SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: You CAN Have What You Want

Has it been another week already? Wow…when you are living your passion purpose time just doesn’t seem to have the same impact. Here is another edition of our weekly museletter straight from our hearts to yours.
This week Raphael reminds us that we can truly have whatever it is we want. His digestion with Metatron reminds us that if we have the desire we have the power to manifest our dreams. A quote from Metatron:
‘Your desires and your ‘wanter’ is something that is tied to the center of your being and the center of the universe. There isn’t actually any difference between the two. They are one and the same. When you really own a desire and purify that desire inside of yourself to where it is really true, that pure desire is all you need to manifest that desire into the dimension you wish to experience that in. In fact, this is already true, you just find it difficult to see. Your life as you presently know it is a manifestation of your desires. Desire has created your present reality.’
This week is packed with our weekly musings, information on our next group calls and November retreat, along with the recording of last week’s sacred union group call that includes a powerful meditation to invoke your own inner and outer union.
If you find our heart and soul creations are supporting and enlivening you, we would so appreciate any love donation you feel compelled to give. Donations are accepted both through our PayPal account ( and our Patreon page (
Thank you so much for your continued letting if of all we have to offer and share.

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