SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week of January 23rd

Please go here to read our SoulFullHeart museletter for the week of January 23rd…The museletter for this week has arisen with links to our recent writings, everything from experiences with unicorns to moving beyond negativity to speaking in tongues to feeling and surrendering to our beauty…..and event listings, about sessions, and a new writing by me with Archangel Metatron (excerpted below)….

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You Are Not Alone (with Archangel Metatron):

You are not alone. You were not meant to do this journey alone. You come from a Divine Source that invites you to embrace and remember this. In this embracement, you no longer feel alone. Divine Source is the home frequency for which you can return over and over to remind yourself of where you came and where you will eventually return.

The sky of your third eye world is filled with light beings that want to support you, care for you, and infuse you with their higher vibrational frequencies. You come from them. You ARE them and connection with them creates the foundations for the remembering of this. In the most vibrant and radiant Archangel is the reflection of your sparkle, your glow, your warmth.

In your lone wolf self is the habit to be overly self sufficient. It has been a necessary phase that your soul choose to navigate the denser frequencies of third dimensional reality. This lone wolf energy, this self protection, has been necessary to move through life with an overloaded emotional pain body and undigested karmic infused soul field. It is overloaded and feels tired from caring this ‘burden’ alone. This lone wolf needs to feel that there is a higher self you that is ready and able to ask for help to carry the load of what you are here to heal and feel as a soul.

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