th and 30th for those who would like to digest their experiences of the videos.

You can also find more info on the series and group calls here:

There’s also a new video from Gabriel and Kasha where they share a bit about their own awakening journeys and SoulFullHeart processes over the past decade and about the process/way of life itself:

There are new articles from everyone this week as well, including some beautiful poetry, holiday season energy updates, and many messages of love to bring with you into the new year.

Here is the latest issue of our Museletter:

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Much love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Dec 18, 2021

We are well on our way through the Solstice corridor now and continuing to let in the Christ/Magdalene codes moving through. 12:12 offered us a download of more illumination of what to offer love to within us and outside of us too.

Featured this week is a piece by Kasha Rokshana where she shares an invitation from Divine Mother to feel ourselves as part of ‘The Great Arising’ – an opportunity to embody our Divinity in deeper ways while embracing our sacred humanity as well and everything that process brings up for each of us.

We have several new articles and audio blogs this week, offering perspective on what’s happening in the world, the process of claiming new choices, and digestion of our recent sojourn to the sacred sites at Fatima, Portugal. Also this week we have a new piece by Raianna Shai, a beloved community member who just joined us here in Portugal, where she shares a bit about her journey in making the choice to come and reunite with us.

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Much love from all of us and have a blessed Solstice!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Dec 3, 2021

Since the potent portal of 11:11 we’ve been experiencing many upgrades and having realizations too of what’s been rumbling in our inner and outer worlds and why. The continued peak of the Matrix is intensifying daily now and so have the opportunities for our growth.

Our featured article from Jelelle Awen speaks to the different ways you may have been experiencing the upgrades and invitations from the Divine into higher consciousness and higher timeline embodiment, asking you to truly and deeply feel what is real for you and parts of you and make choices from there. The outside world has been grinding through its own collective version of this process. Jelelle offers some powerful yet gentle ways in which to feel through this process and be with each step that arises for you.

On Dec 12, Raphael and Jelelle will be leading an online group meditation call focused on transmitting and embodying the incoming 12:12 codes. You can find out more about this group call here.

They also created a brand new video where they share more about their own healing journeys that led them to each other and into their Sacred Union/Twin Flame bond from which they co-created SoulFullHeart as a healing process and way of life. They share about the types of souls they feel most drawn to serve as well and the overall journey this process takes you on.

There are several new articles from these last two weeks, which include some digestions of epic world events and reminders of what it means to come from love and inhabit your own ‘Love Ambassador’ energy both within and without.

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Lots of love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Nov 19, 2021

This week has been a unique experience with the energies of the Blood Moon Eclipse moving through! We have all been feeling it on a physical and emotional level, being stirred into deep processing and also self-care. We’ve been feeling it in our lower chakras, especially our womb areas (for the women). It’s been an invitation into shadow integration and matrix unplugging, plus action-taking on any level that feels right.

Featured this week is a piece from Kasha, where she outlines some ways in which you may have been experiencing these blood moon energies this week and why. She also shares a bit about her own womb connection and what it has led her to feel. She offers that it’s important to connect to what’s shaking out in the collective right now during this intensifying dark night phase as a portal into understanding what you are also moving through.

There are other energy updates and processes shared by us all this week, both in audio blog and written format, to offer you some ways to feel into your place in everything that is happening and how to digest and respond to it all.

There is a brand new guided meditation video this week from Jelelle where she invites you to let in the portal of 11:11 and see where it wants to take you. There is also a video, filmed during one of our recent group gatherings here in Portugal, of Raphael and Jelelle playing their crystal sound bowls and leading us all into a meditative space where we repeat a few affirmations/mantras together.

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Much love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Nov 4, 2021

With the Samhain/Halloween/Day Of The Dead passage moving through, there’s a continued illumination of our shadow selves and other pieces of ourselves, our parts, our essences too that have been hidden or tucked away. This week we share a few writings about shadow exploration and what it invites and involves, plus we have a new group meditation call coming up this Sunday, Nov 7th, focused on Shadow Exploration.

You can find out more about this group call by visiting:

Featured this week is a writing/transmission from Jelelle. It’s an invitation to your shadow from your Divine Self, to encourage it to come out of hiding and to support it as a sacred part of you and your soul, though it may not have ever been treated that way. Jelelle reads this transmission aloud in the featured video with her and Raphael, where they talk some more about the upcoming Shadow Exploration call and what they will be offering through it from their own explorations and discoveries.

