SoulFullHeart Museletter: Jan 14, 2022

We’re nearly halfway through the Deepen 2022 Video Series and there’s so much to digest about it for all of us! Even for those of us who have been in the process/way of life for years are benefitting in powerful ways from the ways these videos break down the processes and offer guided meditation journeys to lean into for each topic.

Longtime facilitant and community member, Raianna Shai, offers a digestion of this video series from her perspective as our featured piece this week. She paints a very sweet picture of what these videos have offered her so far and invites you into your own journey of taking them in and discovering more depths inside of yourself and your own process.

We have all videos from the Deepen 2022 series from Video 4 – 14 (1-3 are on the previous Museletter, released Jan 3rd) in this issue for you to check out. You can find out more information about this video series here:

There are several new writings this week which talk about the 1:11 energies/portal, offer transmissions of Divine love and support, and also invite you to feel your ongoing process throughout this beginning time of 2022.

You can take in this week’s Museletter here:

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Much love from all of us!
~The SoulFullHeart Community

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