Becoming A Legend In Your Own Mind

By Raphael Awen


While the 3D self could get really pumped at having, let’s say, the psychic abilities to be able to predict the future, your higher self would often seek an awareness point awakening for you that was much more mundane.

Jim Carey once said ‘I wish everyone could be rich and famous so they could feel how being rich and famous isn’t the answer’.

Similar to that, could you imagine how if you successfully predicted, a few natural disasters before they happened, how you would go on to some kind of star status quite fast, and how a part of you needing love could try and milk the attention for the form of ‘love’ that’s found in star status group recognition. It would mean something for a while, but it could become quite torturous quite fast adjusting to the swarms of believers and unbelievers in your newly forming world.

While some souls chose and needed that kind of path of learning, most of us haven’t dialled up these kinds of stardom here in 3D.

Really, when you think of it, is it really that big of a deal that your higher self knows and can predict the future? Of course it can! It can do it as easily as falling off a chair.

If your higher self really wanted that for you and I, we wouldn’t be living in a world of unknowns. We came from a place of knowing everything. We chose a place of not knowing, and that this way of not-knowing would be a path to a new kind of knowing that not even it had ever known before.

This puts 3D into every bit as much of a sacred place as is 4D and 5D. It’s the awakening 3D self that tends to be tired of what it feels is a suffocating reality in 3D, and rightly so. Adjusting to 3D life as we all have had to do is an intense transmutation to be able to embody coming from the higher 5D (and higher) essence that we all are.

Many of us are feeling the futility of awakening to these higher frequencies when there isn’t an us there to love every aspect of ourselves that we discover in the awakening process.

The all too familiar deal of young impressionable minds being enthralled by an admittedly spiritually gifted public figure who has a trail of abuse in his or her following, along with big life disintegrities just isn’t holding the same water it once did.

Collectively, and personally, we are wanting more. We are wanting a spirituality that we can truly be at home with, with all of ourselves. Our higher selves are evolving as we are in the midst of our 3D simulated reality experiments. Our higher self watches every move and reaction we have and don’t have here in 3D feeling our growth and learning edges where we choose in the midst of the unknown, instead of the known; where we make our choices ‘with one hand tied behind our back’ as it were; with a depth of gratitude for every joy filled and every pain filled experience that we register in such a courageous undertaking.

In SoulFullHeart process work, we begin with building a relationship bridge to the 3D self that carries the tones of our higher self awareness, feeling what the 3D self feels, while it is feeling whatever it is that it feels while doing 3D life. This opens out an awakening that isn’t as publically glamorous as being able to foretell the future, but does go very deep into the private desires and pains that accompany a higher self embodying into 3D reality. A transmutation occurs here where just being on the awakening path is the daily payoff, as the deepening love with self never ends.

This feels like more of what the higher self really gets jacked up about…watching us come home to ourselves, and having a pain and healing experience that it could never have without our willingness to live into and through what it sees as a 3D awakening!

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