The Reconciliation Of All Darkness

By  Raphael Awen

The third dimension of consciousness, like any dimension in consciousness, is created and maintained by the co-creative power of the participants in that consciousness.

Each phase of consciousness has a useful lifespan of you will, for those participants. When it’s time for a phase of consciousness to conclude its useful service to those participants, the consciousness itself will create its own demise, in a death and rebirth cycle allowing the next phase that wants to come, to come.

What by all accounts looks like World War 3 upon us now, marked by the darkest agendas and manipulations we have ever witnessed in our lifetimes, mandating the alterations of our very DNA for a supposed threat to our wellbeing is actually something being mandated by consciousness itself. Yes, darkness is being deployed like never before, but by whom and to what end is the larger question?

3D has been in deep suffering long before the darkness we are seeing unfold. And it’s seemingly making its way so largely unhindered, where even the mass demonstrations in the streets only make for more massaged rollouts of darkness.

Could it be that the awakening we are all a part of isn’t meant to resurrect 3D, to ’restore our rights’ as 3D has called for the death doulas to assist it as it puts its affairs in order in hospice?

We are invited into a consciousness phase now of learning that our rights can never be granted, protected or taken away by any outside authority, but only can live in us as we no longer project our own internal shadows and darkness onto those outside authorities, giving up the very power that we are at core of our being.

Trouble is though that to face our shadow involves meeting, feeling and healing the parts of us that feel no power whatsoever, who feel worthless and purposeless due the traumas of this life and other lifetimes of experience. Most are not ready just now to go there yet. Hence the souls call for the demise of 3D in order to upgrade our learning environment to one more conducive to what we ache to learn and feel.

Every ounce of the darkest darkness, whether in you, or me, or the Illuminati or whatever other secret society along with their off planet handlers will eventually be restored to a full return and reconciliation to love. Positionally, no one or no thing is currently separated from love, while consciousness explores the simulated experience of separation from love, in order to serve our consciousness evolution.

So then, if that’s true, then fighting the demise of something that is sacredly in hospice and dying is a distraction from facing the bigger conspiracies within, where we are equally afraid of our own power and our own powerlessness, held in egoic parts of ourselves, awaiting our ambassadorship to them, allowing them and our very souls to reconcile what has been irreconcilable for as long as it has.

You are greater than the 3rd World War and the bioweapon agendas. You are greater than the fear porn. You are greater than the dystopian hells that many are warning, short of our protesting, is what is next for us to suffer and flounder in.

Choosing to go inward, to reconcile there more and more, to radiate the results of that outwardly in your choices of what to be a part of, and what not to be a part of – is your personal heaven unfolding.

Who really wants a perfect world without while our fears, anxieties and unworth rage unabated within?

This is a portal like none you’ve seen before to everything you’ve longed for at the deepest levels, that the very divine is longing to manifest through you.

As we participate in that consciousness, we create the grids and transponders necessary for that, to our own benefit and the benefit of others. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are passive or irrelevant when you are demonstrating the courage to face what they are not yet ready to; when you are a part of creating the very real new world on the other side of this one whose time to complete has come. Likewise don’t look down upon them for their present alignment with the darkness, for in so doing, we cut off and bury deeper the parts of ourselves that await our love.

Much Love,

Raphael Awen

(The Pic above is from inside of our tent where we’ve been camping for the past months in Geres Park in Portugal)

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

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