Crossing Bridges, Tipping Scales to Remembering Love


For some souls, this experience of 3D consciousness has been a long journey.  A choice that was made to forget in order to remember, to learn, and to experience.  It was made in love for humanity and the desire to BE human.  But there was a cost.  A possibility of getting looped in the karmic cycle.  Becoming fused to Maya, the illusion that what you see is what you get.  Coming ever so close to piercing the amnesiatic membrane but then needing to experience a bit more to heal what is needed to come with pure heart.  This is the way in which the picture is coming to me in this phase of my journey.  It is not everyone’s picture.  It is not THE picture.  I feel we have all signed up for a different journey, some more resonant, or aligned, than others.  

This particular space/time moment we find ourselves in feels like a fulcrum point for many souls.  It is a tipping point.  One in which we make choices that continue the status quo or ones that break old patterns that send us off into what feels like uncharted territory to our conditioned 3D self.  All the while, our Higher Self is already there giving us all the guidance we need and truly desire.  This is the awakening into 4D and the topsy-turvy ride it is, and meant to be. Even if we have clear 5D access, any 3D karmic binds can keep us in this suffering loop.  From a heart perspective it is an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster.  But because we can feel what lies beyond we continue the ride until we have tipped the balance toward Love.  

In this moment, I just heard Celine Dione’s “My Heart Will Go On”.  I have Godbumps.  Because we ultimately know we are held in Love and that we ARE Love, our hearts will truly go on.  We have been nothing less than ready for it.  We just need the support we have been asking for.  To cross the bridges that have been laid before us by our Higher Self.  With each choice (many that are difficult for a part of us) that courageously crosses these Rubicons we open new vistas within us to see a more glorious picture of what we used to be, what we ARE, and will BE.
I am writing this for two reasons.  The first is to clarify my own picture that provides me with soul context.  A story that provides guidance until it has taught me what I need and then the story changes.  I am not a victim to this story.  I choose the outcome.  The second reason I share is that it may be one that others feel resonant with.  Maybe it will help to provide a context for your journey.  As I continue to feel through this for myself, and receive the healing that is provides I want to share those experiences with others.  This is the gift of service that I feel is all part of the connective human tissue.  In service to you, I am also served by you.  I feel we exist in some similar soul trajectory and we were meant to cross each other’s path, maybe even be a part of commUNITY.  I have much desire for that as we are much for alive and powerful together than apart.  May we build bridges together in heart and soul so that we may support and lead each other back into the Golden One we all remember we ARE.

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

2 thoughts on “Crossing Bridges, Tipping Scales to Remembering Love

  1. Well said, the message certainly resonates with me; especially the part about the risk of getting into a karmic loop, but risking it anyway to be part of these exciting times. How many times my soul was divided to ensure at least part of me gets to this point I do not know; but may I be the part that brings the rest of me together to the highest height!

    Very glad to have found this blog, and to have crossed your digital path today! The posts I’ve read so far have spoken many of my thoughts back to me with the delightful twist of perspective found in another’s connection to Oneness. :-}

  2. “may I be the part that brings the rest of me together to the highest height!”….A big YES! to these words Anthony. That is exactly the feeling and context I have wrapped around this whole experience. I love the resonance that we share between us. I am equally glad that this found you as well. Here is to more connection in what ever form that takes between us.

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