SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 20: Conscious Duality And Sacred Humanity

By Jelelle Awen

The ‘pool’ filled with wisdom, lived in experience, and love that we call the “SoulFullHeart Museletter’, from our hearts’ expression and soul creativity, is all ready to go for this week: February 20! Leena Colibri and Gabriel Heartman have gathered up the writings they have offered this week, plus mine andRaphael‘s in there too, offering a sweet immersion.

We also offer links to the video recordings of our writings, which we will be producing more and more feels like as the energy transmission offered in voice is a great catalyzer to go with the written words. Mentioned in this museletter are two group calls coming up in the next few weeks for you to join in with if you’d like to in exchange for a money/love donation. I def. recommend it as a bridge to experience us and our commUnity. The unveiling this week of conscious duality and the NEW sacred human was a big highlight and my writing about this is our featured article for the week…

If you’d like to receive these museletters in your email (or any thing else that we send out), please msg Leena Colibri. Thank you for diving in!

Read Museletter Here:


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