U.S. Election Offering Important Marker in Matrix Collapse Process

By Jelelle Awen

Important day for the timeline shift transition into New Earth! As the U.S. presidential election happens today and results come in, most likely reflecting a Trump victory/landslide, this leads the way into furthering the collapse process of the 3D Matrix and Cabal dominance. Feeling into this election from an Ascension perspective, it is a key one for starting the turn of tides toward New Earth and out of the suppressed Dark Ages we’ve been living in.

This election isn’t about politics ‘as usual’ even in 3D terms, yet actually about moving from tyranny to no longer being suppressed, from being ‘plugged in’ to being free….. as is happening on the 4D matrix levels as well, which I share about here: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2020/10/29/ascension-update-4d-matrix-is-a-shell-while-the-3d-matrix-runs-on-fumes/

I have had the sense for many months now that the more Cabal-dominated Democratic/Left was running on fumes, putting up appearances, and was largely ‘for show and optics’. The ongoing sense was there had been many more arrests and detainments than were being shared with the public, as so many souls were not ready on mental and emotional levels quite yet to digest them. Although over these last several months, many more souls have woken up to the Matrix and Cabal realties in profound ways and also found their own ‘no’ to being dominated by outside forces (a key aspect of unplugging from the Matrix).

I am not political in the 3D sense of choosing sides, yet it is clear to feel that Trump and the other ‘white hats’ are generating the passion, energy, sovereignty claiming, and protection of human rights leadership that is needed to shift that 3D narrative timeline into the New. He doesn’t feel like a true New Earth leader and love ambassador in the longer term, bigger picture, as he certainly has a shadow and obvious flaws. He doesn’t feel like a ‘saviour’ in that sense nor will we be needing that energy from the ‘outside’ as we claim it more from inside of us….yet he seems to fit the purpose needed now in this transition pretty perfectly. He is someone that souls can project their hopes, dreams, and even rebellion onto and in that process, embody it more for themselves in deeper ways. There is a shift in consciousness ongoing invitation for both ‘sides’ into more tolerance, openness, and progressiveness and eventually evolution beyond political parties altogether.

I am holding in my heart with compassion toward the great divide that seems to exist between one ‘side’ and another in the U.S. around this election and the future direction of the country. The U.S. seems to be leading the way with this division being now visible and visceral where it had before so long been hidden. And I am praying too that violence is minimized and peace can be discovered, along with increasing common ground as more is revealed and more can collapse of the old tyrannical system that we are outgrowing now as a species.

Much love and Divine support to those of you who are anchoring in New Earth codes in the U.S, especially in those cities with increasing unrest and turmoil! Feeling the parts of you that are anxious, in fear, and in tension around ALL these shifts with much love in your heart can help to ease them. Connecting to your Divine Self, Star Family, and Divine support (esp from the loving heart of Divine Mother) serves as reminder of the bigger picture of your journey here and HOW held you are through it.

I do continue to hold trust in my heart at the Divine holding of it ALL, perfect timing of both the collapses and the rebirths, and that all of it ultimately leads to more love.

Love from Avalon!

Jelelle Awen

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