Along with some writings about processing with your own shadow, you will find other digestions of what’s moving in the world, and a sharing from a beloved community member and facilitant, Bey Magdalene! Bey shares about her own SoulFullHeart journey and what she is currently moving through and into as she continues to embrace all parts of her and her soul essence too.

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Take in our latest Museltter here.

Much love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Oct 22, 2021

The season of Samhain/Hallowe’en is upon us and the thin veils are helping us to feel ourselves and our souls anew. There’s no doubt that this time of year can stir up a lot inside of us and also spur us on into a deeper sense of soul purpose and passion too, even if there is a lot to feel in the meantime.

This issue of our Museletter features a NEW guided meditation from Jelelle Awen, featuring an appearance by Mother Mary, whose energies are very active in this small village in Portugal where we are currently living. This meditation helps to relax and soothe the physical and emotional processes that you may be experiencing, partly due to the thin veils, and also due to the ongoing process of awakening and healing that humanity as a whole is going through. It’s truly a balm of love for your heart and soul to take in.

There are some new writings from each of us this week, including energy updates and other sharing that may stir your soul and remind you of the Divine love supporting you. Jelelle also mentions in her recent writing that she is back to offering 1:1 sessions to women over 35.

You can read this most recent issue of our Museletter here.

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Lots of love to you!

~ The SoulFullheart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Oct 8, 2021

It’s exciting for us to be back in your inboxes with our first Museletter release in a few months! As you’ll read in our writings, we’re all emerging from a time of camping for several months and immersing in the healing energies of Mother Gaia. We have all benefitted greatly from this time of letting go of many aspects of who were, to let in what’s real for each of us now and how we want to serve going forward… which is also still emerging for us.

On that note, featured in this issue of our Museletter is a writing from Raphael which transmits these energies of ‘unfathomable’ Divine love which we have been bathing in and returning to in deeper ways than ever before. We also share this piece as a bridge to the upcoming group meditation call with Raphael and Jelelle this Sunday, Oct 10th. The call will be centred on Divine Love and the messages of this 10/10 portal. There is also a short video invitation from Raphael and Jelelle where they share about what this group call will focus on. More information on this upcoming event here:

We welcome you to take in our sharings this week, which are about our personal processes as well as what we feel moving in the ongoing collective awakening journey.

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With so much love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: July 27, 2021

Happy and blessed Galactic New Year!

We’ve all arrived in Portugal now and have been getting used to our new life here. We are continuing to feel our ‘Nu Mu’ calling and responding to what we feel is a more aligned lifestyle, which has asked us to deconstruct from living within four solid walls (for now at least). Along with the adjustment to being in a new country and our choice as a community to camp for a phase in a beautiful national park, we are all feeling our next steps inside and out and being with any processes that come up, especially in response to and fueled by world events.

This issue of our Museletter features a piece by Gabriel where he digests and invites your own digestion of the ongoing process we are all experiencing… the disillusionment that needs to arise be felt along with the experiences of the Great Awakening taking hold collectively.

There are many other brand new articles and audio blogs from all of us, including energy updates, digestions of what’s happening in the world, and sharings of our personal processes right now.

These Museletter updates may be less frequent for now, but we are all with you in heart and spirit especially during this time of intense awakening experiences happening on the heels of so much loss and letting go…

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With much love from all of us,

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Museletter: July 3, 2021

The energies of the ongoing C*VID narrative continue to bring through lots of leverage for our individual awakening experiences. These experiences of realigning with the Divine, letting in our guidance, and following through with what we feel to be true and real, is a monumental task in some ways and so very important. In this issue’s featured article, Jelelle Awen offers a bigger picture view of why it’s so important, perhaps more so now than ever before, to truly live into our Divine guidance as we navigate everything that we’re facing in this ongoing Matrix peak and collapse.

In this issue you’ll also find some new articles from all of us, digesting our experiences of visiting Avebury Stone Circle and a crop circle too in the UK a few weeks before we all left for Portugal. A few articles also share about what we’ve been feeling and letting in as we land in Portugal and things heat up considerably around C*VID and the j@b.

We created a couple of new videos for you from our time in Avebury and the nearby crop circle that showed up while we were in that area too.

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Much love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community