Crop Circle Update: Equal-Sided Cross & Eclipse Representation Of Essence – June 17, 2020

Crop Circle UPdate: This powerful formation was reported yesterday, June 17th in Hunt’s Down, Nr Wilton, Wiltshire, UK. I felt this one more than ‘got’ it at first as there seems to be quite a powerful activation in this one.

As I took in the video for it (which is here: I could feel the transmission that it is offering more distinctly (at least for me to receive personally and for those who resonant.) The equal-sided cross at the center of the larger circle predates Christianity as an ancient symbol representing the Earth, the four elements, balance between masculine and feminine energies, and, most of all, ESSENCE.

Embodying our essence is, to me, a core aspect of the ongoing Ascension process. Our essence as expression of the Divine within our human bodies in a way of balance within our physical, mental, emotional, and energy bodies. This is the divine blueprint of the Sacred Human that lives within each of us and our DNA. Gaia is coming into this essence expression balance as well, after long ‘hosting’ the 3D party of separation, fear, duality, and domination.

The Essence transmission in the equal-sided cross is then surrounded by the bigger circle which feels like an orbital path to me signified by the four same-sized circles rotating around it. It has movement to it. I also got the sense that the smaller circle that is being overlapped by this rotation is the soon to be eclipsing sun.

The ring of fire eclipse happening on June 20/21 is a powerful cosmic event bringing together a Unity Consciousness frequency for all of humanity. This is SO MUCH needed right now in whatever ways it can be let in. Any reminders of our ultimate Oneness to offset all of the polarity and division going on is a boost to those who need it.

The eclipse coincides with the Solstice and the energies of both seem to amplify each other. A powerful portal we are in right now with much ‘more going on’ that it appears from current world events. I wrote more about the energies offered from this passage in a recent energy update:…/energy-update-eclipses-sol…/

What do you feel and see from this one?

Jelelle Awen

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