Become Who You Were Meant To Be: Intro To SoulFullHeart Talk Part 2 – SoulFullHeart Video Series



Today’s video, is part two of a talk hosted by Wayne and Jillian Vriend, Co-creators of SoulFullHeart, introducing the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Topics covered include: Young adults and teenagers doing parts work versus older adults; limitless healing offered by SoulFullHeart process versus emphasizing an enlightenment achievement; how SoulFullHeart is not a therapy and not about fixing or solving; why we form fit to our environments; Wayne and Jillian’s backgrounds and history as spiritual seekers and teachers; punisher and shame parts relationship; SoulFullHeart energy healing and how it differs from other energy healing modalities; how SoulFullHeart offers intimacy with self, others, and the Divine; how SoulFullHeart feels past lives and empowers the person to remember them for themselves in an emotionally grounded way; how SoulFullHeart meets people where they are; and an introduction the seven key areas of life. Go here to watch part one of this talk.

In this SoulFullHeart Vlog (videoblog) series, co-creators of SoulFullHeart Wayne and Jillian Vriend share a talk series that they are hosting in their local area, sunshine coast, BC, Canada. The talk series features four different topics offered every other Tuesday evening. Videos of these talks are posted on this blog, on the SoulFullHeart website, and on the SoulFullHeart Experience Youtube Channel. Visit for more information about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.