Becoming A Lighthouse Serving Love As A Beacon For Humanity

By Jelelle Awen

For a couple of years, I had been receiving the imagery of a lighthouse up on a cliff with a stretch of beach as ‘refuge’ and crashing and rough seas below. We even used this imagery during group meditation calls in which the beach was replaced by a battlefield of polarized energies representing the bifurcation going on in humanity. We invited any ‘lost parts’ and wounded healers who were lost at sea or on the battlefield to join us up in the lighthouse.

The invitation from my Divine/Higher Self has been to truly BECOME this lighthouse and beacon for myself, my community, and for humanity. In this lighthouse energy, there isn’t a sacrificial healer who runs down into the ocean to ‘save and rescue’ anyone there. There isn’t climbing down the cliff to meet anyone ‘halfway’ and do the ‘work’ or healing for them.

Yet, rather, it is about remaining in the lighthouse, in the higher frequency, in the possibilities. And, to not abandon the beacon of safety that the lighthouse offers in order to ‘feel better’ for any kind of ego gratification achieved from an immediate rescue…..yet humbly wait with patience and trust for those who are truly ready to HEAL THEMSELVES.

My pattern (in my soul and in this life) was to become too much this kind of sacrificial healer and disconnect from my own needs, desires, energy, and TRUE feelings/truth as well. I would so deeply feel the person’s suffering and pain, especially of the young parts like the Inner Child, and hold too much of that in a way that was caretaking them, continuing service relationships too long beyond a place that was beneficial for both, and not being challenging enough when needed.

To become the lighthouse is to trust that those souls meant to be drawn in resonance AND reverence will be, with their sovereignty in tact and soul’s choice (and their Gatekeeper’s choice) leading them and yet too you ‘get’ to be yourself in every way that is authentic.

These soul family members will find and be drawn to the lighthouse energies as a means of temporary reflection of THEIR bigness and their light. They will then be ready to leave (to large degree) the suffering patterns and loops that have kept them stuck, suffering, in pain, feeling unworthy, and in fog/confusion for many lifetimes. The souls who are becoming complete with the churny seas of the Matrix reality and the rough waters of the seemingly never ending karmic cycle will lead the process themselves and all you are really doing is supporting and guiding when needed.

I now have the ongoing sense in sessions and in group calls of becoming this lighthouse. There is a renewed feeling of being grounded in Divine Mother’s heart and in my center, serving from there with transparency, being current, and direct with care…..even challenging if needed with lots of love and compassion. I can then open up with the Divine a higher dimensional safe space where the magical merging of chakras, soul fields, hearts, and wombs/haras happens just by closing our eyes and ‘going in’ together. In this space, there is quantum healing occurring on both the deeper personal levels and collectively as well.

During this communion during ‘sessions’, I may offer intuitions or insights that come in or channel soul/star family as needed….but truly it is a collaboration between me and the healer/higher self in that person. It is not a ‘reading’ in the typical sense at all, as what really empowers the healing of heart and soul is the discoveries made by YOU, not someone telling you information that you may or may not be ready to receive or even meant to receive yet.

We invite your Inner Protector and Gatekeeper to open up the spaces and access that is truly ready without bypassing them in any way. This allows much more opening and acceptance AND quantum healing/completions of deep patterns as the ‘defenses’ allow and amplify it.

I have received the message many times that I ‘get to stay’ in a frequency where I feel comfortable in service, a self loving and self worth based frequency I have earned through humble worthiness embodiment that has taken many lifetimes to be able to access and transmit in this life through the SoulFullHeart process. And I am always reminded that this is possible only because the Divine allows it and supports it…and to surrender and let go of it as well when guided, as I have in the past.

I get then to invite those who are ready, who are drawn, and who are wanting to leave behind and TRULY complete the suffering that they’ve experienced as human in the Matrix reality through accessing the bigness I AM Divine essence remembrance from other lifetimes. I am sharing this message with you as if feels like so many previously ‘wounded healers’ are ready to move even more into service from a place of self worth and self love yet also connected humbly to the Divine.

It was so interesting then to have received this image and dimensional reality/transmission of the lighthouse for so long and then to actually BE standing in the exact spot in the physical recently. The lighthouse in the pic below is positioned on an ancient fort on a cliff hovering over the Atlantic Ocean near Nazare, Portugal. It has been a beacon for hundreds of years of safe habor for those sailors needing it, literally saving their lives just by existing and shining a light. This lighthouse is situated above a coastline that produces the largest waves in the world and is considering one of the most dangerous spots as well.

Yet, standing there by the lighthouse on that windswept cliff with the memory of the massive crashing and booming waves in the energy field of the place, I felt only a sense of safety, of purpose, and of ‘coming home’. I felt chills/God bumps at how, once again, the Divine had offered me something in etheric form first so I could calibrate and negotiate receiving it before experiencing it in the physical.

And now, I can go to this place that is rooted in the physical yet accessible in the etheric any time I want. And there are no people/crowds there or 3D energies around!

You ARE a lighthouse too. You ARE a beacon for those who need safe passage through the rough Matrix waters. You ARE a light in the dark for those who are ready to see and receive it.

Tune into what diminishes your light and WHY it does. Connect with the parts/soul aspects who are still in rescuer and savior mode with clients, mates, friends and family. Negotiate and offer these parts/aspects with Divine support a NEW way of being in loving service without the sacrifice and suffering.

The codes for this new paradigm of healing are coming in strong now, esp during this Lion’s Gate portal, and with much dark being revealed in so many teachers/healers and offerings to be transmuted by light.

If you feel drawn to experience this lighthouse communion of Divine Selves for yourself in which YOUR bigness/access/intuitions come alive and are fully supported while bridging to the parts/aspects in the most need, we offer a free intro call prior to 1:1 sessions over zoom for $77 USD. There is more info about meeting with me or Kasha for women, or Raphael and Gabriel for men and women at

Here is a guided meditation to meet your Inner Protector, a great place to start:

Love from and as the lighthouse,

Jelelle Awen

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