An Entirely New Future That’s In You To Choose – An Invitation To Men

By  Raphael Awen

In this video, I offer an invitation to men to step into an entirely new future that doesn’t represent the flatness or depression or anxiety of the past.

This is an appeal to the Lion King that lives inside of each of us, to embrace sovereign and autonomous choice to choose the resources you see around you to assist you in taking those steps.

I’d like to be a part of that support team in any way I can. This invitation today is particularly sent out to the men as they seem a bit reticent to step into the ground of heart based healing, compared to women, and honestly, I’ve been feeling how in some ways, I’ve been a bit reticent to serve that in men. That’s changing now, as we all resolve our sacred reasons for needing our time behind the veils that we did. I see a round table of brothers coming together, healing within meaningful risk taking community.

This is an invite to come into a closer orbit with myself, Soulfullheart, and as men, also with Gabriel Amara whose heart and journey is a HUGE resource to any man seeking to fulfill the soul journey they laid out for this life for themselves.

There may be a particularly troubling thing affecting you very profoundly, that feels like a deep hindrance to a part of you. I’d like to help you see the portal in that opportunity, and in that to find a grace and pace to help you move that reality into a new one, to move that timeline trajectory into a new one. That’s actually the easy part, the harder part for us as men is I find to ask for help, to vulnerably admit where more of the same life going forward feels depressing and uninteresting for you. That’s the beginning of adventuring into the unknown, adventuring into your BIGness and soul purpose which takes choice, vulnerability and leadership.

But I believe, that you, like me aren’t willing and wanting to settle for anything less. You’ve been there, done that and lost the t-shirt a long time ago.

The epic times we are living in can make for a very heightened vibration of anxiety as everything is unfolding in sped up timelines, but these times can also make huge steps into karmic healing, resolution, and ambassadorship into your soul purpose expression, and doing that connected to meaningful ongoing relationships that are deepening in transparency and aliveness.

I also mention in the video the 1:1 sessions that I and Gabriel offer to men, and there’s more on that here, including a free intro session to feel if this is a fit for you.

And I mention our private members only network called The Soulfullheart Portal hosted on Mighty Networks, where you can step into a closer orbit with us. That link is:

And!, lastly an invite to join us on Monday, August the 8th – for our Lion’s Gate 8/8 Galactic Christmas Group Call on zoom – a great place to deepen with us in these monthly intimate group calls that are super well hosted for 2 hours, with a time of teaching, a guided meditation and then a time to listen in to others experiences related to the teaching and meditation, or share yourself on the call about what’s going on for you. Each of us always comes away with something big in each of these calls. More on that is here:

There’s never been a time like this time to choose and then to see the power of that choice unfold for you. I’d really, really like to be a part of that rising for you. It’s in me to give.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

The SoulFullHeart Portal on Mighty Networks, a virtual gathering place for community engagement, exclusive content from us such as energy update writings and guided meditation videos, plus community forum threads with topics and groups that you can read, join, and contribute to as you want. You can join us at the SoulFullHeart Portal here: for a monthly subscription of $22.22 USD

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