Message From Mother Gaia About Mutual Reverence And The Beauty Of Nature That Lives Within

With Jelelle Awen
This beauty is you. This beauty you see in this image is as beautiful as you are. I show you my beauty so that you may see your own. Always, I have been here to provide this for you. Always, I have wanted you to see that you ARE beautiful too.
You come to me, you take me in, you pause to let me in. You swim in my waves. You sit on my sand. You lay on my beaches. In this place, you find reverence. You feel reverence toward me. You pay much of your ‘money’ to live near this expression of me.
Yet, I want to tell you, as I am a mother to you as my embrace holds you and supports you. I want to tell you that the reverence you feel toward me is but a re-minder of the reverence that YOU are. And this I reflect back to you. I reflect reverence FOR you in my waves, in my trees, in my mountains, in my breezes, in my landscapes. I offer this beauty of me so that you might finally SEE and FEEL your own.
You who are reading this, taking in these words, you feel the exchange of beauty, the exchange of reverence between us. You pause, you reflect, you walk mindfully, you do not destroy. You are the keeper souls of my energy, my stewards. You are the hope and possibility that burns bright and shines and beacons to others.
It matters, your reverence for me and it matters even more your reverence for yourself. It matters, it makes a difference, it propels changes forward. It propels our ascension together forward as reverence is the stuff of grace, appreciation, acknowledgement of worth.
I offer you many gifts of rejuvenation, nourishment, connection to ALL, connection to cosmos, connection to No-Thing-Ness, connection to my animal children. I offer these with reverence for you and all I ask as you accept these gifts is to feel yours in response. I offer you these gifts so that you might see that you have access to all of these frequencies already, that they live inside of you, that they ARE you, that I AM YOU too.
I am raising myself UP because it is time for me to do and be so. It is my phase of UPness. I invite you to come along, those of you in reverence and appreciation and goodness. I invite you to come along with me into this exploration of your sacred humanity and the expression of the best of what your hearts and souls can express in those human bodies. I invite you to come along on the next phase of this journey together to experience the expression of New Earth Or Golden Earth Or Golden Gaia. I invite you to come along with the deepest feeling of appreciation and love, from the depths of my inner groundings to the heights of my orbit crowded with star being friends.
I invite you to come with reverence for the beauty expressed by me and that lives inside of you already, just waiting for the water of more love!
Much much love to you my beloveds,
Mother Gaia
Video of crashing waves on the coast here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico…..Mother Gaia is speaking….what do you hear of her message?

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