Crop Circle Update: Elven Star and Teleportation To Magical Otherworlds – June 21, 2020

Crop Circle Update: The latest crop circle formation appeared a couple days ago during the Solstice eclipse passage in Dorset, UK. I expected to see one appear during that time as the energies were so strongly focused along the heart chakra ley lines in that area, especially radiating from the stone circle and galactic portal at Stonehenge.

The seven pointed star in the middle of the formation (or septagram or heptagram) often is the symbol representing love and the planet Venus. It can also energize protection of what is holy or sacred, such as love and in this case it feels like the arising Sacred Feminine.

The seven pointed star has a special energy of Elven magic as well. It can represent the seven days of the week and the seven elements in the Elven timeline of North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and Within. When I have connected with Elanthra, my Faerie/Elven Queen Metasoul aspect, I have often felt her Star BEing/galactic origins and frequencies quite strongly. There is an otherwordly quality of magical alchemy and infinite possibilities that also lives in our DNA, which I feel activating from this crop circle formation as well.

This formation actually reminds me of a Faerie ring, in which you step within and get transported/teleported to the Faerie/Elven realm where linear time ceases to exist and one moment there equals years of time passing in our 3D world. The triangles around the Elven Star seem to be in motion too, as if they are creating a spinning vortex of movement surrounding it.

Connecting with this formation in meditation space offers the opportunity to transport you to magical, multidimensional realms within your soul where infinite possibilities await! Here is the aerial view of this one:

What do you see/feel from this one?

I connected to the energies of the Solstice eclipse at Stonehenge (very accessible to travel to) in this teaching and guided meditation video:

Jelelle Awen

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You can read all of my crop circle formation updates from the 2020 season here:…/ascension/crop-circles/

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