Offering Love During An Etheric Visit To Standing Rock

By Jelelle Awen


Here, as I etherically visit Standing Rock, North Dakota during meditation, I see and feel a village, a town, that is coming together, forming together through passion, purpose, and awakening. The foundations of this village are about protecting that which brings life, the waters that have long been polluted, long been corrupted, long been taken for granted. The foundations of this village are about a sense of spontaneous community where the heart of sacred humanity beats like the drums to unify, serve, and witness.

The smoke from camp fires is thick, crowding the air. The noise is the thickest of all but it is not destructive noise. It is drumming from many different groups clustered together in undulating circles of bodies, soft limbs beating on hard surfaces, trying to beat away the hardness of fear. It is chanting, the range of feminine to masculine, joining together in old words that have little meaning in modern language. It is talking, communicating to put together meals to feed many people food donated from all over the world.

I offer an energetic touch of love to those that I pass over, desiring to provide even for a moment a boost for them to keep going, a sense of support and union. It feels like some of this goes in and some are starving for it, their heart chakras strained from so much output. The rivers that are the reason for it all feel like lazy witnesses, neutral in comparison to the charged energy around them.

The most intense energies are in an area that they call the ‘frontlines’, war lingo, and here I feel more of the darker entities that are feeding off the intensity of the stand, the fear of love pulsing against love itself……I touch the hearts of these entities too and the police that stand with blank faces and plastic shields that cover over a cascade of conflicting emotions inside of them. Their inner conflict is a desire to just go or to join in with the protectors, but the duty, the money, the uniform…it binds parts of them to stay, to use water itself as a weapon against those there to protect it.

Floating above the camp are many etherial beings polarized to love, offering showers of pure energy to those below….to raise the vibration, to soothe the parts of people that are in trauma and in rage. Joining them are others like me, traveling in the way that suits them without body. These others are offering love too in the form of energy and we acknowledge each other with a gentle nod. Native ancestral spirits hover here too, connected to the lineage and history of this land and this stand.

Time is not linear here, but layered, this standoff is already in the grids and has already happened….it is an unhealed wound in the collective unconscious, it is an unhealed wound in the third dimension known as the ‘United States’. There is only love to offer here and only love to heal the fear and the wounds caused by it.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, facilitator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information. 

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