As I Reach For Me, I Reach For You

As I reach for me, I reach for you and find that both are right there….every time.

I change and shift and in these twists and turns, you come along by my side…in your own way.

Leaning into me while held in your arms makes the journey that much deeper, better….filled with love.

For this now moment, we belong to ourselves while we respond to this love….moving between us.

You become both more known to me and less known……a comforting mystery.

As I discover myself, I discover you in the same way….the glory of Love arising anew. ~


For my beloved Raphael Awen by Jelelle Awen

Raphael and Jelelle have been in sacred union commitment since July, 2008, experiencing the challenges and growth that come from such a crucible. They have been teaching and facilitating individuals, couples, and groups (both alone and together) since 2010, although both have been on awakening and healing journeys for 15+ years. Both are Divine scribes and share their writings regularly on facebook, their blog at and through books that are available for free on 

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