New Chapter, New Name

If we live in Story, then I have begun a new chapter. Or maybe I am the beginning of a whole new book! Either way something is ending as it is beginning.

I have gone by Gabriel Heartman for 4 years. It has become almost a branding to me in some ways. I love seeing people call me Heart-Man. That has been a deep encoding in me. I feel Gabriel as my King of Hearts, more Water and Air. He was the one married to Kalayna, the former name of my beloved Kasha Rokshana.

I am now desiring to move into more Fire with compassion. More Mr. Real Guy and less Mr. Nice Guy. A King of Swords and a King of Wands wants to become more embodied. A King to this beautiful Queen that has re-emerged in my life.

So on that note, I have been playing with a name change. It signifies something for me. A marker of transformation. I could keep Gabriel and just feel like a new me, but there is a truth to the spell-ing that casts a spell. It transmits and energizes.

In my meditations, I have come to hear Aurius (ar-ri-us) many times. It came to me as the name of a guide years ago. It feels historical and galactic. I have asked my beloveds to call me it for a week now and it is going into me deeper.

As a last name, I am going by a more feminine Amara. The name means ‘Grace’ in an African language. It is also the name of my first feminine guide/aspect. It’s roots stem from Mary and Mariam of Magdalene lineage which appeals to me.

Aurius Amara.

Nothing legal being done, cuz who knows who I become next! If anything, Life is about Play. We knew this once and then ‘grew up’. So now I am going back to play and I choose to change my name, or maybe I let the name choose me! Either way, I will do it officially tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who has followed Gabriel Heartman the last four years. It has been an initiation and a joy to be of service under that name. I hope you will continue to stick around and be inspired by Aurius Amara.


Gabriel Heartman is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator and Collaborator.  Visit for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

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